IMPORTANT: do not learn anatomy from reddit or twitter

Or from men, apparently.

Men can’t possibly commit sexual assault, because there’s no way they’d be able to find their way about in a woman’s nethers. They’ll just fumble about and end up poking her in a dimple in her knee, or something.

Or they’re just grossed out by the arrangement of parts.

I think we all want that guy to continue to be repulsed by all women. It’s best for everyone.


  1. says

    Cis straight dudes, why are they?
    Seriously, if there’s one convincing piece of evidence that sexual orientation is not a choice it’s that women still fuck them.

  2. WhiskeyandCigarettes says

    The second tweet is really stupid. Most men look at porn and see women’s buttholes all the time (it’s hard not to when they’re in all those positions) and it doesn’t seem to bother them. I may even be weird because I think women’s buttholes are kind of cute, though I don’t like that gaping stuff.

  3. brucegee1962 says

    “But Love has pitched his mansion in
    The place of excrement” — W. B. Yeats

  4. grandolddeity says

    The ugliest part of ones anatomy can certainly be found at the opposite end of the digestive tract from the anus.

  5. wzrd1 says

    It’s astonishing that individual #2 has failed to operate his larger brain, instead contenting himself with only using his “second brain”, the enteric nervous system as the center of reasoning, or at least what passes for reasoning.

    And yes, #2 was quite intentional, I merely matched him with the anatomical region he showed such great interest in.
    Still, it is astonishing to what great length the author went to to ensure his removal from any opportunity to contribute to the future gene pool.

  6. logicalcat says

    The second ones misogyny is so weird. Like, is he even attracted to women at all? He calls them creatures too, jebus christ.

  7. logicalcat says

    Sorry for off topic but does anyone know how you access the endless politcal thread from the mobile version of this site?

  8. Sean Boyd says

    Writer: vagina too close to the anus.
    Also, writer: My head is currently firmly up my ass.

  9. blf says

    logicalcat@6, Sidebar Menu, then (this is the not-obvious part), PROFILE… (Took me a few minutes to work it out, as I don’t use the mobile to access FtB (normally).)

  10. komarov says

    Re: Logicalcat (#6):

    “The second ones misogyny is so weird. Like, is he even attracted to women at all? He calls them creatures too, jebus christ.”

    It’s all par for the course for MRAs, MGTOWs, incels and the myriad misogynist subgroups out there. Even MGTOWs, who name themselves after “going their own way”, won’t stop harrassing women, nor stop trying to have sex with them, while apparently despising everything about them (or everything they project onto women). Consistency is not required to join the club.

  11. unclefrogy says

    I had to look this one up wisdom from one of the “Greats”

    uncle frogy

  12. says

    The #2 guy (ha!) has to be either a really young person or an outright joke. There’s now way that this basic fact of anatomy should be treated like some major revelation.

  13. robro says

    #2 guy (ha!)”…hahahaha, indeed. Anyway, I suppose he would really freak out if humans had a cloaca like most birds.

  14. Saad says

    “Female anus too close to vagina” is a great name for something. I just can’t quite figure out what.

  15. bobobo says

    I’m still a virgin and i can go entire sentances without slobbering hate all over women and their anatomies. Some people are just putrid regardless of how well travelled their genitals.

  16. daverytier says

    Just wow. Fascinating how little intelligence is needed to learn to write and to use a computer. Or is it dementia at work and they were a lot smarter back then ?

  17. blf says

    @23, He already has resigned, Democratic lawmaker resigns after tweet about Biden accuser: “The New Hampshire state representative posted a tweeted that a woman’s anatomy would make it difficult to digitally penetrate her without some cooperation from the female herself“; “In a letter sent Saturday to [House Speaker Steve] Shurtleff, Komi said he was resigning because of the tweet.”

  18. logicalcat says


    Thanks it was driving me nuts.


    Yea im familiar with the manosphere, unfortunately as a gamer and a part of the youtube atheoskeptical community before the “deep rifts” alerted me to all this bullshit. Who knows, maybe in another life i could have been one of these losers.

    Its still weird tho since even in my most sexist days early college/late high school years I still found women attractive. Asshole and all.

  19. Snarki, child of Loki says

    I’d have expected more “play-doh and bacon”, but I kids today just don’t know the classics, amirite?

  20. says

    bobobo #18

    Some people are just putrid regardless of how well travelled their genitals.

    Sex appears to be one of those subjects where people can do it a lot, without ever actually learning how.

  21. erichoug says

    Great! So the choice this years is between one misogynistic sex offender and the other one.

    I mean, the Republicans are willing to back rapists and child molesters and I really hate that. But what am I supposed to do then? Joe Biden is going to be the Democratic nominee.

    So I guess we all have to vote for Trump now, right? Or maybe we should just vote for whomever the green party runs. Yup, everything’s coming up Donald.

  22. fledanow says

    @ #21 I first heard that joke from a male biology prof. He intended it as a criticism of women, while blithely ignoring the fact that he has a sewer running right through his proud penis.

