I have concluded that I am a natural BOOB MAGNET

No other conclusion is possible. I got this weird self-promotional message from a guy named jeffreydavidmorris, and I replied to let him know his approach was a bit off-putting.

That was it! I swear! Then he sent me an angry comment and I blocked him. But you know what comes next: the ragegasm. He has now sent me 30 or 40 emails — I lost track because I just selected the whole batch and hit delete before setting a gmail filter. Most of them were short ranty religious things, but a few were humongous. I’ll include one example below the fold.

In My Own Word’s though they are NOT solely my word’s alone but THOSE before me;

No one loves YOU more than Jesus! Luke 9:24. Homeless 5 plus yr’s; Google me: jeffreydavidmorris, http://www.jeffreydavidmorris.com

SEE how USA is in jerUSAlem.

In My Own Word’s though they are NOT solely my word’s alone but THOSE before me;

Some whom claim to be Christian ie: I’ve heard it said online per churches that claim to help homeless, misc – “Some help, most don’t”; more over – have at least, in some respects, in denial, etc – they are, if even a majority of this species (claimed to be in HIM), have and ill still do make a mockery of HIM (God/JC), His Word (Basic instruction’s Before Leaving Earth), and got HIM pegged all wrong, you human’s . . . you just don’t get it, though you all deem you can ‘handle the truth’. Huh, oh, what can be said / shared enough, not that you human’s even after 20 centuries are / would have the capacity, furthermore, no capacity to do what needs to be done, nor the capacity to know what you do ie: “They know not what they do” – JC < multiple level's and layer's.

In My Own Words;

“GIVE ME JEHOVAH, JC, HS or GIVE ME ETERNAL DEATH” – (though ‘Death itself is not traumatic, rather what dies inside of you/us all, while we remain with breath’).

You human species, are not gonna like hearing what I speak, but I don’t care; I’m ‘touched’ by Him and only care about Him & Him alone! God’s Word alive? Huh, look around, yeah, we’re all amidst it!

Any of you human’s (think?) this, that is just in my head? Huh, yeah, if only. Or what? I, etc are a / the – threat? Yeah, that’s a hoot!

God / JC / HS speaking thereof in more way’s unto us all, question is, who ENOUGH is listening, really, or does (?) just write off as (?), whatever?

Huh, yeah, it’s gonna be whatever, misc on THAT day – yet to come . . . sigh, so sad, how could / can a living species do that / this unto itself?

How many ‘Jack Ryans’ (Patriot Games / Clear and Present Danger) will it take? How about Billy’s – (Young Guns), Kyle Reese’s? Huh, TAKE YOUR PICK.

Thinking about: 300 / Spartans, fighting for Greece, glory, misc? Try Jehovah! What? twice, three times, etc size of army of that of Lord of the Ring’s?

Think about past war’s that have been fought – TO deem Jehovah worthy of surrendering everything to, to GET, understand, misc say, anything of which I speaketh (here) on this webpage or (that) on another webpage (here) on my website: (Additional ‘Personal Spiritual Theology’).

You wanna see God’s Word come alive? Huh, LOOK around, cause you (human’s) walk it like a script, despite etc else I wish to not dare speaketh (if I could) of that, not only amidst my 4 decade’s plus, but that as well of learning of (our) human history of over 70 centuries.

Huh . . . just no word’s enough can truly (?) what this species HAS done and STILL ill does. sigh.

We, this ‘created’ breath mist energy species . . . are / is a thought, an idea, and dare I deem / speaketh, misc a flawed, failed and / or misc idea at that!

Huh, over 70 centuries, and still, this species, like nothing – ‘AS SHOULD HAVE BEEN’. Sigh . . . just nothing fazes you human’s, this species enough, just nothing.

Now I know (loosely said) I may be hated against, misc for what I casually share per my own self, faith based conviction from whom I (etc) have come from, I cannot deny, nor will I, that which is true from HS has laid upon my Being, aside from potential, possible few other’s amidst us all (currently / presently), however ‘few or vast – few’ that may be unknown and / or unbenouce unto myself. I’m NOT gonna deny Jesus/God & all of Heaven!!

Inside, thereof, be it music song’s, film’s, misc – be it line’s said, emotion’s expressed, word’s of instruction, need for a coming back unto Him, misc, thereof as perhaps they speaking wouldn’t even acknowledge or deem it could very well be the whispering of God – Himself, unto us all.

Lucifer’s sole 1 laughing it up at us!

