Bones rattled, vote cast

Yes I voted.

Then I dragged myself to the doctor and got a CT scan. Nothing is broken or bleeding; the doctor even said my brain looks good, so I’m thinking I ought to get that testimonial tattooed on my body somewhere. Even as I was sitting in the waiting room, though, I could feel my back and neck starting to freeze up into painful rigidity, so I think I’m going to be feeling this for the next several days.

But not right now. I got a shot of the good drugs, I might just pass out for a while.


  1. tacitus says

    Good job you have decent insurance. When my dad flung himself down my staircase, miraculously only cutting his arm and head, the CT scan made up $15k of a $22k four hour visit to the local ER. Fortunately they had travel insurance (from the UK) but it still took months to sort it all out.

  2. unclefrogy says

    great news your skateboard is on order and should arrive just in time for spring rains.
    always scars the hell out of me when I take a tumble good reflexes are a good thing
    uncle frogy

  3. John Morales says

    I once had a brain scan; the notes said it was “unremarkable”, which I gather is good news in doctor-speak.

  4. hemidactylus says

    Glad they found your brain. Hope the rest of you mends after that spill. Ice is rare here but I slipped on the ramp we had set up for my mom some years back and got acquainted with my tailbone.

    I voted today too. Early voting started yesterday. It was rather balmy out after several coldish days. I braved coronavirus and voted futilely for Warren who probably doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell or Florida. My jaded cynicism is kicking in again.

  5. dianne says

    @John Morales: Definitely. One thing you never want to hear from your doctor is “You’re a very interesting case.”

  6. hemidactylus says

    Oh and be thankful you didn’t bust your hip. That’s pretty damn difficult to bounce back from. Take your paths very seriously.

  7. bcwebb says

    reacting to your headline – much better than outcome than “vote rattled, bone cast…”

  8. Southe says

    @dianne, #10: Only semi-related, but I have actually had a medical professional tell me my brain was Quote Unquote “Interesting”.
    It was during an inpatient stay at a psychiatric hospital that doubled as a research hospital (this was a while ago, I’m in a much better place – mental health wise – these days). I’m not sure what it was that sparked the interest of one of the local medical residents – possibly something in the 600+ question intake exam – but they asked if I’d like to volunteer for an fMRI and some other tests.
    I said yes, of course. At the time it meant a half a day out of the facility and a chance to look at some really powerful imaging tech.
    Looking back, I don’t know what came of it – I got a copy of some of the data and a nice printout of my brain’s blood oxygen levels during various cognitive tasks, free of charge – but I like to think I helped contribute to some study somewhere.
    (And of course, now I can tell people that I was once so sad that researchers doing actual science wanted to study my brain because I was just too sad! This is not a good introductory story at company functions, tragically.)
    Regardless, thanks for powering through the pain to vote, PZ, and I wish you a speedy recovery!

  9. dianne says

    @southe: Glad you’re in a much better place with respect to mental health now! If it helps any, I remember reading a study once in which they found that depressed people’s brains used less oxygen at rest but responded normally when asked to do a specific task. I have no idea whether this was the study you participated in or not, of course.

  10. lochaber says

    Glad to hear it’s nothing too serious as of the current diagnosis, but then again, I suspect that’s why so much hurts, is that the impact was spread out over several body parts, so damned near everything is damaged and in pain, but not quite as much as if just one of those body parts took the brunt.

    Hoping things feel less painful as soon as can be expected…