10 Rules of Sex For Wives

This is some “fifty shades of gray” bullshit. Would you believe what being a good Christian demands of women? It’s sick.

Obedience means complete obedience.…
Your main pleasure from sex comes from you pleasing your husband.…
Sometimes your husband is going to demand sex at an inconvenient time, or when you are tired. Remember that he probably needs a physical release to help him get through a hard day. …
Sometimes you are going to feel that what your husband demands of you is degrading or humiliating. Your obligation is to submit to him…
He is going to train you to please him the way he wants and you need to work your hardest to learn what he likes…
Men are visual creatures and you need to keep your body in shape and always look your best. Work out and eat right to keep slim and sexy.…
You are your husband’s prize. …
The Bible is very clear that your husband is your master and that God expects you to always respect his absolute authority over you…
Sometimes your husband will need to punish you when you fall short of his expectations.…
Be your husband’s sexual pet, always cheerful and humbly grateful for being the woman that he has chosen to please him. …

I wouldn’t want to be a Christian man or woman. They are so messed up.


  1. PaulBC says

    Remember that he probably needs a physical release to help him get through a hard day.

    I always thought the good salt of the earth reply to that was: “Here’s your shootin’ iron. Go kill somethin’.'”

    Anyway, creepy creepy creepy. Do husbands have any of these “obligations”?

    The “Bible is very clear” about enforcing patriarchy. That’s probably a good reason to look elsewhere for reasonable advice on modern living.

  2. d3zd3z says

    What a weird site. Very misogynistic, definitely anti-trans, probably anti-gay, but they don’t seem to state it explicitly. Yet they seem positive about masturbation. It is almost like they are setting themselves up for everyone to reject their information.

    Although, it is just one guy posting what his thoughts are.

  3. davidc1 says

    I was talking to a bloke down the pub ,he said he once said the very same thing to his wife .
    He spent six weeks in hospital as a result .

  4. Akira MacKenzie says

    Wow. It so boring that you almost forget how misogynistic it is. Almost.

    I mean, I can get how the whole sub/dom thing could be fun, but the only way I’d be entirely comfortable with it is if the partners took turns in each role. The notion of a relationship where one partner is a permanent sub or dom is just… creepy.

    OTOH, what do I know? I’m the 47-year-old virgin.

  5. raven says

    Most pet dogs and cats are treated better. A lot better.

    That had to be written by an incel or some creep who has been divorced 5 times.

  6. brightmoon says

    My late father was one of those women-should-be-lesser-and-obedient types. Mother eventually divorced him . Give you 3 guesses as to why and the first 2 don’t count.

    Men who behave like that are pathetic and emotionally abusive. They need sex dolls and to pay for housecleaning services . They don’t have to mistreat another person like that

  7. Artor says

    This is written by someone who looks at the likes of Josh and Jim-Bob Duggar and thinks, “I want me summa that!”

  8. PaulBC says

    People who seek religious imprimatur for their sexual kinks are seriously fucked in the head.

  9. says

    brightmoon @#8

    Men who behave like that are pathetic and emotionally abusive. They need sex dolls and to pay for housecleaning services . They don’t have to mistreat another person like that

    Such men can clean their own houses. People who offer housecleaning services should be treated by their customers with dignity. Society shouldn’t impoverish some people (house cleaners being generally women) to such a degree that they are forced to work for clients who perceive women as inherently less valuable. I mean, a dude who treats his female sex partner like trash is highly likely to not be polite towards a house cleaner.

  10. says

    Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane fell back on one support as being all-meaningful: his relationship with God. Adam in the Garden of Eden was in a position to have a relationship with God. Adam, however, was not so disposed, and that is reflected in the statement from God: “It is not good that the man should be alone.” I do not for a moment expect the majority of the readers of this blog to subscribe to any of that.

    What I do want to relate, however, is the notion that a major part of the teachings of the central figure of Christianity reflect a view of humanity’s origins that has been obscured by Christianity itself. Christianity has seized upon our need for human connection–with all of its pros and cons–and weaponized it in terms of this or that set of rules for family life being called the design of God.

    The family was not the design of God. Full communion with God and Creation and God’s creatures was the design of God. A patched-together household of wounded, struggling, miscellaneous people with love and respect for each other and the world is more the design of God than a traditional nuclear family poisoned by the kind of foul mentality described in the post.

    The struggle against the horrors of the “Christian Family Life” ideology needs all the tools it can muster. I implore you, do not forget that Jesus Christ ripped family life up one side and down the other.

  11. says

    Ugh. Another biblical literalist.

    He’s also divorced (according to the “about” page on biblicalgenderroles.com). Can’t imagine why.

  12. christoph says

    @ Akira MacKenzie, # 5: The first rule of a healthy BDSM relationship is CONSENSUAL. I don’t think this guy gets that.

  13. kurt1 says

    This reads a lot like Dennis Pragers advice for wifes. That person should try Fetlife if he wants to meet someone who is into 24/7 D/S play.

  14. PaulBC says

    Andreas Avester@12 Well, I suppose you could cart them off to re-education camps instead.

    I think, though, that if a cleaning service were willing to go to this guy’s house… and it might be great financial opportunity charging extra fees for getting the Cheetos out from under the sofa cushions. I mean maybe one of those companies that specializes in homicide scenes. In that case, I believe that in a free market, they should be allowed to offer their services for a reasonable (meaning exorbitant) fee. Of course, he should stay the hell away while they’re doing it.

