The Legend of PZ terrifies the populace, once again

Oh, no — I have been not-invited to not-appear on a radio show about me.

Dear PZ,
I host a US radio show from here in the UK, with ArtistFirst Radio Network, which predominantly focuses on bullying and abuse.
A few years ago, you had an infatuation with attacking me. To this day, I have no idea what this was about, or even what provoked you.

Wait, what? This person is named Debra Rufini, and I had to look her up — she was gesturing maniacally on the interwebs at me back in 2008. I can tell you what “provoked” me: she was sending me dozens of emails, sometimes daily, in which she complained in the same way she is here. I responded to her first email, which was a list of 50 “proofs” for the existence of a god. It was very silly.

I replied to her frequent and obsessive emails precisely four times — while she was pestering me for over 5 years. To claim I had an infatuation with attacking her is contrary nonsense.

When I politely asked you, you cowardly ran away from facing up to me, hiding behind your website, insisting that I had an ‘obsession’ with you – one of the major traits of NPD; provoking, followed by victim blaming.
The subject of my last show was the serial killer, Rosemary West. After all my broadcasts covering abuse of all forms; from spiritual abuse carried out in the church, to Narcissistic Personality Disorder, it’s only right, and about time that I host a show exploring and examining my own bully – you!

Asked me what?

To claim I’m hiding behind my website is absurd. I’m right here, easily accessible, with my email right there (she’s had no problem finding it), and I’m not clear on what she expects as an alternative. I’m not going to show up in person at her front door — that would be stalkerish, and would suggest a degree of interest in her that simply isn’t there.

But sure, go on some tiny (or even popular) radio show and talk about me. Don’t care.

I would invite you to be my guest on next month’s show … but you will only run off into your mouse hole, gathering your flying monkeys along the way, enhancing the degree of bullying and abuse.
You targeted a weak and vulnerable person in me all those years ago. Justice will be served on behalf of myself and all the others you have targeted. You have other victims too, don’t you?!

Yes. I have other victims, just like Debra Rufini. People who regard me as evil personified, who I mostly have never heard of. Don’t care.

In preparation for this broadcast, I Googled; ‘PZ Myers- bullying.’ I was shocked, but not surprised at the amount of people you have attacked. What a vile individual. You have attacked Professor Dawkins, mentions how you mock and attack anyone who doesn’t agree with you, where you have been referred to as a bully. On another site, you have been referred to as a ‘bigot.’ You’re like an atheist Shirley Phelps-Roper. How easy it is for you to select online strangers from behind your keyboard.

Shocking! I must have mocked and attacked this atheistrev person, although I don’t recall and don’t know who they are. My victims are so numerous I can’t keep track of them!

I have made contact with all the websites which have exposed you for the despicable person you are, sending them this very message, and inviting them for comment, which of course you are free to immaturely post on your website in your usual pathetic manner. However, if you tweak it, as you’ve done so before, you will only be exposing yourself for the dishonest person you are.

All the websites? I don’t believe you. They are like the gnats flitting above the dungpiles on the prairie, too numerous to be counted. Do not underestimate my perfidy, I’ve been cultivating it for years.

I would never “tweak” one of her emails. Every detail is just too amusing. The last time I responded, I included her precise words as a screen capture to make sure no nuance was lost.

This email to you will be aired on the show. And, this is what happens when a bully’s weak victim grows wings of steel, and gets her own radio show. Bullies never win, even if it takes years later for justice to be served. For every anti bullying campaign, media event, or organisation, someone like you is responsible.

Soar high on those wings of steel, Ms Rufini! Don’t care.

Now I have to go add another email filter.


  1. acumenical says

    “When I politely asked you, you cowardly ran away from facing up to me, hiding behind your website, insisting that I had an ‘obsession’ with you – one of the major traits of NPD; provoking, followed by victim blaming.”

    IIRC, one of the other major traits of NPD is projection…

  2. drsteve says

    The Legend of PZ Myers. . .

    I could picture PZ as a revisionist Western hero, a Bizarro Judge Roy Bean dispensing progressive justice on the frontier and vigorously enforcing the law against white men who murder Chinese laborers. . .

  3. gijoel says

    And, this is what happens when a bully’s weak victim grows wings of steel

    Batfink is that you?

  4. JoeBuddha says

    He willingly and with malice aforethought IGNORED HER! He even went so far as to FORGET WHO SHE IS! How abusive can you get?

  5. bcwebb says

    from their webpage, the format didn’t copy cleanly but it doesn’t matter much:
    ~ Meet Some of the ArtistFirst Radio Network Family ~

    UFO / Alien Life / Mysteries / Paranormal

    Michael in Maui & Zman

    R. Wayne Steiger

    Kevin Estrella
    Dr. Marlee Dolittle

    Dr. Bruce & Lucinda Laughing Eagle
    Alien Life/UFO

    Visionary & Futurist
    Musician/Contactee Clairvoyant & Psychic

    Paranormal Professor & Medium
    Project Urantia

    The Steiger Perspective
    Pyramids On Mars Cosmic Carousel

    Timeless Esoterica
    Tuesdays 9pm

  6. bcwebb says

    And she’s on Sundays
    10A Pastor Freddie Cortes Show
    12P Hi-Noon Music Special
    1P The Soul Of The Everyman
    3P Debra Rufini Show
    5P Sports Injury Forum
    6P NHSCA
    12A Riley Martin Show

  7. tacitus says

    She doesn’t seem well to me. Continuing to obsess about something that didn’t even happen years ago is not the act of a healthy person. Perhaps it would be best to continue to ignore her.

