Playing games, again

The minecraft server, Sitosis, has generated a brand-spanking new map, and is accepting membership requests, so it’s time to play again this weekend, only this time with friends. Log in on Sunday, 9 August at noon Central time.

Let’s do a livestream while playing as a group on Sitosis! Follow the instructions here if you aren’t already signed up:

We’ll just jump on the map, everyone meet at spawn, and we’ll figure out what to do next. Go exploring? Help someone build? Monster hunting? Sit around and eat cake? Talk about the science of Minecraft genetics and spiders?

We’ll all fumble about for the entertainment of any watchers!

People have asked about voice chat. Yes, Freethoughtblogs has a discord server! We can use that for voice chat during the session.


  1. IngisKahn says

    Might be moot anyway, having troubles getting the sitosis website to let me create an account.

  2. lunabasch says

    @applicants to Sitosis: please be patient, admins have to review all applications by hand. As it says in the instructions, it can take up to a week if there is a big influx (plus we are all volunteering our time). If your application has been accepted, then you will get an automatically generated welcome email and you can begin logging in to the forum. Also if you have been accepted: please direct further tech support questions to the Sitosis forum instead of these threads. Thank you :)

  3. IngisKahn says

    It looks like their mail server is down, got an SMTP error creating an account, can’t get a verification email sent to me, and I get an undeliverable message when I email

  4. lunabasch says

    So… I’ll add the same notes and caveats here that I did on the other thread and hopefully I can help new applicants avoid some confusion. I just recently was added as an admin on the forum there to help review applications/whitelist new players. The forum is set up this way:

    New applicants submit a request to register. The registration request is ALSO the application to the server, so read all the application guidelines completely before trying to join the forum. There is something hidden in there that you might not want to miss.
    There is no confirmation email when you request to register to the forum. There is a setting to do that, but since I am only volunteering to review new applications, and I am not the server owner, I don’t feel comfortable messing with the forum settings or setting anything up to that effect. IF your application is accepted, you’ll get an automatically generated welcome email, and then you can sign in to the forum.
    As I said before, please be patient. @IngisKahn, don’t worry, I see your application and I am reviewing it. Anyone else applying, please allow some time for staff to manually review your request. It can take up to a week, but since PZ is inviting people for Sunday, I will help as best I can during the weekend.
    I don’t know what is happening with the mcadmins email. As far as I know, I don’t have access to it.

  5. IngisKahn says

    ::runs into a field of creepers, screaming::

    Also, I think I just doubled my lifetime post count here.

  6. garysturgess says

    I believe that’s 0100 Monday morning for me – sorry, I’ll have to give that a miss if I’m expected to function as a productive member of our capitalist society. :)

  7. Hj Hornbeck says

    Alas, we’re at the peak of hiking season over here so I won’t be able to attend. I’ve got enough technical know-how to set up my own stream, so I’m wondering if I shouldn’t do my own stream later in the week.

  8. watchfulstone says

    Could you please repost the Discord invite? The one from the post has expired. Thanks.

  9. says

    I would love to talk about the science of minecraft. I have had a video concept or two lined up for years now. Just don’t talk philosophy with me, because I’ve been into “crazy” territory as of late, and only can take very little responsibility for whatever comes out of my brain.