Wily grandparents set cunning traps

We have a plan. First thing we’ve done is install a baby trap inside of our baby transport vehicle.

Once captured, the baby will be transported to our baby cage.

It’s a foolproof plan. Here’s the baby.

She arrives by plane tomorrow afternoon, we snare her upon arrival, and then race back to Morris. It’s going to work.

Unfortunately, this is a catch-and-release program, so we’ll send her back to Colorado early next week. That’s OK, though, this is kind of proof of concept, and we have a second grandbaby we can try and capture sometime.

That one may be more of a challenge, since he seems to be fully mobile and more capable of evasive maneuvers.


  1. Oggie: Mathom says

    We are up to four car seats. Boy still has the Mustang. And yes, there are two car seats in the back of the Mustang.

    The twins arrive by C-section on Tuesday. My first Grandchildren. Twin girls.

    Feels very weird to know what their birthday will be weeks before they are born.

    I’m joining you, Grandpa.

  2. René says

    Strong case of post-hoc rationalizing. PZ doesn’t realize their being manipulated by baby’s pheromones (you know what I’m talking about when you ever smelled a baby’s head).

    Baby controlling YOU, old chap. (Cf, Toxoplasma Gondii)

  3. twarren1111 says

    The force seems strong with the female grand baby, perhaps you under estimate her skills in Houdini maneuvers.

  4. blf says

    [… D]oes an 8 month old child need a cup holder?

    Where else to rest / store the flamethower? — “All right, grandboffin, if you don’t take me to the nappy changing station NOW, it will be a lot, lot, worse than the smell and poop and mess and screaming…”.

  5. steve1 says

    I would check with the Minnesota DNR. I think over 21 inches is legal to keep.

  6. magistramarla says

    Our latest grandbaby is seven months old, weighs 19.9 lbs and is 27.95 inches tall. He’s doing damage to the backs of both of his parents. We gave him his very first framed Avengers poster for his room – The Incredible Hulk, of course!

  7. Crudely Wrott says

    Watch out, PZ! You got one vertical! (alarms sounding, rushing footsteps and chatter)
    Do you need back up? Please reply. Repeat. Please reply. Other grandparents are mustering now and are at the ready. We have your back, PZ. Repeat. We have your back.
    Over . . .

  8. anthonyk says

    Oh gosh, PZ, how your grandkids have tickled you behind the ears and made you purr with contentment. I can’t be the only commentator here to love to see your unbridled happiness, its cause, and these blogs as a wonderful counter to your frequent grumpiness and pessimistim