Finally, a reporter asks a necessary question

That’s S.V. Dáte, of the Huffington Post. When will the rest of those reporters get that kind of spine?

By the way, Trump is now Just Asking Questions about Kamala Harris’s eligibility to run for office. We knew that would be coming: she’s black, she’s a woman, she can’t possibly be qualified. Screw Newsweek for thinking this was an issue worth raising.

Hey, Donald Trump keeps blithering about his Scot and German ancestry. I think we need to consider the possibility that he’s a foreign agent.


  1. jrkrideau says

    I think we need to consider the possibility that he’s a foreign agent.

    I have long thought one could make an excellent case that George W Bush was an Al Qaeda agent.

    Trump is an agent of the Scottish National Party and reports directly to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Why do you think he has a golf course in Scotland except to maintain discrete contact with the First Minister?

  2. nomdeplume says

    I loved the way he concluded by saying he would “look into it” as if he was capable of “looking into” anything. But even without “looking into” it, it is absolutely clear that the proposition has as much merit as the Obama birtherism, and is being used for exactly the same purpose – to try to de-legitimise successful Democrat politicians with dark skin.

  3. Duckbilled Platypus says

    Why is it allowed for your president just to go to the next question? Does he just get to pick which questions to answer? What’s the point of a press conference then?

    Also I like that reporter a lot even though it probably was his last day in the press room of the WH.

  4. says

    Long discussion on Vox about the reasoning behind the immigrant parent’s child not being a citizen. Some professor from Chapman University claims there is a missing word in the fourteenth amendment. Yeah, right.

  5. komarov says

    An aside, just what is a country like North Korea or Iran supposed to accomplish by rigging the US (presidential) election? It’s a two-party, two-candidate system with Trump or Biden. Iran is hardly going to install a “Pro Iran” regime. North Korea is hardly going to get anyone more friendly than Trump (wild mood-swings not withstanding). If Trump ever had a point, it probably wasn’t, “We need to watch North Korea closely so they don’t rig the election to get me re-elected.”

    P.S.: I think Trump’s answer to the lies is pretty clear. “Meh” It could have been worse; any other reply would inevitably have been a lie.

  6. says

    Ray Ceeya, I’ll believe the Republican base will allow someone named Raphael “Ted” Cruz (or Nimrata “Nikki” Haley or Piyush “Bobby” Jindal) into the Oval Office when I see them actually nominate them.

  7. wzrd1 says

    I’ve already sinkholed Newsweek in my DNS server. Asking if someone is a citizen, despite being born in California, is above and beyond the call of bullshit.
    OpEd, which shockingly, from a former John Roberts clerk, ignores case law that was present since 1830, before the 14th amendment was adopted in 1868 is astonishing, that the case law since was also ignored, were I from that SOB’s state, I’d be questioning the bar as to why he possesses a license to malpractice law.

    @Ed Seedhouse, yeah, I actually checked on Trump during the whole birther thing. Trump’s birth certificate is indeed on file, but is odd, as it clearly states that he’s a motherless bastard. ;)

    @Duckbilled Platypus, well, there are two options, he ignores a question and moves on or is pressed and he runs away. As was shown quite recently, when pressed on a question and President Runaway did his thing and ran away.
    Astonishingly, he managed to remember to thank everyone for coming, tossed over his shoulder as he waddled out of the room nearly as fast as I can waddle. And I speed waddle fast enough to leave young folk in their 20’s and 30’s breathless. Although, that might be from my flatulence. Or the awesome sight of seeing one’s battlestar soaring away at lightspeed. Given the physics, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

    @brightmoon, Trump is not a dinosaur, trust me. His proper name is Trumpelstiltskin. Foil him enough, he’ll stomp his tiny foot and sink into the earth for another thousand years.

    @Ray Ceeya, well, we’re all ‘murkia. Or something. Never did figure out that dualism that’s not a dualism, it’s two discreet and sovereign nations.

