This is not a photo of a spider

I wouldn’t do that to you. This is a single line of webbing on a metal signpost.

I wandered around on a walk this afternoon, and while I didn’t find any spiders, I’ve started noticing that everything everywhere is held together with delicate tracings of silk, fueling my new hypothesis that what’s really holding the planet together is the work of spiders.

I haven’t yet found any spider associated with this particular strand of silk, although there were many similar lines — therefore, since it’s invisible and holds all of earth together, it must be Jesus. I’ll keep looking and see if I can get a photo of Him. (Note: more likely to be a Her, and not a vertebrate at all, which leads to some provocative corollaries to my hypothesis.)


  1. nomdeplume says

    I’m always puzzled by the single lines of silk hanging from the ceiling. Daddy-Long-Legs? Huntsmen? And what are they for?

  2. Bruce says

    All this fits with the hypothesis made in that episode of South Park, where the local priest goes to the Vatican and finds that everything is run by an alien spider being.

  3. says

    Nothing special about the photo: f/7.1, 100mm macro lens with tube extenders, flash. ISO was jacked up to 800.

    I still post the spider pictures to Instagram and Patreon, but really, it was dismaying — every time I posted a spider photo, people would write to me saying things like, “I like your site, but I never know when you’re going to spring a terrifying spider on me, so I avoid visiting anymore.” It wasn’t as bad as that time I was mean to a Catholic cracker, but this time it was alienating people I liked to keep around.

  4. stroppy says

    There’s something similar going on in my back yard. There’s a tree in bloom shedding petals and there are a bunch of hanging silk threads with petals stuck in them. At first I thought they were just single strands purposely weighted at the ends, but on closer inspections I see that there are more than just single strands. Anyway it sort of looks like a light, frozen shower of petals.

    Hard to photograph the “shower” effect. I also took some photos with a Moment macro lens attached to my iPhone which turned out ok I guess.
    For those who miss PZ’s spider photos, there are some nice ones down the left side of this page under the iNatualist heading.

  5. blf says

    Spiders are clearly worse than crackers! Crackers are small crumbly beasties that eat brains, hide in bags, and are stale with no known antitoxin. Nothing like a spider at all.

    Crackers are clearly worse than spiders! Spiders are monstrously huge sticky goo-extruding fanged blobs which rarely taste good when coated with chocolate. Nothing like a cracker at all.

    A neutral subject would be snakes. Even the common Putin republican kind.