1. jrkrideau says

    It occurs to me if I was a nation who wanted to weaken the USA for commercial or political reasons, I’d not be funding Donald Trump*. I’d be pouring money into Answers in Genesis and the Discovery Institute and probably funding other crazies like the US anti-vaxers though this is a dicier proposition. Plagues don’t respect borders all that well.

    And come to thing of it, if I was going to do something as stupid as support any US politicians, I’d get a lot better bang for the buck supporting Republican candidates for governor in many states.

    * I should note that I consider all the hysteria about Russian support of Trump for president to be a crock of whatever.

  2. madtom1999 says

    Why has the ark got a prow designed to sink other ships? Were there other arks of other religions sailing around during the flood and they had to sink them all to the chosen fuckwits?

  3. weylguy says

    In recent years I’ve noted a trend in the media (even those from supposedly scientific circles) that pose questions such as “Scientists tell us that 2 + 2 = 4. But is that really true?” I suspect this is being done simply because it’s provocative and intended to sell more dumb stuff to the public, but it’s far more likely that it’s a harbinger of how stupid and ignorant the American people have become.

    Children ask how the Noachian ark could have held and supported hundreds of pairs of gigantic dinosaurs. They’re told that God made them really small, then put them to sleep so that they wouldn’t be tempted to eat the ark’s other animals. It’s not merely sad that children are being told such lies, but that the adults in charge actually believe this insane shit.

    The FFRF video neglects to say that the AIG ark was built at a cost exceeding $175 million, much of it provided by the state of Kentucky in the form of new or improved public access infrastructure. That’s a lot of money coming from a traditionally poor Red State whose economy is dependent on moonshining, opiate/methamphetamine consumption, cigarettes and Mountain Dew.

  4. ashley says

    Though this might not be quite as bad as it sounds. Unlike Ham, I don’t think Trump’s denialism is hardline religiously motivated (Ham’s objections are not Bible based either because Ham does not just stick to the Bible he invents his so-called ‘biblical worldview’ and makes up his own ‘facts’ based upon it).

  5. quotetheunquote says

    Okay, this may be a bit of a digression, but what the hell is it with AIG and dinosaurs? Why are they so keen to get them on to the Noachian ark in the first place?

    I thought these YEC people welcomed the flood (as an idea) because it was their “explanation” for the sudden extinction of dinosaurs (+ trilobites, unicorns, etc.)

  6. DonDueed says

    The even bigger question is, how did they get it up to ramming speed with only half a dozen or so rowers? Did the dinosaurs get out and push?

  7. ashley says

    AiG say that although many dinosaurs allegedly perished in a worldwide flood just 4,500 years ago, they ultimately somehow went extinct more recently (after those on the ark spread across the planet again). Ken Ham cannot explain why how and precisely when dinosaurs went extinct. He however refuses to accept that the cause could have been an asteroid or comet impact around 66 million years ago.

  8. frankb says

    The front structure looks less like a ram and more like a bulbous bow which is meant to reduce brag on large ships that cruise near maximum speed. Both are useless on a ark.

  9. Dave, ex-Kwisatz Haderach says

    Please note, a truly astounding feat. As of 6:36pm MST, Mar 28, 2017, there exists a youtube comment section that is not a cesspool of ignorance, bile and hatred.

  10. evodevo says

    @ #6 – it’s a marketing ploy – same thing they use with the Creation Museum. Dinos are always ever extremely popular with kids, so you lure them in with promises of dinos everywhere. Just good bidness ! (which is all this fundie stuff ever is – money from the marks)

  11. says

    Is the rustic double door with the cross actually a part of the Ark? I thought that the crucifixion supposedly took place some millennia after the Ark…

  12. David Marjanović says

    I thought these YEC people welcomed the flood (as an idea) because it was their “explanation” for the sudden extinction of dinosaurs (+ trilobites, unicorns, etc.)

    Not these YEC people! This particular sect holds that everything that died out was hunted to extinction after the flood or is actually still alive in some remote jungle or whatever. If the Bible says that Noah took a pair* of every “kind” of animals on the Ark, then that means every.

    That’s right, there are schisms within YEC.

    * Both one pair of every kind, and one pair of every unclean kind and seven pairs of every clean kind, at the same time. I don’t have time to look up the exact quotes right now.