Huh, ironic. Here’s one that momentarily come to my mind among many I could think of: White Lion’s (Children) song, or how about Phil Collins (Land of Confusion).

I mean, huh, take your pick, music, film, misc else source’s. < God can use ANYTHING! Sigh, you human's, this whole species . . .

It is WE, as a Whole species that are the pain in Jehovah’s butt & JC knew all too well, hence, back story of why He – (JC) really – came down (here). Huh, you human’s just don’t get it. Huh, sigh.

No word’s enough can depict what this species has done & still does = huh, I say – let Jehovah blast us all = His Holiness is solely all that is important, ever, now and eternally forever, period! Jehovah FOREVER!

Call it God and His mysterious way’s say, to try and reach us through, misc that which we human’s seem to busy body / bother ourselves amidst, misc.

Question is, are we – enough as a Whole species, not just (x) number of individual’s truly listening? We (species) forced Jehovah’s hand to put Lucifer on temporary parole. Like Daniel (Lion’s den) I will not fret, misc ANY human, hence, only my flesh can be killed.

And if that wasn’t enough, We ill, etc still give that beast an audience it no deserves! He does not shout, misc. He whispers.

It is us, whom need per Him, to train ourselves to be as He desires, not vice versa, thus, therein, hear just what He may have to say at any given time or want to share, misc. Understand?

Unto what? That human’s of this species per behavior, character, what have you, have become like that exhibited, coming off like, as them, on the other side of the glass from Will Smith in I am Legend;

Ya know and see that, how their so = what we might call: losing it. Clean House amidst this species, I dare NOT speaketh. No one have Will / incentive? huh, fine, then don’t expect Jehovah/JC/Heaven to, ever!!

Even a visual scene of ‘down’ in “The Mummy 2”, when good and bad guy’s are hanging onto the edge, and those below trying to and even alittle tugging them down, though the good guy’s girl helps him out, where the bad guy’s girl, freaks and runs away, leaving the bad guy to deem, ‘screw it’ and just accepts it by and with letting go of the edge and falls backward, down deep, we hopefully, we should hope to never want to go IF you are really wanting to hear JC’s word’s, etc misc and such. sigh.

And to further think, huh, that they like my point above, come off like that unto God, misc, as they did 20 centuries ago and further beyond; even like that when (x) amount hear on judgment day of their fate per their own Heaven (Earth) life record.

All God ever wanted to do was just create something, but, that wasn’t enough. I mean, huh, what do I know, right?

I’m just another guy, a working man – just like they were 20 centuries ago, daily going out to the local water’s thereof, casting their net’s (re: fish).

And over 70 centuries of our human history time line – current / present, how much really is this species truly listing unto Him? Nothing as we know it, ever had to be like this, ever. Sigh.

Just nothing fazes this species while Lucifer ill laughs it up. And though like – another: “I wish I didn’t know about any of this”, I am not a ‘Peter’, nor a ‘Judas’.

BUT One whom, like any fellow breath mist energy human brother, son of Adam / Eve, amidst my life upon this planet (ie: God just wanted to ‘create’ something, but I guess that was never enough).

God gave this species His Word as a mere, kind, misc privilege and courtesy (=)

B – asic

I – nstructions

B – efore

L – eaving

E – arth.

THAT (^ above) which / whom (amidst of this species throughout own human history – current / present to date) makes a mockery of, as well as having the audacity and nerve to think, misc to utter and / or speaketh His Holy name! Nothing sacred anymore.

And look at just how this species has exhibited their (gratitude or misc) of it with over 70 centuries of human history to look upon and review? Sigh.

I cannot say enough (here), but say, when H.S. ‘touches’ a human with (something) of above, whom they don’t have to and ie: (?) reading between the line’s thereof – God’s Word, sigh, WOW!

Like some sense of awakening though self sensing need or even more so of self inner humility, not judging, misc of Jesus’s word’s from 20 centuries ago.

To think He shouldn’t have ‘had’ to come down here, that huh, yeah, there’s a back story of just why He did come down here, and no – it does not have to be documented anywhere; look at just how this species has treated, misc God’s Word.

We are sole breath mist energy God no even have to exhale & We – out quicker than a candle!

A thought: He wouldn’t even have to exhale, and we’d all – as a Whole would go out quicker than a candle. And huh, Jesus knew that.

Jesus knew he was gonna have to, on behalf of Father, stand up, and voluntarily mediate between Father and us – this species, hence, cool and appease, misc Father’s possible incomprehensible (to us) ballistic (?).

