I wish to complain

I have a sore throat. And a hacking cough. And sinuses full of phlegm. That combo means every night is a struggle to get any sleep, and tonight I’m staggering out of bed at 2am.

What it also means is that every day I’m in a foul, snarling mood, ready to punch Nazis in the face, but also so debilitated that there’s no way I could adequately carry out said punching. This is an injustice.


  1. cartomancer says

    Tch, punching is all about application of pressure and the mechanics of moving bodies. It’s for physicists. You’re a biologist, and you now have access to a renewable supply of unpleasant bodily secretions. Time for some biological warfare – cover the Nazis in phlegm.

  2. dali70 says

    Being ready to punch a Nazi in the face isn’t a sign that you’re in a foul mood. It’s a sign that you’re a decent human being. :)

  3. HidariMak says

    You might want to leave the TV off tonight then. Resident Drumpf will be giving an hour long televised address. (Unless you’re itching for a new TV, that is.)

  4. petesh says

    Look, I didn’t tell you you could take my cough, so technically you stole it, but that’s all right, I don’t need it back.

  5. wzrd1 says

    Sounds like that miserable bug I came down with last month. The sinus pressure made for miserable sleeping!
    Get well soon!!