Commie know-it-alls can dance, but Republicans can’t?

Clearly, we need to settle the next election with a dance-off. One of those bizarre conspiracy theorist conservatives dug up an old (well, from 2010) college video which included shots of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez committing a grievous sin, dancing, and triumphantly presented it as if it were an indictment. Said crackpot’s account has since vanished, possibly out of embarrassment at his failure to elicit howls of outrage.

It’s kind of amazing. I only wish I could be 20 years old and dancing, and am a little envious of the young…but this was a good thing. Why would anyone think an innocent video of college students expressing some joy is a sign of nitwittery? Are the critics Baptists, or Republicans?

Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.

Friedrich Nietzsche

If you want to watch the whole video, here it is. It’s not a moment of high culture and deep political significance, it’s just young people having fun.

If that’s bad, you haven’t seen Tucker Carlson dance. I don’t think Carlson should be fired for bad dancing, though, but for being a racist fuckwit.


  1. a_ray_in_dilbert_space says

    It is probably not true that Emma Goldman said “If I can’t dance at the revolution, I won’t come.” However, she should have.
    The level of vitriol that conservatives spew on the new Congresswoman says a lot more about them than about her.

    Or maybe it’s her superpower.

  2. jerthebarbarian says

    Sometimes I wonder if some of the idjits on Twitter who post this stuff are just trolling the conservatives to see what the dumbest possible reaction they can get from them is.

    Then I realize I’m probably overthinking it.

  3. doubtthat says

    The AOC hate is as hilarious as it is predictable.
    We have the president of the United States legitimately spewing USSR propaganda, explaining that their invasion of Afghanistan was justified because Afghani terrorists were attackin Russia (none of that is true). This coincides – COINCIDENTALLY I’M SURE – with Putin pusing a resolution in Russia stating that the Afghanistan invasion was justified – correct the historical record, you know.
    But AOC will say “billions” instead of “millions,” or get the population of the US off by like 5% and I see articles with headlines like, “AOC lies again,” “Look at how dumb AOC is…”
    Just listen to the dude in this video try to explain what she’s “lying” about:

  4. starfleetdude says

    OT, but here’s something else to be encouraged about as a new member of the U.S. Senate is sworn in:

    Sinema takes Senate oath on Constitution; McSally uses Bible from USS Arizona

    … A spokesman for Sinema said Sinema used a book from the Library of Congress containing the texts of the U.S. and Arizona constitutions. He did not address her religious views.

    “Kyrsten always gets sworn in on a Constitution simply because of her love for the Constitution,” Sinema spokesman John LaBombard said.

    The website Friendly Atheist welcomed Sinema’s symbolic act of religious independence.

    “To be sure, Sinema isn’t an open atheist, and there were a lot of books other than the Bible this year for newly elected members of Congress” the website noted Thursday. “But it’s still nice to see a government official show people that her allegiance is to our country and our laws, not a holy book or the Ten Commandments. Sinema did the same thing in 2013 when she was first sworn into Congress.”

  5. Pierce R. Butler says

    Yabbut maybe she was dancing to Beto O’Rourke’s band…

    You can’t prove she wasn’t!

  6. Jeremy Shaffer says

    Conservatives: We’re the new punk rock!

    Also conservatives: Serious people can’t go around dancing! Especially not young people!

  7. What a Maroon, living up to the 'nym says

    I don’t think Carlson should be fired for bad dancing, though, but for being a racist fuckwit.

    But at Fox News that’s an integral part of the position description.

  8. F.O. says

    I imagine quite some earnest effort of theirs to dig up dirt on AOC… and this is all they got? -_-
    Good on her, let’s hope that she doesn’t get corrupted by power and keeps showing what the conservatives are actually afraid of.
    Hopefully some Democrats will learn.

  9. willj says

    If Tucker can waste a whole news segment dumping on sex-crazed pandas, dancing democrats should be easy pickin’s.