What would seem to be clueless or misc of this species, though I’ll try and share what I think and believe HS has laid upon my Being: A pact agreement, between Father and Son (call it, Heaven’s business).

Now of course you human’s could say, “Where is this documented, misc”. Huh, God gave His Word as a privilege and courtesy, and just look at (past and current / present) what this species has done unto and with His Word (s) and that of verbal usage of His Holy name?

Look at the so-called ‘meeting places’, you human’s call a CHURCH, some on every street corner, and for what? 501, 503, 504, “IRS”, misc tax exempt status? Even the so-called local, etc non profit’s that claim to (???) per their mission statement’s (= mirages and facade’s), but (?) ain’t fooling Him (God/JC/HS) whom sees all!

Huh. You human’s. As I’ve shared, JC knew all too well what was at stake and / or per JC’s perfect relationship with Father, knew He was gonna have to do something, deem it, making the right Holy call.

Voluntarily choosing to represent Father – on our behalf, though this pact agreement was and is more about JC having Father’s back than our’s.

Here’s some example that I can think of: when I do my vocational work, to me, it is not all about the earned money, but the quality of work done that I do; secondly, JC is my boss, a client is just a beneficiary of the work done, though I do not remit my work service’s unto hoarder’s.

Huh, if one is such, though can / does not exhibit self respect, misc to maintain like normal, misc – than I ain’t got the time to ‘put out’ that which I can do, only for what I do not to be kept up and maintained, understand?

Which huh, trust me, if we think we know anything, sigh, we know nothing per / via exhibition of this species handling and usage there of – this planet, each other and ourselves.

Just no valid, misc word’s can express, misc: “They know not what they do” – many level’s, many layer’s.

And oh, He has spoken, always, say as a whisper amidst, misc any number of source’s; say, if we human’s busy body / bother ourselves attention span per all that we do, ie: music, film, misc / etc and we claim He no / has not done, misc nothing, huh, wow.

Because (some) I think, have per Him, ‘picked up on’ say little tidbit’s, be it a “line”, a word, a lyric, visual scene, people watching exhibition thereof, whatever.

Sure I can say, sigh, I was never like (this), hence, perhaps I lost my innocence long time ago, as if per any number of example’s, sensing truth all too well but knowing thereof, I must remain humble and reliant of HS ‘s discipline and correction of me, though any guidance from HS is a privilege and courtesy I choose per my acknowledged free will usage (=) gratitude or misc.

And to try and take one day at a time, moment to moment, as tomorrow is not promised unto no one, though like our fellow brother and sister’s – son’s and daughter’s of Adam / Eve 20 centuries ago, whom if even similarly, coming unto a sense of awareness, misc exhibited what they have 20 centuries ago,

Regardless of the circumstance’s and / or consequence’s, even death of Oneself, being per JC’s crew, stoning of Saint Stephen, the 1st king of Hungary, even the beheading of our brother Saint John (onto a silver round platter), sigh.

It is not death that should be feared, nor these human Lucifer court jester’s in human power, whom wouldn’t know power if it stared them in the face – and I wouldn’t, no doubt be surprised if invisible power from Heaven has stared them straight in the face, but they would never know it. Sigh.

This species has so gotten away from Him, even re: Tower of Babel – Nimrod with 2 or so fellow men standing near him watching quietly: (Nimrod) take his bow and shoot arrows into the sky, deeming to (ugh!) – wage war against the inhabitants of the heavens, hence, Nimrod is the prototype of a rebellious people, his name being interpreted as “he who made all the people rebellious against God”. Huh, sigh, UNBELIEVABLE.

Here’s something for this species – it is we that per our free will usage, that forced God’s hand to place / put Lucifer on (temporary) parole (until the 1st of 2 – yet to come judgment day’s).

And if that wasn’t enough, this species has given, exhibited itself as a audience, mere entertainment for Lucifer, per this species free will usage.

You human’s talk about how you can handle the truth; huh, no you can’t, none of us can, and with H.S. knowing our individual limit’s, and (?) misc though it is their choosing with whom to ‘touch’ with something of above, know not too revealing, hence, limited, ie: God allowing John to see alittle something of Heaven (Book of Rev), but clearly John was more acceptable to God than any of us could ever be in over 20 centuries.

And know this – there is no automatic entry into Heaven; THAT is reserved for the utmost holy (per God’s choosing).

Leaving what then? That what I call, and sense from Book of Rev – God’s temporary ‘sleep program’ until judgment day.

