I’m new to this arachnology business, so when I find an unfamiliar species, beyond the ones I encounter all the time in familiar habitats, I get completely lost. This one, for instance, is very pretty, and I looked at the shape of the abdomen and said “Theridiidae?”, but then I saw the lack of stripes at the limb joints and the very striking white markings, and I switched to “Idunno?”.

I’m going to have to plug away at this for years before I acquire a clue. It’s intimidating.


  1. blf says

    Stumped — I was wondering what poopyhead was doing posting about cricket. Had I gone to the wrong FtBlog? Did Mano Singham stage a takeover?

    Ah. No. It is poopyhead, in the thrall of beasties with eight legs / arms / tentacles. Nothing to see here, move along… Leave it to poopyhead to prefer musty old sheds, filled with creepy-crawlies and surrounded by overgrown fields, rather than overgrown fields surrounded by musty old stands filled with empty seats and abandoned bottles.

  2. JimB says

    Is that seek app you talked about last Friday helping? It’s been great with the plants around my house. Haven’t tried it on any spiders yet. Tried a minute ago but it’s late evening here and I couldn’t get anything to focus.

  3. John Morales says

    Imagine were something like Deepmind to be set to the task of the taxonomy of a critter from a photo. Processing in the Cloud would make for an app for anyone.

  4. says

    Seek doesn’t quite have the detail I need, but yes, I’ve been doing the same thing. I don’t know plants at all, so I’ve been identifying the shrubbery.