  10. zenlike says

    Clearly references the V character with his handle, but is a shill for the Norsefire political party. And irony died just a little more.

  11. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    the generic term is infantilisation(1) IE something about diminishing her recent achievements by splashing her youthful exploits, to remove her from everyone’s serious consideration. You know the conventional dismissal, she’s just a gurl [nb]
    Trying to dismiss her this way shows that she has the conservatives shaking in fear that they will get undone by a strong woman,
    oh the shame, the same.
    har har har.

    take that, you stuffy old white guys.


    it denotes trying to reduce a person to the […] function of an infant.

  12. xmp999 says

    Rich white men sexually assaulting women? No problem. Young woman dancing? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Onamission5 says

    @borax #8:

    It’s more an attempt to portray Democrats/liberals/the enemy as hypocrites by equating harmless, juvenile acts like dancing or being in a silly band with the “harmless” and “juvenile” acts (or acts against juveniles) of their own Kavanaugh’s and Moore’s. Note the attempts to frame Kavanaugh as just a boy having fun, doing what teens do, lalalalala. Now note the way they show Ocasio-Cortez as a young woman actually having fun, doing what young people do, and feign outrage that we’re not outraged about it.

  14. Matt G says

    Say, isn’t there something in the news about a certain president and a certain videotape from Russia of said president “having fun”…?

  15. Rich Woods says

    @Matt G #16:

    I’m not sure that president actually had fun. Apparently the whole business was a bit of a washout. Someone rained on his parade. But hopefully the shower soon blew over.

  16. Mobius says

    But, but, but…she was dancing and having fun. We can’t have that.

    Why don’t Baptists have sex standing up? Because someone might think they are dancing.

  17. Pablo Campos says

    So do Republicans think this would make AOC less likeable? Well it backfired. I don’t know about anyone else but I my opinion of her is even higher than it was before. First of all, her taste music is impeccable. The song is by a Alternative/Indie band named Phoenix. Its cool knowing she’s just as awesome in her personal taste and hobbies as she is with her politics. She’s by far the most relatable and real politician that has graced recent politics. At least in my opinion.

  18. says

    ‘Twould be a crying shame altogether if any of those GOPpers were to choke themselves clutching their pearls like that, bless their hearts 🙄

  19. Pierce R. Butler says

    Tabby Lavalamp @ # 14 – Rashida Tlaib owes a prompt apology to the Incesto-American community.

  20. kimberlyherbert says

    So every kid that was in one of those do well on the state test dance videos that was a fad a few years ago can’t run for office? The video ended up being even more innocent than I thought it would be when I first heard about it.

  21. says

    I can’t find the source and thus can’t put a direct quote, but the best reaction I saw was something along the lines of:

    “AOC spent her youth dancing” shrieked a bunch of Republicans who spent their childhoods throwing fireworks at cats.

  22. says

    Apparently the Republicans regard attempting to gang rape vulnerable women as acceptable conduct for a judge but dancing on a rooftop disqualifies you from Congress.

  23. ridana says

    How did the nitwit who posted the tweet mistake this for something from her high school days? It’s got Boston State University plastered all over it and the dancers. oO

    This looks like one of those student-made campus promo videos that were really popular around that time of students dancing all over their campus to show it off. Some were really impressive (damned if I can find any of them now though). Here’s a Gangnam Style parody from UC Davis. And another one from Purdue.

  24. stroppy says

    If only Republicans… oh, what’s the use. They’re hopeless.

    AOC is a much needed breath of fresh air. In case you missed it on MSNBC:

  25. wzrd1 says

    We’re a bit younger than PZ.
    That said, our shelf life is rather hairy…

    So, a waltz is out of the question, a four square just won’t happen, due to injuries and nerve damage, plus being massively out of practice taught to us by parents.
    Rocking to the music, embracing, yeah. Maybe even a reaching hand from one or another partner, which was totally wrong for waltz era sterility.