An automatic embedded, built in process unto that which we are breath mist energy, like a light switch, the human flesh expires, then per God’s decision and that of the (just former then) human, either temporary awaiting placement of that amidst hell or alittle nicer: God’s temporary ‘sleep program’ until judgment day.

Here’s another note: 2 (Earth life) test period’s, 2 judgment day’s, and 2 Lucifer sentencing disposition’s, and then and only then, those few – however ‘few or vast – few’ that may be unknown and / or unbenouce unto myself, will reap and know the true benefit, misc of that of eternal life living with Him.

Huh, God never wanted it or anything like this – what we’ve know and seen. This has been and (no word’s) enough, is – our doing, this species as a Whole, not just individual’s.

In the word’s of another Brother: “God didn’t do this, we did this”. Sigh. And no matter what onward, is the (no word’s) enough, ill continuation of i.f.w. and b.f.w = ill and brazen usage of free will itself.

And THAT, huh, that, is what to say the least has say, forced God’s hand to allow perhaps and / or whatever per His reasoning, not ours.

Do not lime light me, hence, it is not about me, but Him whom only wanted to ‘create’ something, and this species whom has exhibited agelessly to be One of the worst behaved species of them all – out there, amidst / amongst all the vast, multiple, unknown and incomprehensible (to us) – universe’s and galaxies.

Reincarnation. Huh, really? This species thinks God would be that (no word’s) enough. “We get to come back again and again, and after taking Mars, then we’re gonna after Saturn, and then, and then, and then”.

ENOUGH! Huh, WOW! Just (no word’s) enough, for this species. Ya just don’t get it, do ya? Seriously?

And nor exists this crap with dimension’s, misc. I mean, huh, ya just make this crap up as human’s go along? His agenda, because of us, is a one shot deal;

One gets it right and acceptable unto Him, or . . . amidst the eternal prison which was designed and created solely for that beast Lucifer and those angel’s – whom (then) chose to follow.

But no, this species changed all that. Sigh. And trust me, if you think those oil painting’s, misc of the end time’s, misc sum up – yet to come? No, they don’t even begin to scratch the surface.

All these human’s, known and unknown (to the public), anywhere on this planet, be it underground, behind closed door’s, secret installation (s), wherever and whatever their doing, and/or think their accomplishing, misc (=) everyone has a Heaven (Earth) life record (as there is a

Heaven record’s room / dept; ya don’t think feather’s are just moving across the page (s) like in Harry Potter do ya?

1 legion of Angel’s is 10,000 for example, so huh, what you think their doing? I deem they, per some head Angel are amidst task’s, duties, what have you, but incomprehensible to us.

And if this regular civilian public thinks they know what’s going on anywhere, misc; yeah, think again, worry, misc not!

God and all of Heaven sees everything, as everyone – individually have a Angel Heaven (Earth) life record recorder (ie: court recorder).

And on that day – 1st and 2nd last final judgment day (s), that of One’s Heaven (Earth) life record will be revealed thereof;

Though I emphasize just how One uses that of – their free will, because how it is used, will be documented along with misc other human Earth life stuff of One’s Heaven (Earth) life record.

But see, here’s the thing, sigh, there should have never had to be any judgment day, Heaven record’s room, ‘The Flood’, JC having to come down here, even the destruction thereof Sodom and Gomorrah (noting foul behavior then too), but also that woman whom was clearly told – not to look back, and she did.

She deserved (=) unto dust, though those over 3,000 on 911 did not deserve that polarization unto dust (regardless of dust being what we each are – human body wise), going to return unto, more than we care to admit / acknowledge, period!

And re: 9-1-1, that which to produce that effect, huh, I sense no one has that or those item’s (=) that effect but those in (power?) amidst this country (USA).

I mean, look at just how nothing is done, nothing is taken serious enough, as if what? OVER 3,000 innocence breath mist energy human lives – (?) unto a dust – nothing;

Despite our own human history of (?) . . . 1 Father, 1 idea and much creation of beauty only to post – since exhibit THAT of over 70 centuries, and STILL, nothing fazes this species (= one of the worst, behaved, on them all – out there, amidst all the universe’s and galaxies).

HUH! WOW! WHEW! (???), that we should be (despite anything I say, misc is a understatement) – kiss the ground JEHOVAH created, walked on (20 centuries ago) . . . huh, to what?

Kyle Reese: “A war. (x) time from now, all this . . . this whole place (Earth), everything, it’s just gone”.

