“Professor” Edward Dutton is a fraud

Unsurprisingly, that ugly racist, Edward Dutton, who calls himself a “professor”…isn’t. The University of Oulu seems to be a bit embarrassed by him.

That’s from 2019. If you follow the Twitter thread, you will be entertained by a series of pissed off racists.


  1. chrislawson says

    I don’t understand why any organisation would hand out irrevocable honours. It’s just asking for future heartache.

  2. lumipuna says

    My impression is that most Finnish docents prefer to render the title in English as “adjunct professor”, while university administrations tend to prefer “docent”. The former option is a plausibly deniable way to inflate one’s academic prestige, since “docent” also has varying meanings in different countries (and often no meaning at all for English speaking audiences).

    A few individual cranks abusing the title now and then might not be enough to prompt a closure of the legal loophole, or at least it will take a long time. My own university (Helsinki) was in the same situation some years ago, when this guy had built himself a reputation as a pro-Russian propagandist and a defamatory, litigious asshat:


    He received his training in sociology at the University of Helsinki, where he defended his PhD in 2006,[64] and has a title of a docent (not an indication of a teaching position or employment)[65] of the sociology of law.[66] He also has a title of a docent[65] in criminology at the University of Turku[67] and the University of Eastern Finland. He has previously taught courses on the sociology of law, criminology, and Russian studies in several Finnish universities.

  3. KG says

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