    After that, given him a rubber doll and let him go to town.

    (I admit there’s some appeal to making him work on a collective farm instead, but the old capitalist in me dies hard.)

  15. PaulBC says

    It just occurred to me and I don’t think anyone mentioned. These “rules” are also offensive to men by infantilizing us as having no control over our libidos. Anyone who needs a solicitous geisha wife or they’ll get very cranky and act out in some terrible way has got some “adulthood” problems to deal with. They ought to seek therapy.

    This part used to bother me more when I was younger, and it’s not that it doesn’t bother me now. I have just found enough other things to be pissed off about in life that it has dropped kind of low on the list.

  16. unclefrogy says

    it is sure nice and convenient to have a god to believe in (make up) who has you the focus of everything and everyone and condones and commands you to be an egotistical ass hole and requires you to tell everyone else how they should live and what to think.
    yes very convenient, too bad it don’t exist in reality.

  17. johnlee says

    I’m trying to picture myself coming out with this stuff to my wife. I’ve a feeling the conversation would be short. What a nutcase!

  18. PaulBC says

    Has anyone seen The Stepford Wives recently enough to remember details? I mean the original from 1975. I don’t know anything about the remake.

    I saw it about 20 years ago and it’s a pretty ridiculous premise, though it manages to be chilling in its schlocky way. The one part I found very accurate was that because the men of Stepford had replaced their wives with animatronic sexbots, all the traditional “ladies’ auxiliary” roles of volunteering and town event planning had to be carried out by the men, as portrayed in one awkward scene. They didn’t seem very good at it either, or like it very much. It seems like the screenwriter identified the absurdity of their own premise, but they weren’t really playing it up as comedy either. Just a weird movie.

    I never quite understood if the robots were supposed to be more than robots, like some kind of “soul transfer” happens when the completed robot kills off the woman it’s based on. I think men who were nutty enough to go through with this might do better off skipping marriage in the first place and just build some damn robots to fuck. OK, I suppose they wanted kids and a robot nanny too.

    I mean, it just didn’t make much sense. Or am I missing something?

  19. PaulBC says


    This reads a lot like Dennis Pragers advice for wifes.

    There’s also the Duck Dynasty guy’s advice to marry young girls so you can bully them into plucking duck feathers before they develop the confidence to object to this disgusting task. I mean there are just a lot of sickos out there.

  20. Ed Seedhouse says

    Why not some advice about the proper use of petroleum jelly and your dominant hand?

  21. mandrake says

    You could break the bank at Monte Carlo betting that any and all of the men who subscribe to this misogynistic behavior would never use any of these “Christian Demands Of Women” when stepping out on their faithful Christian helpmates. Unless they’re casting their eye upon the Sunday female flock I guess I can see where Christ-based masturbatory techniques might come in handy when the wife just doesn’t excite you at the moment.

  22. Sonja says

    What I remember from confirmation class (when I was already an closet atheist) was Jesus telling his followers to leave their wives and families and follow him instead. I don’t remember any of this kinky sex stuff; maybe I would have paid more attention.

  23. birgerjohansson says

    I had fun imagining what would happen if someone attempted to pull that stuff on Catherine Weawer in The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

  24. publicola says

    Paul @ 19: agreed. Unclefroggy @ 21: just more proof that man created god in his own image. As far as the 12 Commandments above, any woman who would agree to that should have her head examined. Talk about self-loathing….

  25. John Morales says


    Makes Gorean subculture look enlightened.


    As far as the 12 Commandments above, any woman who would agree to that should have her head examined.

    Um, that’s what’s called victim-blaming.

    People born into a cult are indoctrinated from birth.

  26. says

    Such men can clean their own houses.

    It would be a good thing if everybody cleaned their own house. Best way to teach people not to build wasteful houses.

  27. lanir says

    One of my friends and their partner have adopted the Gorean lifestyle. I have no idea what anyone else does with it but it seems like a lot of what’s required for it to work for them is a great deal of time and effort expended by the male to find out what the female partner wants and give it to her… without appearing to pay nearly that much attention. Both of them are intelligent, sane human beings and don’t expect anyone else to share their kinks although I think like most people they’re happy enough to find someone who does.

    This supposedly Christian sexuality bit… I grew up with Christians and have met quite a few of them. I don’t think this is typical of anyone I’ve known outside of the Gorean couple and I have no idea what their religious views are. I’ve known them for years and the topic simply hasn’t come up.

    This mysoginist screed is just another side of toxic masculinity. It’s the same thought process that makes people think alpha wolves are raving psychopaths who beat their whole pack into abject submission. It’s pure nonsense. Wet dreams and power fantasies notwithstanding the more power you have over someone else the more you have to take care of them. Even leaving out the obvious ethical issues, acting contrary to that is just wasteful and pointless.

  28. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    A number of people have noted that this sounds like some lifestyler BDSM relationships.

    Which just illustrates the point: liberals do it better than conservatives ever can.

    They have to tiptoe around any of the actual fun involved and ignore the importance ot aftercare, mutual trust, etc.

    Of course, plenty of redpillers went ahead and found out that their dumb knockoff of BDSM culture wasn’t a panacea for happiness. What a surprise…