You’re a dope. #sorrynotsorry

These people exist.

Imagine Typhoid Karen here, and others like her, undermining every effort to contain the spread of a disease by intentionally moving from area to area, finding the places with the most lax enforcement of standards, and dispersing the infection as much as she can. She’s pretty intelligent, for a virus.

Any sick people in Idaho can blame their governor and people like her.

Here’s another one: Kelly Anne Wolfe in Toronto. She has 13 degrees in psychology and is a member of MENSA, so you’ll never be as smart as her…and she’s handing out fake mask exemption cards to passers-by.

Man, I’m such a failure. I only have 2 degrees, a bachelor’s and a Ph.D. She’s like 6.5 times smarter than me!


  1. fusilier says

    Not my idea, but we should stop calling them “Karens” and start calling them “Ivankas.”

    I’ve known some decent people named Karen, but never a decent Ivanka.


    James 2:24

  2. says

    Who has 13 degrees and in what. Although to be fair, I really didn’t want to graduate from college since I was having a very good time. I was smart enough to pick a party school with one of the first co-ed dorms in the state though.

  3. wzrd1 says

    I regularly walk to the supermarket, around two miles one way. Due to this being a rural area, I don’t mask until around 20 feet from the door to the store.
    Come up to me maskless, well, things are going to rapidly degenerate and the probability of the maskless person experiencing multiple fractures is essentially unity. A few moments with my cane will cure that ability via disability.
    Because, that virus will kill me and my wife and thereupon, I’m flat out of fucks to give. Just be happy if I don’t go to score on the hyoid bone. If pressed, while difficult to reach, it’s not impossible and airway collapse is assured.
    And yeah, I just calmly discussed murder, since murder is what the asshole wants to do to me and mine, it wasn’t very nice meeting them.
    Why can’t people just behave sanely and politely, rather than trying their level best to laugh as they suffocate you with a lethal virus?

  4. Occam's Machete says

    The Brits coined a phrase for the most unreachable of the Brexiters, which seems appropriate here too – the swivel-eyed loon.

  5. blf says

    Doesn’t cost too much to get a “degree” from a diploma mill…

    Thesis on Stoopid MericMetrics
    Hi, my name is Karen. This is my 12nd thesis. I aced all the others. Its about teh stupid and weighting it with a speriallicround duck. I was going to use a cow but they smell and go Onik! […]

  6. says

    This reminds me of the fact that my brother-in-law drove from Indiana to Tennessee back in May just to get a haircut. These people don’t care that they could be a vector that spreads disease across multiple states. They are all selfish without an ounce of empathy.

  7. says

    FFS there’s no excuse to not wear a mask. You can buy them from the gas station for less than $1. Anyone who claims breathing trouble is full of shit. I used to wear respirators for 8-10 hours a day and never had a problem breathing. Now the sulfur dioxide and chlorine I was working with would have made it very hard to breath very quickly. I scorched my lungs a couple of times because I was careless. It hurts, but I’ll bet is better than having a ventilator tube shoved down your throat. WEAR A FUCKING MASK.

  8. bcwebb says

    So the woman complains that wearing a mask is too uncomfortable and then she bends over and you realize she’s wearing thong underwear and heels.

  9. garnetstar says

    Idaho is one of the states currently having a huge surge, so Typhoid Ivanka’s decision to not wear a mask, and to spend time indoors with a lot of people from that area who aren’t wearing masks, might backfire on her in a bad way. And, since she doesn’t care about whether she lives or dies, she will of course spread it to everyone in her area.

    Even the best friend of that guy who recently died in Ohio, whose Facebook posts have sadly become notorious, is saying “it is tragic that we lost him, but even worse is all the people he spread it too.” Just what this woman wants her friends to say about her death, I guess.

  10. Pierce R. Butler says

    She has 13 degrees in psychology …

    Ah, but how many in evolutionary psychology?

  11. hillaryrettig says

    Coco Chanel really nailed all the Karens when she said, “By 50, you have the face you deserve.”

  12. says

    She has 13 degrees in psychology and is a member of MENSA

    I went to a MENSA meeting once, out of curiosity. I was 19, 20, 21, something like that. I never went back.

    If MENSA/Portland of the 90s is or was typical of MENSA chapters generally (and I have others’ stories to at least suggest that this is plausible), then joining MENSA would count against a person on any objective measure of intelligence.

  13. sherylyoung says

    Snake Pliskin wears a mask against Covid!
    Kurt Russel was seen today at the local independent pet store buying dogfood and wearing a mask.

    What a guy!!

  14. Rich Woods says

    @sherylyoung #19:

    I would expect nothing less. After all, Kurt did learn a lot about infection control during his stint in the Antarctic 38 years ago.

  15. says

    Obviously, you don’t know how the belt system in Psychology works. Only the black belt has a 13th degree. You do not want to engage in mental combat with a 13th degree black belt in Psychology. They can kill with mind waves.

  16. sherylyoung says


    Yep, Kurt Russell shopped for dog food at the local, small independent pet shop!
    He did it with a mask on and didn’t act ashamed for a minute.
    Be like Kurt Russell.