This is an ad for CNN?

I guess it’s supposed to be a sneaky critique of the “alternative facts” crowd, those Trump surrogates who appear on TV to twist the facts and lie — people like Kellyanne Conway and Jack Kingston and Jeffrey Lord and Kayleigh McEnany and Omarosa Manigault and Sarah Huckabee.

But now I’m confused. Who gave those folks plenty of airtime? CNN. Who loves to throw one of those clowns into a panel to watch the sparks fly? CNN. Who has their own collection of in-house apologists for the status quo, like Wolf Blitzer and John King? CNN. Who has a point of view that is barely distinguishable from that of Fox News? CNN.

Who promotes banana propagandists in their own programming? CNN.

I am not impressed. I’m not persuaded by someone announcing, “we state only the facts,” but would be more favorable towards someone who actually states the facts and criticizes the lies.


  1. rietpluim says

    Some services should not be commercial. Like health care, education, and news. Profits are a recipe for low standards.

  2. dhabecker says

    I check on CNN, BBC, and FOX with a smattering of MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and a few others like Politico. Being mostly retired has its privileges(?). I would not put CNN and FOX in the same boat. They all try to snag our time so as to run as many ads past our noses as possible. Sensational headlines, controversial guests, guessing games, (Guess who or what did an OUTRAGEOUS thing?) After all is sorted out, I find little value in Fox except as a window into the cesspool of humanity. The others have considerably more redemptive value if you’re willing to check the info.

  3. JoeBuddha says

    I’ve gone back to listening to NPR. They’ve stopped kissing Republican butt nearly as much, and they do have actual, you know, reporters asking real questions.

  4. says

    You might want to check out “On the Media” podcast, from WNYC. They really don’t kiss anyone’s ass, and I’ve never heard an episode that wasn’t thought-provoking and interesting.

  5. astro says

    no critique of CNN is complete without reference to their brain dead decision to hire corey lewandowki, who claimed to have “left” the trump campaign when he so obviously did not.

  6. DanDare says

    I watched Q and A on oz tv last night. They were discussing marriage equality. The thing I noticed was thst a constant barage of lies and non sequitors were being unanswered. That gives them equal apparent weight with the truth spoken there.
    Similarly several newspaper reports covered what one of our archbishops had to say on the subject. There was no alternate view. No cross examination. No refutations of lies. No expansion on cherry pick facts.