1. robertlfoster says

    What if you get peed in the face? That’s what Pence should really be worried about. There are plenty of us who would happily do it.

  2. says

    The problem with Pence and his crowd (and I say this because during his heyday as a “radio talk-show host” the signal from his station extended to my local area, and the show was frequently playing in an office I had to regularly visit) is that they do not seem to believe the germ theory of disease. Instead, disease is something arising from or related to original sin, and therefore the only weapon man has against disease is faith. Pence believes he has the requisite faith.

    Which makes disturbing but rather ironic sense, if you’ve ever compared evangelical conversion patterns (regardless of the religion involved) to disease propagation patterns; only the vector is different. Sometimes it’s the same vector.

  3. says

    Did you see that his wife claimed he wasn’t told? Funny how defensive HE was when asked why he wasn’t wearing one when everyone else was. So another clueless liar.

  4. Martin Lefebvre says

    @2, or is this just Christian fatalism like that expressed by Stonewall Jackson and the Caroleans of the XVII/XVIII century (God calls your time, and there’s nothing you can do).

  5. says

    @4: It’s been a couple of decades, so I don’t want to speculate on the exact theological chain used to reach the scientifically invalid doctrinal result. If I do, that will just provide a wedge to say I wasn’t reacting to the real reason therefore I’m wrong/they’re right.

  6. brightmoon says

    Pence? If I said what I think about that idiot you probably ban me so nevermind

  7. blf says

    Jared Kushner would confiscate all trousers — except his own and those worn by the other usual suspects — sell those soaked in pee as a proven effective protection to private hospitals (at a substantial markup), ban public / non-profit hospitals from using unsoaked trousers, have teh police arrest — or shoot if the individual is gulity of being black or not wearing a red hair furor hat — anyone not wearing trousers, and claim the response is perfect. Hair furor would take the credit.

    As is usual with hair furorian policies, what happens to people wearing kilts, skirts, loincloths, and so on which even teh police can recognise as not actually being trousers is not said. Probably deport them since such people are clearly immigrants. Confusing teh police by wearing trousers but calling them “pants” might work with some of the brighter ones; however, the rest will probably shoot you for deploying a weapon (larger vocabulary).

    And what happens to the unsoaked confiscated trousers? They’ll be used to seal the leaks in all the new oil pipelines and wells in the National Parks, provided at no cost (both Parks and trousers), of course, as a subsidy to Big Oil, in return for — hair furorian no cost — some shares and board positions. People will be hired — or so hair furor will claim, and take the credit for — to actually go and plug the leaks. The workers can either use their fingers to plug the leaks, or else buy trousers from Big Oil to plug the leaks. They™ are looking into making the pipes from recycled lamestream media reporters and sources — and probably also union organisers — all of whom are thought to be cheaper than the cardboard normally used.

  8. Walter Solomon says

    With an analogy this simple, it makes you wonder why the Surgeon General and other so-called exports were advising people to not wear masks as late as March.

  9. blf says

    Walter Solomon@8, Here in France — and some other places as I now recall — the problem was there were insufficient masks for medical workers, so sales to the public were banned as to conserve essential supplies. They weren’t “not recommended” as such, they just couldn’t be sold. Since then, France has announced that everyone who wants one — and they are being made mandatory in some situations (e.g., public transport) — will be able to buy one (and, as I understand it, the price will be capped). However, it will take some time for supplies to become available.

    Some locales are pissed off about this tardy availablity. As one example, my own local S.France Mediterranean seaside village’s council is making available — free — starting next week, two reusable (washable) masks per person (one of the masks is FFP2-grade). They are being made locally by a mixture of volunteers and the local yacht shipyards, with the council supplying the pattern(s?) & materials and sterilizing the results.

  10. says

    This is another thing that I think our government in CZ has done properly. Since masks were made mandatory, everyone wears them in public. Even politicians during their briefings and press conferences – including the toppest of top brass, the prime minister and the president. And not all of the visible people wear medical masks either, some are wearing home-made masks (even our health minister has one) and some are wearing completely improvised masks.

    That has successfully sent the message that covering ones’ face is what matters more than what you cover it with.
    Whether the facemasks worked is up to debate, since they were but one in a wide-ranging array of measures, but the fact is that CZ has a really low number of Covid-19 cases, both in absolute and in relative numbers.

    Pence should not have been allowed into the Mayo clinic without the mask at all, vice president or not. Medical advice should take precedence over politics. That he was allowed in is one more sign that the USA is losing its collective shit and slides more into dictatorship.

  11. Ridana says

    No one on Mackinac Island was surprised by Pence’s refusal to follow the rules.

  12. Walter Solomon says

    That’s understandable. The people who bought too many masks and hand sanitizer are just awful people. The ones who then tried to sell those items at inflated prices are even worse.
    That said, I, naively, expected some honesty from the US government. They could have at least emphasized wearing scarves or homemade masks instead of overtly putting out there that masks are either useless or detrimental. Unsurprisingly, they chose the stupidest way to go about preserving masks for healthcare workers.

  13. wzrd1 says

    @BLF, hair furor is properly capitalized as Hair Furor. Easy mistake to make, given the impotence of the subject.

    @PZ, bad analogy, Pence was the naked dude getting a golden shower, as is fitting with this maladministration.

  14. robro says

    As one wag put it, if Pence wore a mask he couldn’t kiss Donald’s “very good you know what.”