Oh, Father can exhibit (?) unto us breath mist energy human’s in more way’s, faucet’s, misc than you human’s realize, say – in and amidst THAT which any human’s (especially to date involve themselves in ie: music, circumstance’s, cinema, what have you, but huh, just nothing fazes you human’s, NOTHING!

Sigh . . . you limit HE whom you have ill continued to have exhibitedly gone astray from ie: FW usage (either ifw or pfw = ill free will usage or proper free will usage), but hey, each breath mist energy human has a Heaven (Earth) life record = will One’s record ‘convict’ (unto L of F’) or permit allowance by JC unto Him and that of Heaven?

That it’s just common place to have any number of human’s jumping out of tall building’s, misc; what in fact they – those individual’s, all they know was that they each were just going to work, another day at the office, but unbenouced to them, in a matter of hour’s, misc – so called reality like they’ve never known would hit them;

Example: (ie: take your right hand, with your head face to your left and with moving you right hand toward your face – unbenouced to your head BUT turn your head toward your right hand = bam, your right hand hits ya smack on your face);

That is a reality check or misc of and unto those whom all they knew was that they were going to work that day, just another day at the office, meeting’s on their mind, misc.

Clueless, that soon, some very well will decide per their free will usage, to jump out a window than stay within the building as it goes down, thus, be polarized unto dust. And like with anything, rolling over, misc issue’s, misc, what?

Like THAT day is just some other local traffic accident, thus, everyone moving on – as some cop would say, ‘nothing to see here, move along’. Huh, unbelievable. Just (no word’s) enough regarding this species – as a Whole.

But hey, it is a bigger picture, stand back, allow God/JC/HS – if they so choose, and see that of this species over say, 2 centuries, 20, over 70.

I mean, huh, to have it said of a (president?), to be the worst (President?) in 2 centuries, to say the least? HUH, WOW! And nothing fazes you human’s, NOTHING! Ugh!

These wanna – be power fool’s wouldn’t know power if it starred them in the face, and thinking of HIM) I wouldn’t be surprised if it / HIM – hasn’t. But hey, He’s patience, misc but only temporary. Trust me.

Oh my fellow human’s still alive in the body currently / presently, I so wish you’d awaken, misc. Because so called ‘voting’ our way out of (?), no.

That which has been done before along our human history time line, though I dare not speaketh, would, what?

Leave the visual exhibited landscape thereof – anywhere of that of Kyle Reese (then)? So much. And again, I can’t heed enough of His word’s: “They know not what they do” – many level’s, many layer’s.

And for another thing – the (no word’s) enough ill continuation of ‘The Root of all Evil’ usage of money, for which it was created, misc and is solely allowed to be used as a tool for good, accomplish a many of thing’s; but the ageless human abuse, waste, of it.

Pick any situation (politics, celebrities buying home’s, One percenter’s, any human amidst daily life,meanwhile any – of His word’s, whether from ‘His Word’, human talk about budgeting, need for making smart spending decision’s, what have you. Sigh.

Capitalism, as been like with anything taken out of context and / or misc. Just . . . (no word’s) enough, in the word’s of another Brother: “God didn’t do this, WE did THIS” ie: over 70 centuries!

Sigh. Even as I’ve heard too clear, one or another in Power for example, say “This place is a mess”, ie: Congress or misc.

And I think huh, “And how has so and so not contributed to such”? Whew! Sigh, unbelievable.

Just (no word’s) enough, could ever depict or otherwise what this species – as a Whole has done despite (again nothing) all God ever wanted to do was just ‘create’ something.

But no, that wasn’t ever enough, was it. Unto what end, yet to come, say like that of Book of Rev, visual surrounding landscape of that per Kyle Reese (then), for at that (time – as time, unbenouce to this species, does not exist, like you human’s think);

When God will declare unto His Son, solely first (not documented in His Word for us to find like some Easter hunt, misc; ugh), that He has seen enough and that it is time, for which then JC will announce unto the related Angel’s thereof amidst heaven: “Sound the horn, round up the horse’s and misc;

It’s time to bring the 1st of 2 Earth life test period’s unto a close and end, thus, just prior unto the 1st of 2 judgment day’s as well as Lucifer’s 1st of 2 sentencing disposition’s, ie: first the pit, then the L of F.

For which may I note, that L of F was designed and created solely for that beast alone; but huh, no this species changed all that along ago, despite (time – as time, unbenouce to this species, does not exist, like you human’s think).

