How are those policies working out for you, North Dakota?

It’s a bit scary living only 50 miles from a plague state. North Dakota is just the worst.

The Czech Republic currently has the most confirmed COVID-19 cases per million people worldwide. But if North Dakota was its own nation, it would surpass the per capita COVID-19 case count of the central European country, according to a Financial Times database.

The database, which tallies COVID-19 cases in each country using data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Tracking Project and other governmental agencies, shows the seven-day rolling average for the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Czech Republic, when broken down per million, totals 810 per million. However, North Dakota surpasses that at almost 919 COVID-19 cases per million for its seven-day rolling average.

Fargo is a lovely city, but I don’t think I’ll be visiting it for a while.

Cass County, which includes Fargo and West Fargo, has 1,351 residents known to be infected with the illness — the most of the state’s 53 counties. It announced an additional 97 cases Wednesday.

Ward County, which encompasses Minot, announced an addition 90 positive cases on Wednesday which now brings the county’s active cases to 586.

About 8% of the 6,176 residents tested as part of the latest batch received a positive result, but 20% of residents tested for the first time got a positive result.

I wish I could be smug about the fact that Minnesota is doing relatively well, but borders aren’t real and culturally, my part of Western Minnesota shares a lot in common with the Dakotas, so I see a lot of lazy neglect and willful sabotaging of basic hygiene rules going on around here. We have many students from the Dakotas as well, so there’s going to be a churning and mixing of populations over the holidays, which is why our semester ends before Thanksgiving this year, and doesn’t resume until late in January. We are not anticipating that infection rates will decline in December.


  1. call me mark says

    “lazy neglect and willful sabotaging of basic hygiene rules”
    I see a lot of that in the UK too and I fear that it’s only going to get worse as the pandemic drags on. Ironically enough these behaviours are helping the pandemic drag on.

  2. Bruce says

    So, metaphorically, Trump is continuing to feed his supporters and everyone else into the wood chipper? Fargo style.

  3. Ridana says

    I had to go out on light rail Fri and Sat (I voted, yay!) and while masks are “required” to ride, in practice it’s apparently optional, unless an RT fare cop decides to enforce it. One did, the other didn’t. The train driver wasn’t masked, and half of the car I was in either weren’t at all, were wearing them wrong, or kept pulling them down to shout at their companions, which is exactly opposite of their purpose. Social distancing on public transit remains a dream. One kid among a bunch of unmasked teens was clearly sick, sneezing into his sleeve and wiping his nose on his shirt. I hope it was just allergies or a cold…

    We seem to be getting it somewhat under control here, and hover around 2-4% increases week-over-week, but I expect it to start going back up soon. Still, I think Walmart, et al, enforcing masking to enter really has had an effect, despite the shocking ignorance of people about the point of it all, even ones who seem to be trying.