Reminder: we’re playing Minecraft tomorrow at noon central time

I announced a group game on Sitosis the other day, and I have noticed a surge of enrollments on that server this week. Uh-oh. There might be a few problems.

  • There are rules for joining and playing on the server. Make sure you read them!
  • If you want to make a last-minute application to join, be kind to the admins, who have to individually approve each application. If you haven’t already joined, it’s probably too late to get in for tomorrow.
  • The server has a limit of 20 simultaneous log-ins. I didn’t think it possible we’d get that many users, but from the number of new users, we might. If we hit the limit, we’ll just have to do an additional session later this week.
  • If 20 people sign on before I do, well, the livestream will go on and it’ll just be me talking over a blank screen. Exciting!
  • We’ll use the Freethoughtblogs Discord server for voice chat. That might get interesting, with me trying to monitor that, the YouTube chat, and the game, all at the same time.

I have some trepidations that this might all disintegrate into total chaos. We’ll see how it goes. We like to experiment, right?


  1. trollofreason says

    I hope everybody has a lovely time. I remember signing up for one of the first Sitosis servers. Lovely people! Shame, though, that I can’t participate for the foreseeable future. Satellite ‘net isn’t really conducive to multiplayer.