1. devnll says

    Hope I haven’t told this story on here before; forgive me if I have.

    Years ago I was living in Sydney, and my parents came for a visit. They stayed up the road at a big tourist hotel on the beach. In their room was a brochure for the Sydney Aquarium, and flipping through it while I waited for them to get organized one morning, I noticed that it made a big deal out of their touch pools. Directly below a photo that looked almost exactly like the one above.

    The apocryphal wisdom is that everything in Australia is trying to kill you. Bet you didn’t know that that included the PR firm for major tourist attractions…

  2. says

    When I was a teenager one of my friends was duck diving off the beach and found a coke can, which he threw back onto the beach. Out crawled a very cross but very cute little blue ringed octopus.

  3. bonzaikitten says

    Once our cousins came out from the UK to visit us in Australia, and we went to the beach. Their little daughter came running up to us to show us the little (blue ringed, naturally) octopus in her hands that she had found. Happily, she was kept calm, and told to be gentle with it, and lower it into a rockpool where it climbed off her without biting.
    Later she picked up a coneshell, in spite of having been warned not to touch them.
    I imagine our cousins didn’t breathe easily until they were back in the UK!

  4. beardymcviking says

    Oh but sure, it’s not so bad as long as you’re on land and have somebody (something) else around to do all your breathing for you for a couple of hours…

    Yeah, I’m not keen on trying that either.