Almost three!

The grandson is getting huge, but he insists on wearing even larger sandals. I’m afraid he’s planning to grow into them next week, at his pace.

He’s going to be very handy at reaching things on the top shelf when I get old and shriveled.


  1. maireaine46 says

    Both your grandkids are beautiful children. I enjoy seeing them. My 2 grandkids are similar in age, and have an Asian Mom and European Dad. When one of my sons was around Knut’s age, we took a picture of him in his Dad’s big workboots. He turned out to have size 13 feet and be 6’3. Grandsons are already very big boys too.

    A friend sent me a video of a spider costume for a dog, very authentic looking except the dog head.

    I don’t think your cat would wear it.