Would it be unseemly to dance on his grave?

Rush Limbaugh is dead.

I’ll say no more, except that during my zoom lecture this past hour, a news alert popped up on my screen (not visible to my students, fortunately), and I had to resist the urge to suddenly and inappropriately cheer during my discussion of Karl Landsteiner. I keep the politics out of my classroom.


  1. Ted Lawry says

    Clarence Darrow once said that “Although I have never killed a man, I have read many obituaries with great satisfaction.

  2. says

    We all have to make this journey. No romanticism intended, dunno how else to refer to it. I can’t wish anyone a bad one. Besides, wishing people a bad death is a (Q/R) thing. They support that eternal torture thing. I won’t be like they are.

  3. unclefrogy says

    I do not wish anyone a bad death either. I am saddened by needless suffering and all needless self inflicted pain and misery as well. There have been few people alive currently who have been at the root of exploiting and promoting more misery and suffering than the late miserable ditto-head I just turned on my computer and connected to the internet and was greeted by a headline that this particular obstacle has stopped being and I could not stop spontaneously cheering.
    uncle frogy

  4. robro says

    It’s a challenge not to say something snarky about political situations in the work environment. Sometimes it’s OK, but others probably not so cool. Many of my colleagues are in the Austin area, so you can just imagine. They are scrambling to get critical work taken care without power, although the emphasis is on taking care of themselves and their families without water, heat, or electricity.

    However, a few times someone has made a crack that almost opened the door to jump into the fact that deregulation pushed through by Republicans is partly responsible for the disaster. Also, their governor is blaming things on “Green New Deal”, Democrats, and socialism. But, we’re being responsible adults and not getting into that. It’s great to see the larger team offering to help in many ways…such as colleagues with trucks offering to bring others water and supplies.

  5. dstatton says

    I know I’m not supposed to cheer someone’s painful death, but of the untold millions of other people who died yesterday, he ranks dead last in my sympathy (Henry Kissinger & Dick Cheney are still alive).

  6. blf says

    Some Molly Ivins quotes and observations taken from the Grauniad:

    In a 1995 Mother Jones cover story, the late columnist Molly Ivins singled Limbaugh out as a bully and called him a “major carrier” of “plain old nastiness in our political discussion”, describing the typical Limbaugh listener as a young white male without a college degree but with a firm sense that the world had done him wrong.

    “Limbaugh offers him scapegoats,” Ivins wrote. “It’s the feminazis. It’s the minorities. It’s the limousine liberals. It’s all these people with all these wacky social programs to help some silly, self-proclaimed bunch of victims.”

    Ivins faulted Limbaugh as a bully in her Mother Jones profile.

    “He consistently targets dead people, little girls, and the homeless — none of whom are in a particularly good position to answer back,” she wrote.

    “Satire is a weapon, and it can be quite cruel. It has historically been the weapon of powerless people aimed at the powerful. When you use satire against powerless people, as Limbaugh does, it is not only cruel, it’s profoundly vulgar.”

  7. dean56 says

    Just like Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell Sr before him, for all his bluster Limbaugh only did a single thing to improve the world: he died.

  8. mathman85 says

    The clear answer to the question posed in the title is “No”. The only regret I have about this is that it didn’t happen sooner.

  9. Tethys says

    I am not going to waste a pixel on the deceased.

    A world-wide Feminazi dance party is the appropriate reaction.

  10. raven says

    Would it be unseemly to dance on his grave?

    Only if you don’t like standing in very long lines.

    Today just got a lot better. The world is a better place now.
    My big project for the rest of the day is to figure out some sort of Covid-19 proof way to celebrate.

  11. Scott Simmons says

    Hey, all human life is precious. When a person leaves this world, no matter who, it’s left a bit poorer.

    Oh, wait, you said Rush Limbaugh? Never mind, fuck that guy, good riddance.

  12. evolutionaryautistic says

    I’m not the only one? Yaaay! Hallelujah! GOOD RIDDANCE MOTHERF***ER!!! My mom said that his death made her wish there was a god of judgment.

  13. kathleenzielinski says

    Rush Limbaugh always reminded me of the old joke about the two boys who were walking through a cemetery and saw a stone that said, “He is not dead, but sleeping.” One of the boys turned to the other and said, “He ain’t foolin’ nobody but himself.”

  14. robro says

    raven @ #15

    I have a Covid-19 proof way to celebrate…actually 54.2% proof. Drink alone, no risk of Covid. Hmmm…

  15. anxionnat says

    When I was small (in the 50s), my grandpa used to say, “Another fascist bites the dust” with an air of satisfaction. I’m repeating Grandpa’s words today. (Yeah, Grandpa was an old lefty who knew what he was talking about.)

  16. ruthseid says

    We’d have to coordinate the dancing on the grave with the pissing on his grave so we don’t get our shoes wet.

  17. lotharloo says

    Conservatives who fucking celebrated Bin Laden’s death now say we cannot celebrate a person’s death. Hahaaa. Naah. Fuc that. This is a great day.

  18. says

    In a nextdoor politics post.
    A (referring to another comment with nothing obviously connected): “Just like Rush Limbaugh said. God bless him
    Me:”I noticed that you didn’t even actually say what the person you name-dropped said. You didn’t actually add anything.”
    A:” Okay Mr know it all I didn’t say what the person actually said okay you know everything. What a clown”
    Me:” I’m sure the person you name dropped would be happy that you couldn’t cite what he said in their honor.

    And then they told me to go hug my tree. Just a random attachment as if it added anything. While I’ve had to reduce my number and kind of social interactions for stability I always have a new place for practice.