  8. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    PZ, I once accidentally at work made my e-mail rules so strict that all incoming emails were sent to the delete file. Our IT head thought it as overkill but liked the concept…

  9. says

    “A few years ago, you had an infatuation with attacking me. To this day, I have no idea what this was about, or even what provoked you.”

    Ah, I get it. This starts with gaslighting. Interesting that she would then follow up with accusations of NPD. So, projection too.

    /flying monkey wave

  10. raven says

    She doesn’t seem well to me.

    I just skimmed the OP.
    That is an understatement.
    She seemed to be about as fruit bat crazy as you can get without being locked up.
    I’m assuming here that she in fact, is not in a secure care facility somewhere.
    I do also hope that she had a minder to help her with the daily tasks of living, such as crossing the street.

    One of the tipoffs is the verbose, rambling, repetitive rants she directs at PZ Myers.
    She really could have just summed it up as, “I hate PZ Myers for ignoring me for 12 years.” and saved a huge amount of electrons, photons, brain cells, and people’s time.

  11. raven says

    I’ve dealt with people like this before.
    I ended up threatening to get a restraining order and blocking their email address.

    If you think they are crazy and possibly dangerous towards you, then chances are that is exactly the case.

  12. expat says

    As a student of yours from 2003-2007, her assessment of you as some cowardly bully is total bullshit. In fact, I was quite impressed with your courses and teaching. However, I do want to be considered as one of your flying monkeys – I could finally sit at the cool table.

  13. Owlmirror says

    You ḱnow, I really think that at least some of what she says about PZ could be potentially actionable under UK defamation law.

    Granted, I am very confident that PZ has no interest in launching a lawsuit against her. And she probably has a reasonable defense, in that what she sent was a private e-mail rather than a publication for public consumption. It was PZ who made it public on his blog, not her.

    But it occurs to me that if she’s this sloppy/dishonest in her e-mails, she might be this sloppy/dishonest on her show. And while PZ almost certainly won’t care, she might well utter defamatory remarks about him on that show. It’s also possible that she might utter defamatory remarks on her public radio broadcast about people who might well care about it, and who live in the UK, and are actually litigious.

    Just some thoughts.

    Hi Ms Rufini, if you read this! Do you have good legal counsel?

  14. KG says

    Pretty sure Dawkin’s doesn’t give a damn what any of us say anyway. He’s got way bigger fish to fry. – Ray Ceeya@5

    Who is this mysterious Dawkin, and (an even deeper mystery), who is their unspecified associate who has bigger fish to fry? Their local fish-and-chip seller, perhaps?

  15. says

    Between her weird obsession, the wacky DARVO attempt, and just the way she words things… something ain’t right there. She reminds me of my Evil Ex, and not in a good way.

  16. says

    Imagine holding a one sided grudge for 12 whole years. Also, she has a show on terrestrial radio? Their standards must have really slipped over the years.

  17. blf says

    Nerd…@11, One of the best managers I ever had would every now and then simply delete their entire (unread) e-mail. As they explained: “If it’s important, I’ll hear it again”. Whilst this may (perhaps) sound rude or inconsiderate nowadays, this was in the pre-WWW (loosely speaking, pre-Internet) days, when e-mail was delivered between sites by UUCP and hence a bit slow & (perceived as) unreliable. Hence, for anything that seemed important, whilst there could indeed be e-mail involved, there was typically also a ‘phone call or meeting or whatever. (Plus, anyone sensible kept copies of all critical e-mail sent, etc.) Hence, they had a rather practical point.

  18. numerobis says

    Owlmirror: suing for defamation is a good way to spend a lot of money and get nothing in return other than the satisfaction of having caused the other party to spend a lot of money as well. I doubt PZ is interested in that game.

  19. stwriley says

    A drone in a monkey suit! That is definitely something that needs to be done, because it seems that no one has yet. Can’t imagine why…

  20. davidc1 says

    Just been on her faceache page ,turns out Richard Dawkins proves design ,and Stephen Fry proves god exists ,i bet that would come as a shock to the pair of them .
    Also, ken ham beat Nye the science guy in a debate ,oh the horror.

  21. Rob Grigjanis says

    dstatton @28: I much prefer Oscar Wilde’s deathbed “either that wallpaper goes or I go” moment.

  22. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    Can I say that I don’t find this as harmless as PZ? Like, she may not be well, or she may be propagandistic, and obviously she has a tiny platform, but I find this kind of perspective actually quite scary. It trivializes actual bullying, gaslighting and abuse. She may or may not be projecting or being disingenuous, but this kind of approach is increasingly easy to do. I suppose it is inevitable that the kind of groups who never cared about bullying in reality would end up using the rhetoric around it as a means of discrediting critics and muddying the water (The Card Says Moops).

  23. says

    Is this going to be the meet cute between her and that obsessive crank I won’t name who is the only person who still uses that hashtag I won’t list (she’ll have to do the work)?

  24. rrutis1 says

    I think there should be a theme song (sung to the Monkey’s theme…of course):

    Here we come
    Flyin’ down the street,
    We get the funniest emails from
    Every kook you’ll meet
    Hey, hey, flying monkeys,
    And people say we monkey around
    But we’re too busy debunking
    To put anybody down