And as previously noted above, it is we that per our free will usage, that forced God’s hand to place / put Lucifer on (temporary) parole (until the 1st of 2 – yet to come judgment day’s).

And if that wasn’t enough, this species has given, exhibited itself as a audience, mere entertainment for Lucifer, per this species free will usage.

Here’s another thing – that which this species, so calls – practicing, be it annual holiday’s, misc; huh, just doesn’t seem to faze you human’s – those whom of are past, standing, misc around, making decision’s, setting thing’s in motion, and misc like piece’s on a chess / checkers board, and deeming: “The later generation’s will know not anything, they’ll just take whatever we do now (past tense) – as normal”.

In a sense, they then, as JC said: “They know not what they do” – many level’s, many layer’s. But hey, we human’s (currently / presently) ‘just take’ – whatever as the norm, go on like ‘whatever’, covering our own butts, ie: ‘The Root of all Evil’, as noted above.

And there’s talk as always, whether politically, or misc otherwise, thing’s just going on as they do and have been for so long, and just nothing, from anyone enough as any clue; huh, really.

Dare I speak it, but what, that our own military would have to go Rouge, misc unto those whom they seemed to have taken order’s from for so long?

But here’s 1 summed up assumption of what some may deem needs to happen: Holy, Judicial, MIB, Regulatory, whoop butt, Retributory, Revolution, ie: STEP UP = BALLS, BACKBONE & SPINE!

Otherwise (?), this Whole species is WEAK!??? Not JC’s crew 20 centuries ago! They took Him serious!

Just because, even in part, Book of Rev, reads the way it does (and you human’s walk it – like a script) hence, doing so, making FREE WILL a joke, misc, though ie: Book of Rev – does not mean that – that is HOW it has to go down.

Why then, because as anyone can notion, it is this species, not God, that, sigh . . . banged everything up, thus, changing just how say, life would be on this planet, for this species.

Because you human’s have and still make it so, ie: forcing God’s hand, ie: JC: “They know not what they do” = multiple, vast, misc / etc level’s and layer’s thereof and amidst, but hey, sigh, nothing fazes you human’s.

Unlike war’s that have been fought, perhaps because of human fool’s causing them to be so – as they’ve been exhibited; but say, take the war – regardless, of Kyle Reese.

Fighting a war because like known humans, but for Kyle, etc having to fight against that (machines starting with a software program gone quickly out of control) being something aside from those involved with the project, but One man, though all not fully knowing – prior what they’ve created, nor what any post outcome will occur.

Even something, though different for everybody, but something amidst this, I heard from another: For some of us regular civilian folk’s, we use to think thing’s use to be simple.

Any of us individually regarding whatever of our day to day lives – we knew what we had to do. It is not – simple anymore, though that being an understatement.

A lot of people have died and still continue to suffer because of (you fill in the blank’s).

How many didn’t and don’t have to, if human’s would stand up against human Lucifer court jester’s amidst us per long ago, read between the line’s and get a clue from God Himself;

Because really, nothing of bad, misc and such of our human history time line never had to be like this, but hey, again: “God didn’t do this, we did this”.

There is no coming back (reincarnation, misc). You get right OR > “Book of Revelation”.

Here’s another thing: The Earth (itself) is not going to be destroyed, but like that of a maid whom diligently strips a bed of it’s dirty, misc sheet’s, so as to apply and lay down newly clean sheet’s.

My point – JC will be judgment day mediator. Question: where’s God gonna be? Huh, God created, and God alone will and must – Himself anew.

Question: how may God anew the Earth without destroying it, to anew it, thus, for the new above to descend? 3 element’s: fire, wind and water.

Fire and wind clearly with alittle water. But definitely water to finally rinse. To where when this Earth becomes then say like that of a brand new toy marble, clean, shiny, misc (=) the old has passed away.

There after (our) judgment day, the Earth – will be renewed, better than (6 day’s). So then like that of a maid, old dirty sheet’s gone, new clean sheet laid, thus, moving on.

For which then the new Earth, misc (per God’s Word) thereof can descend, for the 2nd and final Earth life test period (=) JC’s 100 centuries / 1,000 year reign, Lucifer will be in his 1st of 2 sentencing disposition’s – ‘the pit’.

There’s more amidst God’s Word than you human’s care to even know, misc ie: all that you deem of JC, how much more so do you think or can deem HS is?

