Who will lead the revolution?

Look at the numbers. It will be middle-aged women.


I, for one, will happily pass the ammunition to the true heroes.


  1. says

    So the Attack Of The Angry MILF’s-nightmare I had was true? I think I’ll just neuter myself now, that way I’ll get anesthetics and a clean knife instead of angry teeth.

    Nah, I think a revolution lead by women would be a good thing. They’ve earned the right to shake things up a bit.

  2. says

    Unfortunately we’re more likely looking at a palace coup direct to a dictatorship. The people won’t get their say at all.

    I was reading something from the 60s about the advance of democracy worldwide and that got me thinking: if you colored in all the dictatorships, oligarchies, and mock-democracies — most of the world ought to be ripe for revolution. It seems that the leaders of the mock democracies have realized that you can flummox people with a bunch of stuff about votes and rights and they won’t figure it out and get pissed off about it until it’s too late. Looks like Turkey’s flipped using Putin’s Russia method. Who’s next?

  3. rpjohnston says

    I hope it isn’t middle-aged white women. They went, what, 53% for Trump? (and that’s factoring in the YOUNG white women).

  4. Dark Jaguar says

    That last sentence is a little problematic. You intend to stay home for the revolution?

  5. manhattanmc says

    {“Kroner cleared his throat. “I said, ‘who’s their leader, Paul?’ ”
    “I am,” said Paul. “And I wish to God I were a better one.”}

    Player Piano Kurt vonnegut

  6. says

    The day after the Inauguration, I concluded that women would be the ones that won the day and restored balance in our government. It is well-established that women are every bit as intelligent as men, just as good at problem-solving and conceptualizing, etc. There have been women pioneers who broke their chains and have served as examples for those who are now mobilizing. They have my support and encouragement, but I think they will do fine without it.

  7. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    trivial reminder: Women played a significant military role in the Colonial Revolution. The very first skirmish pre-revolution in Massachusetts which captured the first RedCoat general was a colonial woman. [look up Pepperell, Ma] I was shocked when I first heard of it last year. never from high school american history. Around here women only beame hstoric during the Suffragette Movement, after the token females of Betsy Ross and Florence Nightingale.
    thanks for reading my token trivia.

  8. numerobis says

    In your link I saw a bunch of numbers, and plenty of hints it wasn’t a representative sample. Essentially all of them voted, the vast majority were women.