1. says

    I’m constantly vacuuming up cobwebs, but I never see the manufacturers. Also, they never catch any insects because there aren’t any in the house. Where are the spiders hiding and how are they surviving?

  2. says

    Cobweb spiders don’t hang out prominently in the center of their web as those showboats, the orb weavers, do. They like to lurk in safe places nearby, like in cracks or crevices where they snuggle up.

  3. hemidactylus says

    My successful (jumpsuit and “Mission Accomplished” banner) total war against the ubiquitous carpet beetles may have cut into the resident spiders’ food supply.

    Carpet beetles seem a potential candidate for model organism. Dog fur seems their favorite food. Yet I found ground zero to be under an oatmeal box in a cupboard so maybe they were warehouse beetles? The images I find of these are stouter than the bugs I was dealing with. But why would carpet beetles hole up under oatmeal?

  4. davidc1 says

    Sorry ,but in my world ,everyday is squesh a house spider day .But because of the Doc and his new found love for spiders I tend to let the ones outside alone .
    But to be honest ,haven’t seen any lately ,even those long legged ones with the long narrow bodies ,which i don’t mind .
    @3 Only way to get rid of carpet beetles ,ditch the carpets .

  5. davidc1 says

    Just followed the link ,and none or the spiders freaked me out .

    “roly-poly ” Is that an American name for what we call Wood Lice over here in GB ?
    There is a beautiful spider ,Orange and Brown that feeds on Wood Lice ,got dirty great
    big fangs to help it .

  6. snarkrates says

    I have never regretted saving any creature, although I draw the line at ticks and mosquitoes. If you’re after my blood and are a disease vector, you dead. But I’ll feel sorry about it.

  7. azalin34 says

    Just saw my first spider of the spring. A very large one about 2 inches across. I’ve no idea what kind of spider it was, but a quick search of local spiders leads me to believe it may have been a “giant house spider” (eratigena duellica). I’m guessing that one either found a warm place to hole up for the winter or else it’s been eating VERY well over the last month as the weather slowly warmed up.
    He was stationed about five feet up on the wall, a couple of feet from our front door. I did not kill it, but blew some air at it, and it dropped to the ground and scrambled behind a plant pot.
    Don’t tell my wife. She’s very much of the opinion that All Spiders Everywhere Must Die.

  8. weylguy says

    I love lizards and snakes, and the old The Simpsons episode called Whacking Day got me pretty riled up, but I’d whack a spider any day.

  9. eliza422 says

    I communed with one of my 8 legged roommates this weekend. It was eye level, so I said hello and walked on.
    My only agreement with them is that if they are on me, all bets are off. My hind brain slaps at a thing crawling on me before any conscious thought takes over.
    Luckily only a few suicidal ones have dared do it.