What is wrong with you human’s, even after so many age’s of this species carrying on as you have, the death, pain, vast much, ugh. It’s so sad.

No word’s enough can be said, thus, again, “They know not what they do” – many level’s, many layer’s.

And for this species, at any time ever amidst our human history, to deem, misc otherwise that God, misc hasn’t been ‘on His game’, as I heard one deem on some night time radio show, I was left with my mouth dropped open in minimal disbelief with that what I just heard one say over the air waves – unto how many listening?

That is holy futile and dangerous, ie: like crossing a Holy line drawn that is deemed not to be crossed;

But like Lucifer ‘way back’, standing there before all of Heaven ‘fronting’ the Father, and say, Angel’s standing there with their mouth’s dropped open in disbelief.

Sure, any of us human’s wish, even minimally maybe this was just some bad movie, dream, nightmare, so surreal, it’s just in our own head – huh, the heck it is.

Despite one may regardlessly ask, sigh: “What is real? How do you define real”? And so called, law enforcement, and perhaps related ‘shields’ – ie: today’s (Roman Soldier’s), although they no pack sword’s anymore as they did; that which they pack are quicker with their usage thereof.

How can anyone not ponder that this species hasn’t exhibited usage of everything, whether it be the root of all evil – money, or say – the internet / web, take your pick;

But unto that of mere ‘toilet paper’. Really. This planet, each other, one’s self, to what? Being One of the worst behaved species of them all – out there, amidst / amongst all the vast, multiple, unknown and incomprehensible (to us) – universe’s and galaxies.

Yeah, they 20 centuries ago thought they could handle the truth tool; what took the incarnated human truth, nailed it unto 2 piece’s of wood, and stood there and watched it bled out it’s / His 6 liter’s or so of blood, thus, deeming thereafter . . . ugh.

You human’s. Still think you can handle the truth huh. Jack Nicholson was more right than he’ll ever know.

See, just what I’m saying, you human’s limit HS, and then, that and the other.

Huh, as One I heard ask once: “Will this species ever be right or misc, though not as it always was suppose to be?”

Sigh, I don’t know, only God knows. But it is each individual’s self responsibility to be self aware of their own free will usage at any given moment.

Which means, they must not be swayed or misc by anything that God/JC/HS wouldn’t deem as right. How to know?

Huh, hello, He has kept the door, loosely said open for so long. But, that door will not forever remain open, be clear on that.

I can only hope Hebrews 11:1 (ie: what do you believe, what is real – to you?) – that this species can be as God hoped we’d be, than age’s past.

Wish you all well brothers and sisters, son’s and daughter’s of Adam/Eve, regardless of gender, race, color, world residential location, misc. May peace, misc be with you always. ‘THE DAY’ IS COMING. Sigh . . .

Not only was he spamming me, but he was also sending at least some of this drivel to Mano, Abe, Nirmukta, Ally, and Joe, and maybe others…I didn’t check them all. So they can vouch for me, this guy is obnoxious.

Also, see what you get when you get a blog on FtB? If you’re lucky, my loons start harassing you, too.


  1. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    teal-deer rant. Just checked enough to see nothing cogent being said. After all, if you start with an imaginary deity, and book of mythology/fiction, nothing cogent can be said of that combination of presuppositional bullshit.

  2. says

    Christ. Is that a new record for way too many fuckin’ words? Can’t say I’m surprised to see he hails from Hermosa Beach, home of pretentious assholes. Thinking back to my thankfully brief time at that particular Cal location doesn’t make me in the least homesick.

  3. Rich Woods says

    I don’t know what you’re complaining about. At least his spellchecker is working.



  4. John Morales says

    Misleading post title… ‘boob’ is a very old-fashioned word — its colloquial sense these days is not what it once was.

    (The featured poster is truly committed to the grocer’s apostrophe, too. Religiously so, apparently)

  5. wzrd1 says

    He seems to have issues in deciding if he is or is not human as well.
    He goes on incessantly with “You humans”, with an occasionally intermixed “We humans”.

    Still, this was nowhere near as distressing as the two day old suicide note that I hacker group was seeking help to intervene over.

  6. vucodlak says

    “No one loves YOU more than Jesus!”

    Jesus never wrote, never called. Supposedly he’s everywhere, but he never once stopped me on the street to say ‘hi, how are you doing?’ He never came to my birthday party. Never even sent a cheapo card. Am I not worth a buck and a stamp, O King of Kings?

