Genetics…almost done!

I got everything graded and entered into my spreadsheet, except…I have 3 students who have missing grades, so because I’m a wimpy candy-ass liberal, I told them if they got them to me by midnight tonight, I’d include them. If they don’t make the deadline, I just give them zeroes and grade them on whatever they got done.

I do have intro biology final exams pouring in tomorrow, so it’ll be another day of bleeding eyeballs.


  1. jonmelbourne says

    If genetics was true surely you’d evolve stronger eyeballs that could grade genetics papers without bleeding! :)

  2. nomdeplume says

    They’ll only take advantage you know, like Oliver Twist they will want more, longer and longer extensions… Best thing is just to beat them severely…

  3. grandolddeity says

    I am auditing training records for flexible-work-at-home staff…sudden assignment from corporate related to pandemic wage reimbursement. Forty-eight individuals, ninety-five training modules. 4,560 data points to check and transcribe from a very randomized database. Even with filtering assistance through Excel, it took all day. Tedious, not hard. No bleeding eyes, but a mild headache.

  4. garnetstar says

    Wait until you have 500 – 600 students, and that percentage of them want extensions. Your ears will lay back flat immediately, and it’ll become very easy to say no, a deadline’s a deadline.

    Huge classes take the professor out of you.