I’ve been possessed!

You’re not going to be able to trust that I’m the author of anything I post here. You see, last night I read this thing about how the alt-right was furious at Taylor Swift because she endorsed some Democrats — the fury of Andrew Anglin, that demented Nazi, was gratifying to see — and it included one of Swift’s videos. Now I’m rather ignorant of Swift. I’ve probably heard her songs before, but just as the usual pop music background noise, I’ve never made the association between who she is and what songs she sings, and this was the first time I’d actually paid attention to any of her music.

Uh-oh. I liked it. It’s catchy and energetic. It’s got a good message, too. I can see how the kids can get into her.

And then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, I decided to watch some TV before bed, and some alien force made me turn on The Great British Bake-Off. God help me, I watched two episodes before tearing myself away.

It was all the niceness. It was a shock to the system, and might just kill me. A couple of hours without rage? What will keep my heart beating?


  1. betterkevin says

    The original of that show was incredible. The presenters were known to swear and intentionally ruin footage when contestants were breaking down. They didn’t give the producers any ability to show people negatively.

  2. voidhawk says

    TGBB is basically weaponised niceness. Often you’ll see competitors, even in the later episodes helping one another to finish their creations in time, offering advice, and a shoulder to cry on.

    Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding also have a brilliantly weird chemistry.

  3. Roberto Alsina says

    If you liked British Bakeoff, please check The Big Family Cooking Showdown: same idea, same niceness, with families cooking homemade meals.

  4. ridana says

    If you liked that Taylor Swift song, you’ll probably enjoy acapella science’s parody of it, “Take Exams.” It’s one of the rare ones that isn’t a capella. Also, there’s a line “should’ve tried home schooling,” which is ironic, because he actually was for part of his K-12 education.

  5. procyon says

    Charlie Kirk, president of conservative group Turning Point USA, tweeted: “You just endorsed a Democrat in the Tennessee Senate race with a ridiculous statement saying Marsha Blackburn, a woman, is against women. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.”
    Apparently Swift has “ended her career” by making a statement endorsing an America that extends Constitutional rights to all Americans and then, horror of horrors, posting a Republican’s voting record to prove her point. “Ridiculous”

  6. magistramarla says

    I’ve been aware of Taylor Swift since she first became popular when I was teaching. The students were listening to her songs, which I dismissed as just another whiny little teen singer singing about break-ups.
    Apparently, she has matured fairly well in the ensuing years. Good for her if she persuades the young generation to GOTV!

  7. says

    I am English and live in the U.K. My wife is very fond of cooking programs, and I am quite happy to watch some of them, basically the happy, encouraging ones. (Marcus Waring taking over from Michel Roux Jr in Masterchef: Professionals, was a genius move!)

    Our Masterchef is very different from yours. Michel Roux Jr was a snob but he’s not a complete bastard. All I can say is that I am very sorry that you ended up with Gordon Ramsey. I can’t even be happy that we don’t have him anymore, because my wife will still watch his shit.

  8. frog says

    “Shake it Off” was the TSwift video that got me, too. She has a self-deprecating sense of humor!

    I still suspect she has a lot of privileged white lady blind spots, but I at least think she’s trying. I hope she keeps listening and learning and using her power for Good.

  9. Matrim says

    I like a few of Swift’s songs, but Shake It Off is definitively not one of them.

    Great British Bake Off is insanely good. Though, I haven’t seen any of it after Sue, Mel, and Mary left, so I’ve no idea if the new incarnation holds up.