100 penises

As you might guess, this collection of photos is not safe for work, even though there is nothing particularly prurient about it. One hundred men stood in nearly identical poses, and were then photographed between waist and thighs, and there they are, a hundred weird-looking dinguses in an array.

What’s striking is how much variability there is. It looks to me like evolution has not been paying much attention to this feature: they all work well enough so the differences really don’t matter much. “Normal” is a word that covers a surprisingly wide range here.


  1. says

    I posted about this a while back, and what I noted was the interesting bit was the stories the men told, much more interesting than photos of penises. The author also did an earlier piece, much the same, about women and breasts.

  2. mikehuben says

    Maybe the variability is because there are so many different kinds of “environmental niches”.