Still the one

This evening, my wife plunked a big box of old papers and junk in front of me and told me it was my job to sort it out and clean it up. I went through it obediently, even though I quickly discovered that it was mostly her old trash. There were a few gems scattered in there, though, and I pulled them out before tossing the rest into the recycling bin. It seems only fair that I get to post some of them.

Like her school photo from when she was in 4th or 5th grade.

Ah, yes. The Summer of Love, 1967. We were going to school together then. She’s still just as pretty, just a bit more mature, fortunately.

I guess it should be no surprise what happened 13 years later.

Now see what she’s done? She not only made me clean up her stuff, she sent me on a nostalgia trip.


  1. nomdeplume says

    Nostalgia is hiding in every old box of junk in every cupboard and attic, hiding quietly, ready to jump out at you and knock you out just when you least expect it. Beware PZ.

  2. Larry says

    As I was scrolling the page, I saw that picture and I said to myself that it has to have been taken in the mid-60s. How did I know? Am I psychic? No. I have half a dozen school photos of me, from ’63 to ’68 that look just like that. We can’t have ever been that impossibly young.

  3. fledanow says

    Oh, m’gosh! She would have been the greatest best friend ever! There is so much enthusiasm and fun and genuine niceness in that face – I want to go back in time and have her in my class.