If it’s Monday, it must be spider feeding day

Mondays are usually awful, but now at least I have one thing to look forward to: it’s feeding day down on the spider ranch. The adults get a nice chewy cricket each, while I go through the spiderlings’ chambers and toss them a fruit fly each. Since Vera was so avidly hungry today, I recorded her trapping her prey and then picking at it for an extended period of time.

This one is only for spider obsessives who can enjoy staring at close-ups of arachnids doing strange things with their jaws for 15 minutes or more. Are you one? Let me know, and we can start a club.


  1. pgmoni says

    Hi, PZ
    I’m one (spider obsessive)! I even tried to send you a video of a Theridion mother tending her spiderlings (in the wild) but somehow the video didn’t make it through.
    If ever you’d like to see that tender scene, let me know how I can forward it…