By the way, I hate Thursdays

I do detest them. I’m booked up until 8pm tonight.

I propose that we get rid of them. The week henceforth goes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday.

All approved, say Aye.

The motion passes. Good. It’s Friday today.

Sorry, Thor.


  1. davidnangle says

    Can’t mess up the calendars, or the sublime phrase, 24/7. Therefore, we replace Thor’s day with Frongday. Goes after Friday, and represents the day when you shut off the alarm, thinking it’s Saturday, and it’s really not, but you don’t realize it until 11:30am, and so don’t bother to go to work that day, with the plan that you’ll claim you didn’t realize it was Frongday until like 3:22pm, when, of course, it’s far too late to go to work.

  2. What a Maroon, living up to the 'nym says

    I’d much rather get rid of Tuesdays. Tuesdays are the Pennsylvania of the week–just a huge never-ending mass of nothing whose main purpose seems to be to slow down the march to the next weekend.

    Has anything good ever happened on a Tuesday?

  3. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin, who is agreeable to keeping a seven-day week, suggests the days should be Cheeseday, Moarcheesday, MUSHROOMS!day, Extracheeseday, Vinday, Anothercheeseday, Margaritanight, Cheeserecoveryday, with an extra holiday every week — all days in the week being holidays, of course — of Feedpenguinscheeseday.

    There would be additional intercalary days, whenever anyone feels like it, e.g., “AhfeckIneedanotherdayday” and “Letsdoitagainday”. Abuses like “Supporttehtrum-pratday” or “Thursday” are a problem only if you choose to recognize them, intercalary days you choose not to recognize (or simply don’t know about, or forget about, or whatever) are simply “Paiddayoffday”, which can be declared retroactively.

    Any disagreements are subject to animated discussion on intercalary “Anotherroundatthepubday” days, which will be completely forgotten the next day.

    This plan, she points out, will be largely accepted once it is realised the planet will continue to orbit out-of-control regardless of what the days are called.

  4. says

    Years ago the place my parents worked was usually not as busy on Thursday and they sometimes got home early, so I got into the habit of thinking of Thursday as an easy day in general, when clearly for some people it is the exact opposite.

    I demand we remove two days of the weak and have an even 73 weeks a year. Then every four years we have an extra day outside the week when it’s illegal to do any work.

  5. iknklast says

    Sorry, PZ, I have to vote against you. You just described my Wednesday, so let’s abolish Wednesday and keep Thursday, which is for me a reasonably normal overworked day.

  6. janiceintoronto says

    Thor’s not gonna be happy about this.

    I’m glad I live a long way from Minnesota. The carnage is gonna be awesome…

  7. dick says

    It’s obvious! We need a six-day week, (with a two day weekend). The week would start on Monday & end on Saturday. There’d be five weeks in a month, so we get to keep twelve months in a year. That’s 360 days, so what’s left in the full year, 5 1/4 days, is all holiday.

    The real benefit of this would be getting rid of Sundays. The Xians would be screwed. Too bad about the other buggers though.

  8. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    except this one! Equinox Day! Day of Equality that the Sun itself recognizes!
    Vote for National Holiday, similar to Christmas (Solstice), and Easter (Vernal Equinox), July 4 is also quite close to Summer Solstice. So Autumnal Equinox is lacking. Halloween a little too delayed. So don’t delete this Thursday.

  9. Scott Simmons says

    No, you may not cancel Thursdays. Many years ago, when I complained to my wife that everything seemed to always be my fault, she agreed to accept blame one day a week. Since then, everything’s her fault on Thursdays, and everything’s my fault the other six days of the week.

    I will defend this day with my last breath and the last drop of my blood.

  10. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    re 10:
    12 months per year at 30 days per month = 360 days per year with 4 day Saturnalia celebration in Winter. (Merry Saturnalia, all you Christmas pagans.)
    30 days per month, would mean 5 weeks per month, 6 days per week, 2 day weekend, 4 day work week (once Thursday’s deleted).
    alternative could be lunar based months of 28 days, 13 per year. hmmm *thinking* *shrug*

  11. davidnangle says

    Don’t anybody go making any new holidays unless gift-giving and shopping for those gifts is ILLEGAL.

  12. raven says

    Sorry, Thor.

    Careful what you wish for.

    Thor keeps the Frost Giants from rampaging across the earth. And they are going to show up soon.
    When it is -20 degrees F. and snow is everywhere in Minnesota, you are going to change your mind.

    I really don’t like cold and winter. Which is why Thor is one of my favorite gods.

  13. blf says

    [Thursdays] remind you it’s been a long week already and it’s not even over yet.

    No, that’s Monday, or, for those who plan ahead, also the preceding Tuesday.