    It was a bad misogynist joke then, and it still is now.

  23. robro says

    Susan Montgomery @27 — You’re not the only one. I started my post with a very similar quip about #2 guy when I saw yours. You earn firsts for that. Fairs fair.

  24. William George says


    Sigh. A few months ago I had to dismiss from my life an old friend who fell into that crowd. He gave me “They’re going to use you for money or a green card so you might as well use them and get laid.” The next day he was defending Rush Limbaugh on FaceBook. He had to go at that point. He knew what he was doing so I feel sad but I don’t feel bad, if that makes sense.

  25. lotharloo says

    It doesn’t make it better but the 2nd one is a joke, judging by the name of the Reddit. But the first guy might actually believe that.

  26. Artor says

    That guy obsessing about the proximity of anuses and vaginas should get his way. He’s an enormous asshole who should never get near a vagina for the rest of his life.

  27. says

    Also not to put too fine a point on it, but a lot of heterosexual men seem to be quite happy about women’s assholes during sex.

  28. says

    Shame rape culture everywhere.

    I’m voting for Biden and shaming his bad characteristics. And shaming Trump, the Ds, the Rs, the country…
    Trump is still worse and one can address the problem.

  29. WhiskeyandCigarettes says

    From Lady Chatterley’s Lover:

    She dropped her blanket and kneeled on the clay hearth, holding her head to the fire, and shaking her hair to dry it. He watched the beautiful curving drop of her haunches. That fascinated him today. How it sloped with a rich down-slope to the heavy roundness of her buttocks! And in between, folded in the secret warmth, the secret entrances!
    He stroked her tail with his hand, long and subtly taking in the curves and the globe-fullness.
    “Tha’s got such a nice tail on thee,’ he said, in the throaty caressive dialect. “Tha’s got the nicest arse of anybody. It’s the nicest, nicest woman’s arse as is! An’ ivery bit of it is woman, woman sure as nuts. Tha’rt not one o’ them button-arsed lasses as should be lads, are ter! Tha’s got a real soft sloping bottom on thee, as a man loves in ‘is guts. It’s a bottom as could hold the world up, it is!”
    All the while he spoke he exquisitely stroked the rounded tail, till it seemed as if a slippery sort of fire came from it into his hands. And his finger-tips touched the two secret openings to her body, time after time, with a soft little brush of fire.
    “An’ if tha shits an’ if tha pisses, I’m glad. I don’t want a woman as couldna shit nor piss.”
    Connie could not help a sudden snort of astonished laughter, but he went on unmoved.
    “Tha’rt real, tha art! Tha’art real, even a bit of a bitch. Here tha shits an’ here tha pisses: an’ I lay my hand on ’em both an’ like thee for it. I like thee for it. Tha’s got a proper, woman’s arse, proud of itself. It’s none ashamed of itself this isna.”
    He laid his hand close and firm over her secret places, in a kind of close greeting.
    “I like it,” he said. “I like it! An’ if I only lived ten minutes, an’ stroked thy arse an’ got to know it, I should reckon I’d lived one life.

  30. logicalcat says


    I hear you. A hell of a lot of people put me on block when I tried to dismantle their reasoning. A DnD group I was in kicked me out. I didnt even bring it up while playing. There were all liberals and leftist too. They were okay with the Trump voter who flat out said its a good thing that most people believe women shouldnt be president, but the sjw is the one who had to go.

  31. says

    @32 Poo jokes aren’t copyrighted. Don’t worry ;)

    @38 Which again reminds me of my personal deceased equine percussion. What makes you sure that they really were liberals and leftists and weren’t just taking those positions to be edgy and contrarian? It makes sense that, once liberalism lost it’s edginess and went mainstream that more and more of these people would move to the right in order to stay edgy. And now that it’s demonstrably working and not causing the sky to fall in on anyone (and, hey, liberals aren’t supposed to be, like, judgmental, man) more are joining in.

  32. says

    @38 And the last thing a rebel would want is victory, so changing sides to oppose what they one supported is entirely consistent within that framework

  33. logicalcat says

    I thought they were leftists and liberals because of all the leftist and liberal shit they say. But yes they are posers. Not to be edgy. The anti sjw shit was there edgy outlet. No the leftism was for virtue signaling. Because it made them feel morally and intelectually superior to Right wingers but they lack self reflection. There the kind of dipshit to use the word logical a lot and accusing others of commiting falacies without ever explaining their reasoning. They start with the idea that they are already right about everything.

    I live in liberal south Florida so being liberal is not edgy. Although i know at least one of them claims to be communist. That would be edgy here. Not sure bout the other two.

    This was during 2016 election btw making their stupidity even more aggravating.

  34. irene says

    “Here tha shits an’ here tha’ pisses: an’ I lay my hand on ’em both an’ like thee for it. I like thee for it. Tha’s got a proper, woman’s arse, proud of itself. It’s none ashamed of itself, this isna.” –some gamekeeper