1. F.O. says

    Cuddle my newborn baby, pamper my partner, write the collision algorithm for a videogame I may or may not want to write, make food, in that order.

  2. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    I’m listening to wind trying to break more branches off the spruce tree out front. Meanwhile keeping an eye on my “new” late 2009 iMac’s temperatures, and watching some “brain food” videos. First up is about the engineering of the Viking landers for Mars.

  3. moxie says

    knitting a sock. nomming home-made pumpkin bread. watching the vultures through my binoculars.
    yes, vultures!

  4. numerobis says

    Brush the cat. And then, try to figure out which furball goes into the compost, and which goes on my lap.

  5. Pierre Le Fou says

    Crummy weather here in Montréal too. What I’ll do? Play a game. I’ve decided to go back to all my old games and replay them one last time, fast and not caring too much about the outcomes or collectibles. And at the easiest difficulty level too, if possible. It will take me a few years to go through them all. Right now I’m playing Prince Of Persia, Sands of Time (from about 2003), on the original xbox.

  6. says

    I start evening shift for 7 weeks tomorrow so I don’t have to get up early. Gonna watch to see how big of a train wreck the Oscars are these days. My wife is back in NS (I’m in Toronto) and we’re going to watch them together over FaceTime.

  7. says

    Today I tried to investment cast some knife guards and wound up splashing liquid silver all over the mold. I did manage to cast a fine silver gummi bear, which is now turning out to be an utter bugger to polish.

    It’s windy and cold here too, so having a 2300-degree forge in the room makes cozy.

  8. tbtabby says

    Struggled with my attempts to play mobile games due to intermittent wi-fi, apparently caused by the windstorm. Unplugged and waited 30 seconds multiple times to no effect, finally just went to Barnes & Noble to use their free wi-fi.

  9. wajim says

    Um, drink a few beers, watch the snow fall here in eastern WA and gently spank my cat. No, she loves it. Her name is Say-so for a reason. Only way to shut her up.

  10. microraptor says

    Well, it’s been snowing steadily and we’ve had quite a bit of accumulation since my last post. I think this probably qualifies as an actual blizzard.

  11. hemidactylus says

    Had to work on the Sabbath, a capital offense. Wish it was cooler here. Saw someone with a surfboard on their roof earlier today. Wonder if your blizzard and my warm weather was related to this guy being in Mississippi yesterday:

    Not good. He is a most unwelcome sight anywhere. Came to my neck of the woods to “intercept” a beastly hurricane several years ago. Not sure if there’s a strong El Nino now, but I wish it would wait til September and conspire with a huge Saharan dust event to shut the Atlantic down. But El Nino brings nasty Gulf squalls my way and Fall brings cold fronts. Ugh!

    I HATE weather.

  12. hemidactylus says

    I’ve had outbreaks near me (Feb 1998 night of hell unleashed). And hopefully these stay rare:

    The crap that comes (usually) from Cape Verde is more troubling lately, Pretty sure Hurricane Michael was a monster born in the Caribbean, maybe off South America. Can’t recall if it came from a dissipated Cape Verde system.

    So I am enjoying my warmish calm days while they last. If that jet stream dips south and meets the bottom end of a winter front I’ll be freaking the hell out. It is that time of year.

  13. laurian says

    In Olympia WA I await our the next snow storm. It snowed 18″ twixt Feb 5-7th and there is still snow on the ground three weeks later. Another 5 inches is forecast twixt tonight and Tuesday. How have I angered the gods?

  14. magistramarla says

    It was a warm and sunny day here in San Antonio. We ran some errands and did some shopping. We needed to replenish the cats’ food and shop for our Grandson’s Christening gift. Odd thing for Atheists, but a Christening is something that our daughter-in-law does for her Mom (a Catholic from Mexico), and then rarely remembers to attend church afterward. We and our son also play along, since it is so important to that sweet lady.
    I found a lovely silver picture frame that the kids can use, so all is well. It’s getting dark now, and it actually feels chilly enough that the fire feels good to me and my cat. It’s definitely transition time here in South Texas.

