1. jrkrideau says

    @ 1 Tony!
    Clearly the headmaster should keep some brochures for local schools on hand to distribute to parents threatening to withdraw their children.

    I may very well be wrong but I suspect that these threats were sheer bluster in most cases.

    BTW is that video supposed to do something? It is 12:54 EST here.

  2. Scientismist says

    Just watched it. Hmmm.. “Darwin & the Web of Interconnectedness”.. I thought perhaps you were going to expand on the notion of the Humboldt-ian scientist in the age of the Interwebz. Darwin might well have dreamed of being able to access the observations and ideas of other scientists as easily as we can (or ought to be able to do) now. (Though, as a Fed scientist, I’m still working to get a backlog of data processed and loaded to an on-line database before.. well, you know.)

    But, yeah, the Tangled Bank. And spider webs. Both good metaphors both for living things, and for science itself. Seemingly random interconnections that nevertheless manage to hold together and work together, and from which we can benefit by making the effort to learn how they do it.