Enough with this buggy hosting service

Freethoughtblogs is moving! We’re not getting much help with the bugginess from our current hosting service, so we’re packing up the ol’ collection of data and moving it to a new site. This’ll be mostly invisible and painless, but there might be a brief lockout tomorrow or the day after as the transition is made. The pattern of glitchy interruptions should end early this week.


  1. Tethys says

    It’s been cloudflare and errors all weekend. I hope the move goes smoothly and the issues get resolved. Login keeps hanging on the prove your humanity step, and dumping me into settings when it finally does work.

  2. says

    Fond memories of many years past when your server was in your lab, before all this collective blogging stuff.

  3. says

    Not so fond memories of when traffic hit a thousand visits per hour and the whole server flailed and howled in the lab. It was just a little Mac running Apache!

  4. Pierce R. Butler says

    Once you get rid of the “buggy hosting service”, what will you do with the “horse and”?

    And howcum Cloudflare never had a functional copy to serve up?