One more Wohlism

Do you know why Minnesota is overrun with jihadists? Do you? DO YOU?

Chevys with bumper stickers, that’s why. How dare individuals “value all families”, support girls sports, point out that “The media are only as liberal as the conservative businesses that own them”, and wish for peace on Earth. Radicals! Freaking extremists! We’re one small step away from sharia law, socialism, and guillotining small business owners at this rate.


  1. llyris says

    Because bumper stickers??
    I never realized bumper stickers were so powerful. I thought jihadists concerned themselves with religious ideology; and all this time it was really about the weatherproof adhesive. We have all been fooled.

  2. says

    “People like this.” Yes, they do. Me too.

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  3. says

    I imagine supporters of Jihad would be saying to Christian leaders, “We both hate the gays and uppity women. Why let our disagreement over the number of God’s messengers divide us?”

  4. curbyrdogma says

    Right-wingers prove yet again that they aren’t that good with details. Or facts.
    Or perhaps they just like playing Calvinball with facts.

  5. zetopan says

    Actually, Reich Wingers continually fail struggling against reality. The universe simply refuses to bend its laws to fit their moronic preconceptions.

  6. lochaber says

    Isn’t he the guy that announced false rape allegations against Mueller?
    did anything happen about that?
    I mean, we’ve all been told how being falsely accused of assault is worse then being assaulted, so surely they would punish someone making false accusations, right?

  7. lochaber says

    oof, I read this posting before the other one wher PZ specifically mentions the false allegations, sorry. :/

    but, about that, has there been any repercussions?

  8. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    @6/8: I can count on my fingers and toes how many times I’ve seen conservatives anywhere come out lambasting some prominent hypocrisy when their guys do it. I think it has to do with the low-effort thinking and the out-group thinking. It’s really only bad when people out of the Volk do it.

    @MT: I understand these are far-right loons for whom paranoia and irrationality are baked into every facet of their ideology, but what I’d love to understand, even clinically, is what they even imagine happens that leads us from point A to point B here. Minnesota and every other state in the Union already have Republican cretins who disagree with the sentiments expressed in these bumper stickers. Are those people not enough to keep out the jihadis? What magical shield forms if 100% of us come together to embrace their idiocy? Does the Wall then keep out all the Muslims? We’ve already tried their ideas and they didn’t work.

    But expecting conservatives, the kind of people who don’t think manifestos should be costed, to have a step-by-step understanding of how more people with liberal bumper stickers necessarily means that there is no solution to jihadism is obviously just as crazy as they are.

  9. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    To be clear: I am not using “crazy” in the sense of mental illness, though I do think that their paranoia does echo the clinical (and critically without the excuse of a problem outside of hate, fear and being childish), but did just catch the implicit ableism in the post. Substitute “crazy” with “irrational”.

  10. says

    That car getting in the shot is throwing everyone off. He’s clearly talking about the building that says “Prime Space Available.” PRIME SPACE FOR JIHAD!

  11. ck, the Irate Lump says

    Hey, he had to ride around in an amoured vehicle with an armed security detail (both of which are always off camera) to avoid getting taken out by Rep. Ilhan Omar. I’m sure he was dodging deadly snowflakes just to get this picture, so we should have some sympathy for the great peril he’s putting himself through. It’s a wonder that he’s still alive at this point.

  12. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    bumper stickers are for the ‘white trash’, not ‘jihadists’. harrumph

  13. says

    The idea came to mind that maybe someone can invite him to Canada, so he can make a fool of himself to a Canadian audience.

    But thinking about it that probably wouldn’t work that well There are at least a few Canadians who think jihadis are sneaking into Canada disguised as refugees, waiting for the right moment to strike. Having some American kook come here and see them under every bush would just fuel their paranoia.

  14. says

    Jihadists??! Those bumper stickers aren’t even in Arabic!

    OK, maybe you’re making fun, but I think the argument is that people with that kind of bumper stickers will welcome refugees who might be muslim and who are therefore jihadists. I hear that in Germany all the time with dudes telling me how all those young muslim men will rape me.
    Well, I taught exactly that group for a couple of months and the worst they did to me was that they kept giving me sweets. None of them would ever think of buying a packet of biscuits and eating it alone. Sharing was mandatory, especially with “my teacher”.

  15. johnson catman says

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  16. steve1 says

    The author of this post has a really impressive wiki page. Example “Wohl drew national attention in 2018 after news outlets reported his involvement in a failed plot to discredit Robert Mueller, the U.S. Special Counsel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, by attempting to frame him for sexual misconduct”.