  19. Resh Haverstahm says

    Robro @20

    The other day I got invited to a party
    But I stayed home instead
    Just me and my pal Johnny Walker
    And his brothers Black and Red
    And we drank alone, yeah

  20. PaulBC says

    I don’t dance, and I can’t be bothered to fine out where he’s buried. But sure, go for it.

  21. PaulBC says

    In the year of Limbaugh’s death watch, I’ve watched him survive public figures I like and admire, a family member, and I just found out yesterday, a friend I knew way back in college though I hadn’t spoken to him in decades. I’m not in any mood to dance, but at least one source of irritation is gone.

  22. blf says

    @30, “May his grave never be short of fertilizer.”
    Oh great, breeding grounds for an orc-ent mutant. A permanently-angry carnivorous Fangorn.

  23. snarkrates says

    hemidactylus: ‘I have been waiting to say: “RUSH LIMBAUGH HAS ASSUMED ROOM TEMPERATURE!”’
    And even on the Celsius, that is a number that exceeds the IQ he had on his best day.

    Breathe dirt, Rush.

  24. oddie says

    Having had to listen to this jerk too many times in the car, I would say the country and, hopefully, my parents will be better off without him. I feel pity for people who can only make the world a better place by leaving it. That man was a monster

  25. says

    I don’t like to wish bad people ill, preferring instead that they simply have a change of heart and go on to live long, productive lives.

    That malignant stain on the body politic never changed his tune.
    Thus, I am happy that he lived long enough to see the GOP lose the Senate and Biden sworn in as president with Harris as VP.

  26. AstroLad says

    I was very disappointed in ’08 and ’12 that Obama winning did not cause Limbaugh to pop an an aneurysm.

  27. nomadiq says

    I won’t dance on someone’s grave. Death is a time to recognize we all end up in the same place. But we can focus on his life. And what a terrible waste it was. He damaged so many others with his lies, ego and stupidity. He probably told himself and his friends that his life was great and filled with many delights that he deserved. But he spent it hating, being divorced three times and dying slowly from a self inflicted disease. His life is nothing to be envious about at all. He, like most people, found no peace. But unlike most, he left the world being one of the most hated people in recent memory. Maybe he was proud to be hated, but deep down who can? It’s the enjoyment of a troll and it’s sad.

    Also, fuck him and his cancer riddled corpse.

  28. says

    I think it was Christopher Hitchens who said it best…
    If there is justice in this world, there will be a cauldron to render that blowhard’s fat.

  29. WhiteHatLurker says

    I’d celebrate, but removing just one from so many is just not worth the effort. It’s tiring realising that there are way too many “rush”es left.

  30. Marissa van Eck says

    I for one am celebrating.

    Fuck this stupid, sniveling “butbutbut it’s r00000000000d and uNcIvIl to wish ill on the deaaaad~!” bullshit. This man has been poisoning peoples’ minds for longer than I have been alive, and the entire country is paying for it. It’s no exaggeration to say the current crises, plural, are in a large part his fault and the fault of those like him. He is burning in Hell and will be for so long that by the time he’s paid for his crimes there won’t be a human race to reincarnate into.

  31. William George says

    I’ve decided to renounce my atheism just so I can enjoy the idea of Rush burning in Hell.

  32. tacitus says

    Limbaugh was never forced to explain what he was doing with viagra on his vacation in the Dominican Republic. He was arrested upon his return to the US. The DR is the Central American capital of child sex tourism. Now we’ll never get an answer.

    You’re probably right, though I guess there’s a small chance of a Ravi Zacharias moment now that he, like Zacharias, is no longer around to bully his victims (if any) into silence.

  33. Rob Grigjanis says

    John @46: That is good, but the real badasses on that show were Delenn and Ivanova. I just learned that Mira Furlan, who played Delenn, died last month. Sad news.

  34. says

    Saw a quote on Facebook about “Considering how much he despised gay and trans people, it’s ironic that his grave is a gender-neutral bathroom now”. That’s a big 10-4, good buddy.

  35. mnb0 says

    Dance as much as you want, wherever you like. The only difference it might make is you yourself feeling a bit better for the time being.

    “2021 is looking much better than 2020”
    A fool’s hand is filled easily, says a slightly adapted Dutch proverb. You keep on fooling yourself.
    There is no sign at all that JoeB will improve anything substantially and fundamentally. But of course pseudoprogressives will keep on being awed by a little windowdressing here and there.
    Until the next Republican president shows up, who actually might be competent unlike Donald the Clown. Then your whining will start all over again.

  36. John Morales says

    mnb0, the concept at hand is dancing due to being happy, not to being happy due to dancing, so it’s not doable any time any where.

    (And hey, you get to moan either way! :) )

    Then your whining will start all over again.

    Maybe. However, unlike your whining, at least it stops sometimes.

  37. snarkrates says

    “Although I have never killed a man, I have read many obituaries with great satisfaction.”–this was indeed Darrow.
    Twain’s similar quote was:
    “I didn’t attend the funeral, but I sent a note saying I approved.”

  38. davidc1 says

    @9 A mayor of a town in TX resigned after he had posted something on line which basically, said stop winging and look after yourselves ,you bastards .

  39. KG says

    There is no sign at all that JoeB will improve anything substantially and fundamentally. But of course pseudoprogressives will keep on being awed by a little windowdressing here and there. – mnb0@53

    The real pseudoprogressives are the likes of you, who reveal with almost every comment that they don’t give a shit about actual people – like the half-million deadand many more permanently damaged from Covid-19, their families and friends, because Trump thought the pandemic would help him politically and so sabotaged all efforts to mitigate it in the USA. You really are not much less vile than Trump.