What is David Futrelle disgusted by now?

It’s this puking, pooping toy.

Ugh. Revolting. What kind of twisted, foolish person would want one of those?

Oh, yeah…we have a cat.


  1. wzrd1 says

    As the old saying goes, “A fool and his money has many friends on payday”.

  2. robro says

    It’s clear who the target demo is from the ad. It’s bound to be a winner at $13 for the base product, plus more $$ if you want surprises and to add magic for sparkly poop: “Transform slime by adding Unicorn Magic, Unicorn Shimmer, and ultra-rare Unicorn Sparkle.”

    Wonder how many products you have to buy to get the “ultra-rare” stuff? And, why does “jump the shark” come to mind here?

  3. woozy says

    Bear in mind, gross-out toys have always sold for boys. Girls among themselves will laugh at the same jokes but whereas boys will (in general) do it to gross out other people, girls will (in general) do it to gross out themselves. Of course, gross out toys were never marketed heavily and as adults we tend to want to downplay or selectively misremember the gross out toys of our youth.

    So we have a gross-out toy marketed for girls is in the cheap production and distribution advertising age of the internet. Not really that remarkable if you think of it in those terms.

    …. or the whole thing is a parody. Either one seems equally likely.

    (Except David Futrelle says they are real and that’s all the research I’m going to bother with.)

  4. says

    Meanwhile, Trump tweets CWoC (Congress Women of Colour) should “go home” Now that is disgusting.

  5. woozy says

    On the other hand…. it is weird to geezer codger me, that poop and “spit” is considered cute and not at all gross. I simply assumed gross was supposed to be the appeal. Reading the reviews on amazon though, it is taken without question that all of these toys are “really cute” and not a single review mentioned anything about being “gross”. I guess this is like the poop emoji (which you can buy as a design for a baby cap) which seems to many, many people to be unironically cute.

    I realize I’m being biased to my generation’s values but seriously… Poop and vomit are unsanitary. Yes, it’s weird my generation wants to shun them too extreme taboo titillation, but surely finding them… cute… is just as weird isn’t it?

  6. unclefrogy says

    i am in possession still inside its blister pack card a jelly bean shitting sheep with jelly beans
    Only question is why isn’t the stuff that comes out candy?
    uncle frogy

  7. robro says

    Seconding PaulBC. It’s real and for sale on Amazon, which is where I got the price earlier.

  8. benedic says

    If you look up Caganer on Wiki you will find a static version for adults of this wonderful toy-enjoy. They even have Drumpf

  9. Nes says

    I work at a big box retailer, and can confirm that not only are these real, they’re actually pretty tame compared to some of the games and toys that are out there right now. Off the top of my head, I can think of the “hot potato” game that uses a pig that plays “Pop Goes the Weasel” until it farts (which, admittedly, is also pretty tame), a “Poop the Potato” game that’s apparently based on some (YouTube?) meme, and a game that involves “plunging” a plastic toilet until a piece of poop shoots out of the water tank. IIRC, the person who catches the poop wins. And these are just the ones that I can remember.