1. davidnangle says

    Not falling for it. This is leaked CG from Avatar 2. And that name? Feather Star? Avatar 2 is being made for little girls.

  2. bondjamesbond says

    semi related: Dr Myers,
    Someone is picking on your slimy invertebrates:
    Darwinism in Question with Discovery: Octopi Edit Their Own Genes
    By Eric Metaxas | May 8, 2017
    Excerpt: Darwinists have tried to spin this feat as “a special kind of evolution.” But the folks at Evolution News cut through this nonsense and identify RNA editing for what it is: “non-evolution.”
    “Neo-Darwinism did not make cephalopods what they are,” they write. “These highly intelligent and well-adapted animals edited their own genomes, so what possible need do they have for … blind, random, unguided” evolution?
    This is also an emerging field of research, which means it’s possible, in theory, that other organisms make extensive use of RNA editing, and we’re just not aware of it, yet.
    If, as one popular science website puts it, other creatures can “defy” the “central dogma” of genetics, the implications for Darwin’s “tree of life,” and his entire theory, are dire.
    But if cephalopods and the complex information processing that makes them so unique are in fact the result of a Programmer—of a Designer—the waters of biology become far less inky.
    – Eric Metaxas

  3. davidnangle says

    bondjamesbond, running into the word, “Darwinists” in that quote makes me back up and doubt every single word in it, not excepting “the” or “at.”