The worst take on the Christchurch mass murder

So I wake up bright and early this morning, and first thing on my mind is the horror in New Zealand — I can’t imagine the nightmarish terror the victims suffered, and most of all, I can’t imagine the baseless hatred that inspired the murdering Nazis to open fire with assault rifles on unarmed men, women, and children. I’m still trying to understand.

And then I run across this one article that stopped me cold. I could not believe anyone wrote this. You see, one of the terrorists, who was live-streaming his evil, told everyone to subscribe to Pewdiepie on YouTube.

Soon after the world heard the gunman utter ‘PewDiePie’, hate had begun on the Internet.

Think about that. Hate had been festering on the internet long before those words were spoken; the evidence is that the terrorists had been fueled on 8chan and other sites where hating Muslims is de rigueur. And the terrorists were clearly motivated by hate. But that’s not what the writer was concerned about.

They were appalled that people were hating on Pewdiepie. The bodies were lying cold in their blood on the streets and the floor of the mosque, and oh no, we must be concerned about the real victim here, a poor innocent YouTube multimillionaire.

But thankfully, there are sane people too in this world. And on the Internet. At the time of writing this, #PewdiPie is trending on Twitter and lots of them have come out to show support to the YouTuber.

WHAT THE FUCK. There is a mass murder by terrorists, and we’re supposed to be relieved that, thank god, at least #PewdiPie is trending on Twitter. Jesus.

How dare you bring up a “political agenda” now in order to question the political agenda that has been thriving in the alt-right infested sewers of Twitter and YouTube. Not now. Not after that political agenda has successfully managed to murder at least 50 people. News18 and this ‘MightyKeef’ wackaloon are representative of a political agenda that they don’t want questioned.

But here’s the thing: I don’t hate Pewdiepie, and I don’t think anyone else should, either. He’s a racist idiot who has lucked onto a popular strategem. He didn’t tell anyone to go murder anyone else. He’s a symptom not the cause, the recipient of an ugly glitch in YouTube’s algorithm for recommending channels, which apparently reinforces popularity with a swirling vortex of chaos that makes him more popular. Fuck Pewdiepie. He’s a talentless nothing, so don’t blame him.

Instead, hate the 89 million mindless, mush-brained fuckwits who subscribe to his attention-seeking noise.

Unsubscribe from Pewdiepie if you’re one of them.

Uh-oh. I just encouraged an insane act of terrorism, I guess. Reducing his subscriber count is worse than blowing a child’s head off with an AK-47.


  1. says

    Not that it is a competition but some social media squabble over what the terrorist watched on youtube isn’t nearly as bad a take as Australian senator Fraser Anning’s. He basically blamed the victims for having the cheek to have been immigrants to NZ and the “fear” their presence caused the locals.

    See his full written statement here.

  2. gijoel says

    Is it worth putting petition demanding his resignation together. That arsehole has to go.
    Victim blamimg like every shitty bully I’ve ever known.

  3. says

    Felix whatever is probably blameless, he seems to be a uncritical casual racist to me, but I do wonder if there is a Pewdipie to nazi pipeline going through reddit, 4chan (8chan) etc.

    He is the largest gamer on YouTube and gamergate morphed in the alt lite. It is very bizarre. I, for one, was not surprised that some internet gaming thing was cited at an attack.

  4. someidiot says

    “Instead, hate the 89 million mindless, mush-brained fuckwits who subscribe to his attention-seeking noise.”

    Isn’t pewdiepie just some gamer dude with a bunch of kid followers? Your prescription is to hate 89 million kids with stupid kid opinions? Did you learn nothing from the Covington fiasco? The media outlets were sued millions for prescribing the hatred of kids with stupid kid opinions.

    Furthermore, didn’t the killer’s manifesto basically attempt to further divide people and amp up the hatred? And now you’re suggesting we hate 89 million kids? You’re literally doing what the terrorists want. Grow up. Turn down the hatred.

  5. jefrir says

    Pewdiepie’s followers aren’t all kids by a long shot, and racism isn’t some “stupid kid opinion” that we should just let go

  6. raaak says

    I don’t blame the 89 million either. I blame Youtube and Twitter. It is not even really about who this guy is. Racists are big on the whole culture war thing and they are using this guy (among other things) to sow confusion and distrust and ultimately spread their ideas (among them taking over Youtube itself). The channel must be shut down simply because it has been infested with racists. That is enough and no other reason is needed.

    Time and again, it has been shown that a very good tactic against those who spread hate is to quarantine them. Let them speak, but do not actively publish their claptrap, no matter what. This is not about free speech. This is about the fact that being on Youtube and Twitter gives a form of legitimacy not only to the person, but to the whole channel, and especially the comments section. He might be good guy, he might be a racist, doesn’t really matter. The whole thing needs to be boycotted so the racists lose one of their tools. And I 100% guarantee it will not affect talking and discussing game one way or another.

  7. KG says

    And of course numerous twittering twerps and racist liars are using the fact that the perpetrator’s manifesto was not an example of perfect ideological coherence (he called himself an “eco-fascist” and praised Communist China, presumably for putting millions of Muslims into concentration camps) to try to shift blame from the Islamophobic and white supremacist toxic stew of the Far Right to the left and/or environmentalists. Never mind the references to Trump, PewdiPie, the “14 words”, “white genocide”, Charles Martel, the siege of Vienna, immigrants as “invaders”… just look at who the scumbag targeted. Where has hatred of Muslims been coming from online? In Australian, American, European politics? Oh, yes, it’s from the far left and the Greens, led by that commie environmentalist in the White House.

  8. wzrd1 says

    @1, an odd stance, as the assailant was an Australian, not a New Zealander.

    Such s stance is akin to defending a Mexican assailant in a mass murder in the US and blaming southern protestants for the murders in a mosque.
    Seriously, the kid was fucked up in the head, not enough for insanity defense, just enough to become and perfect being a defective person, who should never see the light of day.
    Which is precisely how I define 4chan and 8chan types.
    I won’t go into how many prod them up, largely from Russia…

    No, not a conspiracy theory, just an observation that I have an NDA with sharp teeth preventing divulging beyond the claim, which likely will still bite me in the career ass.