    Jumping about like one is in the midst of a seizure, also right after our era.

    Whatever floats one’s boat.
    How does that turn into some lunacy of political matter?

    Seriously, if I can use a urinal one day and have to sit while a storm comes in changes me some mythical way?
    No, at times, I piss and shit, other days, a herniated disc strongly suggests sitting.

    Welcome to the real world, rather than the political idiocy world.
    Real world vs political BS, well, currently, we have Trump’s creations of non-facts vs reality.
    And worse, his declaration that he could create an executive order that outlaws, well, anything.
    Obscured via the constellation of bullshit he recently showered.
    And some comment that suggests he learned of how Julius Caesar claimed power.

  26. andyo says

    Tlaib shouldn’t have called him a motherfucker cause that’s wrong. He’s expressed some daughterfucking desires though…

  27. John Morales says

    andyo, that’s a pretty slimy allegation. Cheap and pointless.

    (Yeah, I know. Just joking, right?)

  28. hemidactylus says

    The dancing video was innocuous and cool and Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t the main feature. Just college kids doing Breakfast Clubby stuff?

    I have been more concerned about gaffes coming from a cum laude econ major:

    Sure she’s a rock star and darling of the left, but does she get a pass? Not quite the level of Trump’s history lesson on Afghanistan, but still she needs to make sure her rhetoric better matches reality and doesn’t come across as contrived on the spot. OTOH, I can’t imagine doing interviews that will be viewed and scrutinized by millions and might be hard pressed to say anything cogent in her place. Gaffes are not uncommon amongst the congress critters.

  29. Akira MacKenzie says

    It’s a plain and simple attack on her “maturity.” “Distinguished” (i.e. old, white, rich, and preferably male) politicians don’t dance around like silly children in YouTube videos and hold ridiculous ideas like environmental protection and giving health insurance to all! Don’t listen to anything she has to say!

  30. stroppy says

    Republican M.O.: Mock, fling poop, bang on trees, and hope everyone is cowed into obedient submission.

  31. doubtthat says


    She doesn’t get a pass, and I hope she fixes her explanations – the way she articulated that problem was wrong – but also notice that she’s poorly explaining a real problem with our current economy: wage growth.

    Even as the unemployment situation has improved, broader dynamics – like wage growth and labor force participation rate (which isn’t fully explained by an aging population) – don’t look great.

    So, it seems to me that once again AOC is playing with a set of rules that don’t apply to male politicians, white politicians, and especially Republican politicians. Hope she gets better, that sloppiness is still one of my big problems with Bernie.

    The way I see it, Bernie, AOC, and some others are incorrect and sometimes misleading within a broadly factually worldview, where we have an entire political party that is saying bonkers nonsense from a fantasy framework, and our media outlets are treating those two things as roughly equal.

  32. llyris says

    When I was a smoking hot young woman I was often frustrated by the number of men who assumed I was stupid because I was physically attractive and exuberant.
    I suspect part of the outrage and negativity is because she looks great.

  33. stroppy says

    Probably so. The behavior of immature/insecure boys when confronted by a woman who is way out of their league, it’s an attempt to bring her down to their level — not to mention that it’s just BAU for Repubs in their never ending culture wars.

  34. says

    llyris @ 39:

    I suspect part of the outrage and negativity is because she looks great.

    Without a doubt. There’s also a nasty undercurrent of repressed sexuality at play there: I’ve seen a lot of memes about it playing on the parallels between the reaction of conservatives to this video to that of Frollo to Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame (and noting that both are women of colour). In fact, when you realise that the video posted was not the original one but an edited version with a more “ethnic” soundtrack substituted, the whole thing becomes an illustrated guide to white American conservative hangups so graphic it should probably come with some kind of rating…

  35. andyo says

    #34 John Morales
    Not a joke, and the allegation is not what’s slimy. I think it’s not unreasonable to believe he really wants to do Ivanka.