  15. wajim says

    @Rob (22.):

    Had several of those when we bought our house. May I recommend some burly young folk with chainsaws? You can always (and this is never not true, ever) conjure a reason for vodka.

  16. Rob Grigjanis says

    wajim @26: The tree is actually on city property, so having it chopped down isn’t an option for me. Anyway, I’m very fond of it. And it just happens to be a vodka evening ;-)

  17. manymistakes says

    I planned to read a book by the window, but then the sun broke through the clouds, so I went to pick up Tommy and listened to his heartbeat underneath the pines.

  18. hemidactylus says

    Oscars? Watching the strongest female character yet in a show with plenty. She will make the Governor and Negan look tame in comparison. The feral skin wearers are here. I foresee heads on pikes. Who will they be? Probably the whole cast if the show keeps losing viewers.

  19. Mrdead Inmypocket says

    In 1954 I started collecting and delivering food donations for shelters and kitchens. On Sunday mornings, every Sunday, I go out to the garage and sort the usable from the unusable food that’s been donated and I deliver it. I have it down to a science 2hrs and 10min. Just about the same amount of time some spend on Sunday mass. This serves multiple purposes. One or two of the great grandkids, there are many, must do the heavy lifting while I supervise. So I get at least a minimum amount of time with each of them over the month. They have busy lives after all, There was nearly 200lbs of goods this week. Not bad, but not our best week.

    Then before lunch I usually take in a video or two. This morning I watched Feinstein talking with some know nothings who can’t even vote,. so what do they know. I mean, Feinstein’s been doing this for 30 years and she just won a big election, so take that.

  20. says

    Ah, the three-minute cut! Well, I guess spending twenty minutes to see the whole exchange isn’t necessary, if someone’s already figured out which part you really need to see.

  21. efogoto says

    I was thinking of the snow-covered car from your previous post that had loads of bumper stickers. Though I made the connection, there was a sorry lack of humor in my post that left it merely pathetic. My apologies, and I hope you keep snug inside.

  22. microraptor says

    So we have received about six inches of snow in one afternoon in a part of Oregon that usually gets no snow over the course of the winter.

    I’m lucky that my coworker’s son-in-law has a large 4WD pickup and was able to find a clear route through all the downed trees and power lines or I’d be sleeping at work tonight.

    As it is, I got home an hour later than normal after being at work with no power for three hours.

  23. madtom1999 says

    Should pop over the the UK – first ever recorded 20C+ in ‘winter’. Thats 68F in old money!

  24. starfleetdude says

    I went out cross-country skiing with my wife deep in the Wisconsin woods, where the wind wasn’t so unpleasant. It was sunny and the skiing conditions were great. Thankfully didn’t have to drive too far, as the roads were getting pretty sporty in places.

  25. Onamission5 says

    Had a balmy but very windy yesterday to try and dry out from receiving more than twice typical monthly rainfall, at least some of which ought to have fallen as snow, but didn’t. Worked all day. Work for me is a lot like standing around gabbing with new friends while they sample goodies, so it’s not half bad as retail goes. Drove home in gusts which threatened to shove my car around in its lane, walked in to a clean kitchen and a relaxed family still half in their pajamas, made burritos, reset the kitchen to default state, and got a decent night’s sleep. It’s seasonably chilly today with clear, bright skies, which is the best kind of chilly as far as I’m concerned.

  26. Akira MacKenzie says

    I caught a cold from somewhere, so rather than spread my contagion to the rest of humanity I spent yesterday inside, binge-watching The Umbrella Academy.

  27. says

    In the UK we have just had the warmest ever February day and celebrated it by taking a walk round the grounds of the National Trust Stowe House. A beautiful day! Sunny, cloudless blue sky, Hawthorne blossom out in the Capability Brown gardens.

    Am I rubbing it in just too much?

  28. madtom1999 says

    #42 the point is, for this time of the year it is the hottest its been in 300 years of records, Even Australia cant match that!