1. madtom1999 says

    I’m not sure its a particularly good year for Assad – its just he’s going to be killing less people next year – he’s still a dickhead on an undeserved throne. It’s probably been a good year for a lot of the people in Aleppo the sense that a lot more of them can expect to be alive at the end of 2017 than if the west had continued to ‘assist’ the rebels. Its 5 years since the weapons-dealers spring, Lets hope we can help the people and not set them against each other.

  2. says

    Yes, it is a terrible out come. The people who controlled those parts of Aleppo just happening to be allies of ISIS and re-name Al Quead people. I am so sorry to see them defeated. You do know that they killed and kidnapped every independent journalist who tried to report from their area don’t you?

    The point is that it is a secular (and brutal) dictator fighting against a bunch of (brutal) religious fanatics. We chose to back the religious fanatics (you know the people who like to force women to be completely covered in public and who cut off people’s heads on video) those people.

  3. F.O. says

    Such a massive tragedy, such little interest.

    The West “peace” interventions usually turned into bloodbaths and made things worse.
    And there’s the right to self-determination of a nation.

    But we stood by while a genocide happened.
    Hundreds of thousands brutally killed, starved, crushed by bombs or displaced.

    As a pacifist, this had me torn.
    Syrians and Arabs asked the West to intervene.
    We did nothing.

    I fully realize that my opinion is an entirely academic matter, because I have little chance to affect any country’s politics (despite my best efforts). All I can do is give money to MSF.
    But still.
    We let this happen.