Patron Q&A coming up on Sunday!

I’m dreaming of Halloween in August: cool weather, a nice frost, creepy things crawling out of the falling foliage, and me, appearing in a Patron Q&A. If you joined my Patreon account, you could even appear in the video with me. If not, you’ll have to settle for watching, or leaving questions in the comments, or asking them in the chat on Sunday.

Also, don’t forget Skepticon the 13th this weekend!


  1. says

    The questions so far from my Patreon page:

    1. I wouldn’t mind a discussion about how you will be dealing with going back to face-face lectures at your University.

    2. Oh about the “neutrality vs selection wars”! Did you experience that in you career or back when you were a student?

  2. says

    Well, congratulations, then, you got your wish re:Halloween, because the grocery stores near me have their trick-or-treat candy selections out already, and it’s only a matter of time before the decorations are out, too. In the first half of August. I know people complain about creeping holiday sales, but surely that’s some kind of record.

  3. John Morales says


    A while back, it looked like that particular USAnian holiday was making inroads here in Oz, but I’m happy to report that for the last couple of years, no kiddies have bothered me. Didn’t take.


  4. says

    @John Morales:

    Actually, it’s a European holiday that made inroads in the US. Practically every bit of the tradition already existed, more or less, before we got our hands on it. (Although if I recall correctly, pumpkin jack-o-lanterns were a US invention — the European originals were turnips.)

  5. birgerjohansson says

    The vicar @ 5
    If kids show up, I will happily throw turnips at them, yelling ‘keep the traditions pure’ as they run away.
    The software says the Q and A will be 1800 Swedish time. That is OK.
    Some online stuff (David Wood talking with ex-muslims) is two in the morning.

  6. says

    @#6, birgerjohansson:

    Part of me wants to say that throwing jack-o-lanterns at people has never been part of any tradition, whether pumpkins or turnips. Another part of me says it’s high time it started. (Then again: young people these days aren’t going to have much of a future, so we should probably humor them in small things now.)