    @komarov, not so much to select a leader, which is currently outside of their scope of capabilities, but more along the lines of destabilizing the nation working to destabilize them. If one is lucky, one irritates us, which is well, life as usual and everything goes on. If one’s exceptionally lucky, an already unstable situation destabilizes and while things are in pieces, one isn’t having push back from the US and one can do as one pleases within the region.
    Hence, a win-win. What’s the worst we’ll do, sabotage their nuclear industrial equipment?

  8. KG says

    Trump is an agent of the Scottish National Party and reports directly to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. – jrkrideau@3

    The link goes back to before he was “President” and Sturgeon led the SNP! Her predecessor, Alex Salmond (there’s definitely something fishy about the SNP) intervened to give Trump permission to build a golf course which destroyed an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) the dunes at Foveran. Trump and Salmond later fell out over offshore wind turbines – or was this just a cover for a continued partnership????

  9. benedic says

    “I think we need to consider the possibility that he’s a foreign agent.”
    Indeed, Did you not read the Chris Steele report?

  10. Snarki, child of Loki says

    Trump’s BC says that he was born in JAMAICA.

    Which explains why he’s such a Jerk Chicken, doesn’t it?

  11. unclefrogy says

    the poor bastard does not know how to tell the truth very well, though he will say what he is or would do right out loud .
    I can not think of anytime he has actions were ever legal. I doubt he even knows what truth really means.
    I have briefly seen an argument meant to question Kamala Harris’s blackness by claiming she is really east Asian a transparent attempt to dissuade black voters of course and very ignorant and racist.
    Without going into all the specifics and reasoning of why that is untrue I will just point out that to all the racists she is just a “n….. b….” That is always the experience
    uncle frogy

  12. wzrd1 says

    @benedic, I do take that dossier with a grain of salt, as it’s not an official intelligence document, with actual classified sources. Just what the scuttlebutt was.
    And much of the scuttlebutt out there is hogwash. So, I’m dubious on the salacious stories, but the connections and negotiations for a tower, I’ll rent that notion and see where it leads. And we know where it lead, courtesy of Mueller.
    Frankly, I suspect the whole thing got a kibash because the Russians are smart enough to know that Trump would brag about it while in office, which would sink his and their plans.
    Never immediately assign malice to that which can be far better explained by stupidity.

    @unclefrogy, I can think of a sparse few things he did that did and one that will pass legal muster. After all, a broken clock is right twice a day, so by extension, Trump is more probable than not to get something right twice per year.
    I have noticed Trump’s propensity for calling women who stand up to him as nasty, I’m sure he has other words that he uses in private for some, but still has barely enough operational brain cells to not blurt those “names” in front of a camera.

  13. komarov says

    Re: wzrd (#17):

    I’d agree that “destabilisation” as the objective makes sense in general, but not with these specifc examples. Countries like North Korea and Iran would be very careful trying anything like that against a superpower that has them right at the top of its hit list. When you destabilise a country, a lot of stuff gets broken, not just domestically. Especially when that country has a lot of military power to throw around. We’ve seen how close the US and Iran have come to war and if or when the US go truly off their axis, that war is once again very probable.
    North Korea has been “lucky” with Trump, they at least had a chance at some diplomacy. That probably wouldn’t have happened with a president less enamoured with the dictator type, who isn’t always trying to take the shortest path to the biggest headline. On the other hand, it might have happened more slowly and lasted longer with someone else at the helm. As for Iran, they already had made some diplomatic gains with the US which quickly vanished because… I’m not sure, a combination of lies in Trump’s ear an the fact that it was Obama’s signature, maybe?

    China and Russia I can see destabilising the US. They can deal with any fallout. Small countries can’t, they just turn into the next US military money pit.

  14. unclefrogy says

    china would not want the instability to effect their US market so just some minor (relative) political instability would be preferred.
    Russia has no such constraint and would try to take advantage of a Soviet union level collapse. that level collapse would leave them with much less opposition
    The potential Russian tower deal works better as a carrot a promise for the future with the stick being the debt owed to the Russian mob i.e. Putin
    uncle frogy