That’s a long girl

I made a stop to check on that lovely Argiope at the local Subway…and she was gone! I was very sad. So I made a trip out to our sludgy Lake Crystal to see if there was anything cool out there, and there was! There was a long girl hanging out in the grass along the shore.

Tetragnathid, obviously, a long-jawed orbweaver. How long?

Here’s how long. She was gnashing those chompers, too, lookin’ scary.

Close up!

I set her free, don’t worry.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    Would this be the same crystalline lake that was the scene of the abominably bad “Crystal Lake 2” ? In that case you should add mutant crocs to “animals to be brought to the lab”. But the long-jawed orbweaver is cute.
    And totally off-topic, THIS is how skeptics raise their children !

  2. Gregory Greenwood says

    Makes you think about the song Long Tall Sally by Little Richard in a whole new light…