Disappointing sexual performance

I planned to start mating spiders today, and got my first disappointment: I waited too long, I think, because several of the males had died. I think maybe they pined away with blue pedipalps. The males are definitely more fragile.

So then I fed a couple of mighty females so they wouldn’t be tempted to snack on the boys, and then introduced them to males. The males immediately scampered to the far side of the cage. No mating today, at least not that I’ve seen. I’ve left them together and hope the guys make it through the night.


  1. wzrd1 says

    Welcome, welcome spiders to our world.
    But we out live you, dammit all… ;)

    Made a similar misestimate with a local bug population maturity level, vs exposure to mold. It turned out to be maturity level critical for bedbugs, where other insects that were susceptible were either immune or remained away during the exposure period.
    Now, we have a few and I actually mean few, bedbugs surviving and likely need another dose, due to my mistiming, via ignorance.
    Previously, woke up feeling like I slept out in a tropical rainforest, totally naked, due to the bites. Took until I recognized a sample to say, aw, fuck.
    Annoyingly, now that we’ve knocked them back hard enough that a secondary attack would eliminate them, our hosts graced us with german roaches.
    Thankfully, those are easier.

    But, leads me to an easy joke.
    Disappointing sexual performance while this critter had his nipples bit off by a bedbug trying to traumatically inseminate my boobs, while I was trying to find my wife… ;)
    For sale, male member of a bedbug, as well as his oropharynx.
    Researching phenylephrine and hydroprene in fleas, then considering perverting them.
    Then stopped, insects and bugs go extinct, bad karma on the rest of the food chain, food is good…

    Would that I had PZ’s might and mayhem, I’d build a motel lab, roaches and bedbugs, find a common successability.
    If it breathes, we can kill it… ;)
    Think Arne in Predator.

    Well, back to trying to sleep, after straining an ankle, which was previously suggested to break after the next strain, four strains ago. Something about three sprains bad enough to cause a fracture.
    Still hurts like hell, but pain relief is illegal in the US, as apparently is anti inflammatory relief.
    Motrin rather works well, suggesting strain.
    Do without food is the entire message, as that was what I was doing.

    While doing without doctor, due to no insurance, BP now 190/110, the abdominal aorta should give way soon, to give eugenicists their creampie.
    Got my own poison pill.
    Part of a long ago, Ronnie Raygun era BS conflict.