  14. anbheal says

    I’m with several of the above commenters for banishing Monday, which sucks, or Wednesday, the infamous hump-day. I grew up in a working-class city, and Thursdays were when the working men got paid (no gender essentialism implied, it’s just that the factories were pretty much men). So that was their night to go out and get sauced with their friends. All the bars in town gave the third or fourth beer free to union members, or anyone who seemed gruff and workmanlike enough.

    Then I moved to Brooklyn as a young man, and the same phenomenon was evident. Thursday was the workingman’s night for drinking, and Friday was a hungover day at work. Friday night you stayed home and handed over the remainder of the wage to your wife, ate fish chowder or cheese pizza, because meat was not allowed. And Saturday you had the eldest of the seven kids take care of the others, and you took your wife out for dinner. Maybe even to a surf & turf, if she’d saved enough of prior week’s wages.

    I know this is all terribly clichéd, but it’s simply how it worked in the tough cities of the industrial northeast. And Thursday will some day reign again supreme, when the workers of the world unite against the Libertarian assault on workers and their unions!! Viva Zapata! Viva Jueves!!

  15. Rich Woods says

    @What A Maroon #3,

    Has anything good ever happened on a Tuesday?

    Oi! I was born on a Tuesday. So at least… No, wait. That was my little brother. Carry on.

  16. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    re #3:
    Every 4 years (and also 2), the first Tuesday in November (only after the first Monday in Nov) is Election day, where we get to (metaphorically) royally screw ourselves.
    oops. That’s USA only, tsk tsk.
    @3 asked: Has anything good ever happened on a Tuesday?
    I guess I’m saying, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  17. =8)-DX says

    I thought the relation of Thursday to Friday was well known? Friday is practically the weekend, so Thursdays you can take it easy. For us pros, Tuesday is Wednesday’s Thursday…

  18. says

    In academics, we have a prescribed daily schedule that can vary in intensity from horrendous to light (on light days, smart people use the time to prepare for the horrendous ones).

    One catch I’ve discovered is that if you’re discovered to have a day where your schedule isn’t too awful, that means the administrators will seize upon it to schedule all kinds of committee work for you.

  19. wzrd1 says

    As Thorsday morning is my “Friday evening”, I’m afraid that I must vote against you as well.
    My work week is Saturday through Wednesday, 23:45 – 08:00 (Eastern, despite living in Central timezone), hence, I get off of work on Thursday morning.

    With this morning tied up with one meeting on a personal financial issue, a blood test for tomorrow’s endocrinologist’s appointment and a few annoying telephone calls for wrong numbers (but, the SOB then attempted to try to sell me his product).
    Would that I could find a missile based delivery system that could safely deliver cookies from the cat box to those assholes…
    Or perhaps, the entire contents of that litter box to the desk of the offender.
    Alas, missiles, while rapid in delivery, lack a safe option for delivery of a package, but then land in an innocuous manner.
    If anyone can deliver the payload of “pull my finger”, I’ll happily deliver the payload, if it can be precisely delivered to said telemarketers. ;)

    Mental note, pull my own finger while in a closet for not registering the new phone number with “”
    Oh wait, I have no sense of smell.
    Bad Dobby! Bad Dobby! Bad Dobby!
    Crap, broke another granite countertop.*

    *OK, not really for any of the above. Although, delivery from the cat box would be tempting.
    It’s just beyond frustrating when you work until 07:00 local time, then some asshat tries to high pressure sale you, when all you want to do is frigging sleep.
    That said, when registered with donotcall, I religiously reported the sods, although quite a few had obviously forged callerID records, I offered my telephone log records with the telephone company for release.
    And yes, my head is literally hard enough to probably crack a granite countertop. Resilient, but sufficiently rigid to actually survive impacts that’d usually disable a person, plus remaining conscious when everyone around me was rendered unconscious from an IED blast.
    But, experiences revolving around the latter entry have removed any real intent to cause harm to another human being ever again. Way too many bad dreams of things involving those events.
    A few of which, I’d gladly give my own life to remove from history and undo.
    But, that doesn’t remove the desire to deliver something stinky to the sleep depriving individuals and their management.
    I’d settle for a skunk delivery service, alas, that wouldn’t be fair to the skunk.

    On a totally OT note, I’ve discovered some new home defensive weapons. A 2000 lumen flashlight, a 1000 lumen flashlight and a slightly dimmer small flashlight.
    Should an intruder make the grave error of uninvited entry, I’ll blind them temporarily with the light, then trip them with my cane.
    The cat should snuggle with them until the local police arrive to take them into custody.
    But, Thursdays remain semi-holy as a night off.

    Tis a pity that you can’t utilize my method of avoiding many meetings. Send a subordinate to the meeting under a train one’s own replacement conditions. I used that method to the point where even the division commanding General knew of the joke and reality of the situation. I used and abused the doctrine to excellent effect, both training subordinates, providing excellent information to command and staff and actually having time to keep up with all of that damnable paperwork on said subordinates.
    All, while avoiding “death by powerpoint”.

