1. says

    So my wife is afraid of wasps (the insects), and she doesn’t much care for spiders.
    When eating outdoors the other night a wasp starting bothering us, and she got really annoyed, the wasp flew around the table, and settled on the ground by the wooden siding on the house.
    Suddenly a large spider sprang out from behind the siding, caught the wasp, killed it and pulled it up behind the siding.
    The whole process took perhaps 30 second or a minute.
    Now my wife isn’t sure whether she ought to give in and start loving spiders, or burn the house to the ground to rid the world of the nightmare spider😀

  2. jrkrideau says

    I seem to be seeing more and more spiders sice this blog went into an arachnophrense.. The other day I sat down on patio for lunch and a large spider fell on my table before I was even served.

  3. Elladan says

    The responses here made me wonder something:

    When was it that spiders were classified as being separate from insects, anyway?

    After all, fungi were considered plants when I looked them up in my elementary school’s antique encyclopedia… But I wasn’t able to find the answer just by typing the question into a search engine, so I’m afraid it eludes my puny engineer mind.

  4. fusilier says

    @Elladan #6

    Before 1758, since that’s the date for Linneaus’ Systemae Naturae

    fusilier, busy avoiding blockquotes

    James 2:24

  5. davidc1 says

    Didn’t Dr Muffet used to feed ground up spiders to his daughter ,that’s enough to put anyone off spiders .

  6. davidc1 says

    @2 Out there in cyper spaec there is a photo of a spider hiding behind some poor sods toothbrush ,so if that happened to your good lady wife would she insist you.
    A ,burn the house down straight away ?
    B ,spend the night in a hotel ,and burn the house down in the morning ?

  7. Elladan says

    @fusilier #9:

    I tried to verify this, but this copy of Systema Naturale I found places spiders in the class Insecta!

    Ok, but that’s the 1748 edition. What about a later edition? This appears to be the 1758 edition, printed in 1894:

    Despite my inferior knowledge of biology, my impression is that the LA Herald may have had the literature on their side. More authoritative investigation is warranted!

  8. blf says

    @9 & @14, According to The Biology of Spiders (PDF), Theodore H Savory, 1928, page 2:

    The name Arachnida […] was created by Lamarck when in 1815 he separated Scorpions, Spiders and Mites from the order Aptera of the Linnean Insecta. The Class Insecta of Linneus was almost co-extensive with the Entoma of Aristotle, as well as with the modern phylum Arthropoda founded by von Sievold and Stannius.