    Where was Jesus when I was trying to learn how to ride a bike? What, you can raise a man who’s three days dead, but you can’t stop me from flipping over my handlebars? Skinned my elbow, and everything. I still can’t ride a bike, Jesus.

    He didn’t come to my plays, either. Where was Jesus when I played the wise man? It’s a play about the man, and he can’t even be bothered to put in an appearance.

    I colored pictures for you, man. I sang songs. I got up at an ungodly hour and put on a scratchy robe (on Sunday, while you slept in!) to light your candles. I sent YOU money, but when it came time to pay for college, you were nowhere to be found.

    You’re never around when people need you. I mean, look at this poor fellow in the OP. Now there’s a man desperate for attention, but I bet you can’t even be bothered to poke your head in and say “that’ll do, Jeff.” He’ll just keep going on and on ‘til he does himself a mischief. He’s already stumbling all over himself and abusing punctuation. He’ll be on the pot next, you mark my words.

    You’re a deadbeat, Jesus.

  7. stwriley says

    You human species, are not gonna like hearing what I speak, but I don’t care; I’m ‘touched’…

    Yes, yes, Jeffery, you are most definitely “touched”. But don’t despair, there’s medication for that these days.

  8. Larry says

    You know, if you take the first letter of every word in this screed, you get the lyrics for The Stone’s Sympathy for the Devil!

  9. notruescott says

    My dad used to get letters from the local street lunatic, way back when people sent letters. They read very much like this one, only with more flying saucers and ESP, it being the 70s and all. Stuff didn’t end well for him. It’s really a shame that there isn’t more help available for people who are suffering.

    But it was awfully nice of him to use an apostrophe to alert us of oncoming S’s. Someone could get hurt otherwise, or something.

  10. Owlmirror says

    J – umble
    E – leven
    F – rench
    F – ries
    R – epeatedly
    E – ach
    Y – ear
    D – uring
    A –
    V – iolet
    I – ndigo
    D – aydream
    M – unching
    O – n
    R – ed
    R – icecakes
    I – t’s
    S – pectacular

    Well, there you go.

  11. Athywren - not the moon you're looking for says

    See also how USA is in Mansa MUSA, USAge, thoUSAnd, accUSAtions, and saUSAge. QED.
    It all makes so much sense now.

  12. tkreacher says

    I don’t know what everyone is on about… it seems entirely reasonable to me.

    Wait, are you not all on shrooms?

    That explains it.

  13. johnlee says

    This guy seems like the perfect candidate to be the new Attorney General. Or maybe Secretary of State?

  14. Azkyroth, B*Cos[F(u)]==Y says

    Not Attorney General. Trump still hasn’t gotten over Ted Bundy being dead and not eligible to be nominated.

  15. jack16 says

    Religion appears to me to be the invention of primitive people to explain their environment. After all, everyone has a parent. Why should their not be a “great parent” who knows all as the parent seemed to the child.

    Religious persons should ask two questions of their god. Where did you come from? And, more important, how did you learn? We all know learning. Knowledge doesn’t just pop into place. Where did your god get it? How? Learning is a step by step process.

  16. Rey Fox says

    Is that a new record for way too many fuckin’ words?

    I don’t think so. Does anybody have a word count for the infamous Comment 14?

    (Hopefully others remember this? It was some years ago, someone out of the blue dropped at least 10,000 words of this style on an otherwise completely innocuous post here)

  17. blf says

    Does anybody have a word count for the infamous Comment 14?

    Wordcounts were certainly done at the time albeit I have no recollection of the results — but agree it was much longer — and my generalissimo google™-fu currently isn’t fu™-ing…

    My recollection is that comment was considerably more unhinged than the quote in the OP, insofar as any possible coherency at all can be gleaned from either. However, I could easily be confusing that infamous burble with some other burble, they all they to seamlessly merge into a gibbering toxic mass of WTF?-alikes after awhile.

  18. chuckonpiggott says

    This reminds me we should all mourn the passing of Prof Irwin Corey, the world’s foremost authority.

  19. mamba says

    Was a human actually supposed to reply to this? This is a brain-dump without form or substance.

    If you did actually reply to his points, there is no WAY that they would be read by anyone. You can barely read the original posting, let alone a reply that references sections of it. Odds are his reply to the reply would be just a cut and paste of the original article!

    seriously, how does he expect to have AAYONE read this drivel? even the faithful would tell him to condense it to something that someone would WANT to read at least. It’s like a conspiracy theorist and a creationist and a mentally ill person dropped acid and brainstormed!!! sheesh.