    As for PZ’s other entry, on the scoring system, I did my level best to avoid ever filling out the worthless thing. I gave feedback personally, point by point, both positive and negative – before my final grade.
    I’ll admit to scoring higher for females, but that was due to IED induced hearing loss leaving me hearing a female voice far better than an average man’s voice, even when wearing my hearing aids. That preference aside, content was always supreme.
    I give PZ triple points for ensuring basic chemistry knowledge at the beginning of the course!**

    **This response was thrice interrupted for extensive periods, due to one of the railed at telephone calls, a meeting, getting around to eating, a telephone conversation with our youngest child, feeding the cat and some shopping. So, if it’s slightly disjointed, I’m just too damned tired to sort it out and I apologize.
    The cat being a Russian Blue, a breed I cannot recommend enough for being highly affectionate, to the point of sitting on your mouse or using your xbox remote for a toy when being ignored.
    Now, I’m going to lay down. It feels like someone’s shooting raw 440 volts down my arse cheeks, straight to my ankles.
    So, please do excuse any coarse thoughts.
    Although, Scotty beaming litter box contents to the desk of the telemarketer remains a fond thought.

    I also have another non-threat, that sounds like one to the uninitiated. “I have a grease gun and know how to grease my car with it”. A grease gun, in normal parlance is used to grease a car, WWII did have a different type, disinterested in it, beyond the historical curiosity. A lack of grease fittings on modern cars being the point of humor. Something understood by backyard mechanics. Today, the grease dries up, leaks out, whatever, the joint fails and it being lifetime greased, obviously, it’s life is over.

    End of rant, rail and blather. :)
    Hey, some times, one just has to vent. Excuse the smell.
    Not having eggs for a week and change, then an omelette…

    When such dietary issues are non-present, one and all are welcome to be visitors to our home and meet said cat.
    And review my wife’s artwork.
    Most of mine was lost when we lost our previous home. :/
    My artwork was generalist in nature, non-precise. My wife, van Gogh in precision (literally). She lost faith in her own work when I did that, so I stopped.
    Her work is far, far, far superior. Her self-confidence, still somewhat lacking, but growing.
    Considering how much a recent work is being suggested as saleworthy, I’ll reinforce that message.
    And no, she won’t do portraits, she had bad experiences there, being too faithful.
    She does animals, landscapes, etc. Her wolf pictures have actually frightened those who are affectionate towards wolves.
    Personally, they didn’t impact me that way, but then, I know that wolves are wolves. Biology .001, creatures do what they do.
    I’ve always managed to let them do what they do, but avoid conflict.
    The few times that they did end in conflict were insects and that didn’t end well for the insect.

    Good night, may Silent Bob bless!
    Or something.

  20. wzrd1 says

    @PZ, I learned one method of escaping some committees.
    Ask to join the escape committee.
    Inevitably, someone that has prior military experience explains it.

    It’s worked for me for well over three decades and change. :)
    It also explains to them how nonsensical that their committees are to you.

    That said, we’re in different environments. I, previously military, also, previously corporate and currently corporate.
    I suspect it’d be so unexpected, it just might succeed.
    Escape committee being that which is used in a POW camp for escape.
    It’s just foreign enough that it might just actually work.
    Good luck on next year. :/

  21. Rey Fox says

    Sounds fine to me. Although it seems like lately, I’ve gotten most cranky on Friday afternoons. Sort of a weird “How is this week still not over yet!?” feeling.

    When it is -20 degrees F. and snow is everywhere in Minnesota, you are going to change your mind.

    Pfft. That’ll be next week, Frost Giants or no.

  22. ck, the Irate Lump says

    Thursday, I don’t care about you…

    Damnit, now I have that The Cure song in my head.

  23. says

    I highly recommend getting rid of all of them. As a stay at home dad that grew up on a small rural cattle ranch, I gave up on the concept of days of the week years ago. They’re just not relevant. For me, there are pretty much only seasons. Doesn’t work for my credit rating very well, but otherwise it’s great.

  24. Lofty says

    I love Thursdays. I schedule a big black hole into my work week and sling a leg over the treadly most Thursdays. The joys of being your own boss. Anyone rings me up while I’m out on the bike gets told “he’s busy on a job, back tomorrow”. As a penance I’m available Saturday mornings.

  25. wzrd1 says

    @Rey Fox #26, if it was any consolation, it was 94 degrees here today in NW Louisiana. As the car is in need of work and hence, is running on four cylinders out of six, no A/C is available.
    Upside: It’s so humid here, my car gets a good washing every night.
    Or something.

    Ozone has also been ungodly, literally chokingly so.

  26. wzrd1 says

    @YOB, I tend to do that with weeks/dates, as I don’t get holidays.
    Downside, forgetting when a bill is due and either getting awakened by an annoying telephone call or a utility/service disconnected for chump change (seriously, they shut off my gas feed for $30.00).
    I’m very seriously considering switching to LP gas to feed my appliances.