1. John Morales says

    Shame there’s no transcript. TL/DW.

    (Sheesh, we’re in 2018 and automated speech recognition is supposed to be a thing!)

  2. rabbitbrush says

    Too bad you didn’t watch. It was well worth the hour and a half to hear smart and articulate people talk about complicated and thorny issues. But, you can still watch it, because it was recorded for the web. Same URL.

  3. John Morales says

    rabbitbrush, I do expect it was good, but it’s the time, not the timing that’s the issue. So, yes, too bad (or: shame).

    That’s about 20 minutes’ worth of reading for me, tops, whilst still being sufficiently attentive. I don’t care about people’s demeanour or gestures, I care about what they say.

    (Spoken speech is slow, and that player doesn’t enable speedup. And, were it to do so, still it would be slower than reading text for me. And, what about deaf people?)

    Hey, if you care to, you could adumbrate their talk for me.

  4. Owlmirror says

    What’s at the URL is an embedded video; the direct link to which is:

    Note that youtube-dl can download the whole thing, even at different resolutions. Since there doesn’t seem to be any significant visual information during the discussion (like maps, tables, charts, &c), you can probably convert the whole thing to just a sound file to load on your phone/MP3 player and not miss anything while listening to it.

  5. hemidactylus says

    Looking at Raff’s CV I notice she did undergrad and graduate work at Indiana University. Given the last name I am sensing a connection.

    Haven’t watched video yet. I listen to podcasts at 1.5-2 X. John raises a good point about accommodating the deaf, which given ADA is almost imperative. I have no significant hearing issues and I occasionally use subtitles, because it is often hard to decipher mumbling or unclear technical words. But sometimes subtitles or closed captioning on TV shows make a real mess of things. Given my listening to loud music it is possible I may have hearing loss down the road.

    I can skim a TED transcript much faster than watching the headset person prancing on stage before the smitten masses.