1. komarov says

    Remember to change suits in between sessions and burn the discarded suits in a high temperature furnace. As personal protective gear you will have to pay for the suits yourself and will be charged for proper disposal. Thanks to the tireless efforts of your government to ensure a stable supply of PPE, the supplier closest to you is [ERROR-Not found], with home delivery in [ERROR-OutOfStockIndefinitely]. Have a save and productive day. Now get back to work!

  2. wzrd1 says

    Well, can’t help out with a hazmat suit, but I do have sources for BSL3 and 4 protective suits. In your shoes, I’m just dick enough to wear one while instructing classes.

  3. gyreandgimble says

    The odds of catching Covid-19 on an airplane are slimmer than you think, scientists say | CNN Travel

    “ The science is changing every day, but my understanding is, if you wear a mask, it greatly reduces the chance of you infecting others. But it doesn’t protect you all that much, whereas a shield will protect you.‘

    After reading this article I immediately bought shield from amazon. Anyone know if they are more effective than masks.

  4. unclefrogy says

    having worked in places and at jobs that require more then a piece of paper or a bandana I have prefer to use canister type respirators when I can like some of these there are some nice full face ones as well as filtered helmets that look to be safely overkill (my preferred)