Remember the Alamo!

Knut now lives in San Antonio, Texas — that’s right, my grandson is now a <shudder> Texan. He even visited the Alamo.

Meanwhile, my granddaughter has achieved the milestone of being able to roll over and do 100 pushups, no problem.


  1. Big Boppa says

    There is a big, beautiful wall that surrounds (mostly) the Alamo plaza. Granted, it’s only knee high but I didn’t see a single illegal Lilliputian immigrant while I was there. So there libruls! MAGA
    Build the (garden) wall!!!!!!111!!infinity

  2. Ed Peters says

    If you have to live in Texas, San Antonio is as good as it gets. Beats Houston/Austin/DFW sprawl.

  3. unclefrogy says

    well that is one data point that Texas is changing I feel sorry for the old time white texans it is inevitable after all.
    uncle frogy

  4. davidc1 says

    I visted Texas in August 2009 ,passed through San Antonio .Saw the long line to get into the Alamo .
    My strange British sense of humour almost made me go up to someone in the line and ask what was the queue for .
    Glad i didn’t ,might have got shot .
    Near by there is a bar/grill /museum .Well worth a visit ,even though there is a player piano that plays the theme from Murder wot she wrote ,over and over ,and over .
    On the same trip wasted my one and only chance to ask someone “Is This The Way to Amirillo ?”

    PS ,i was not mocking all the men and women who lost their lives there .

  5. says

    7 uncle frogy
    The family my cousin married into in Texas lived there before the place was called Texas, and I’d say they’re more old timey than the white guys there. (Not finding fault here, just footnoting.)

  6. says

    9 davidc1
    Strangely, considering all the times I’ve been in San Antonio, I’ve still never set eyes upon the Alamo. I’ve been informed that I looked in its direction once in a way that it seems impossible I could have missed it, and yet I did. My favorite attractions in the town are Southern Music and a Half Price Books location.

  7. magistramarla says

    There are some of us who live here because of a military job who never claim to be Texans (spit!!), no matter how long we have lived (been stuck) here!