The Scopes Monkey Trial

The cool things I find in my mailbox…I just got a copy of The Scopes Monkey Trial by Moore and McComas, and it’s a fun read. It’s a slim book, and it is almost entirely photographs from around 1925 in Dayton, Tennessee. It’s a visual record of a time and a place and an event, well worth reading.

Now I’m thinking that someday I have to make a trip to Dayton.


  1. robro says

    I’ve been through Dayton. If you go there, don’t blink. You might miss it. While you’re there you can perhaps visit the Oxford Graduate School, which offers “Master of Letters and Doctor of Philosophy degree programs (MLitt and DPhil) to prepare adults to integrate religion and society through original research.” I think you might qualify for one of their degrees, PZ. You could talk to them about it. Or, you could visit the Tractor Supply Co.

  2. says

    If you do happen to go, be aware that Dayton is a speed trap. I went to the Monkey Trial Festival many years ago. They had a play portraying the event in the actual courthouse. However, in these modern times I believe it is a musical now. Of course, very slanted to a certain view that isn’t exactly congruent with most on this blog. I still have my “You can’t make a monkey out of me” t-shirt.

  3. says

    I live just down the road in Chattanooga, and yeah, Dayton is still very much anti-evolution. It is very much a Southern small town. Bryan College is the main educational institution in Dayton, and they have a clear anti-evolution policy for faculty. The people are quite friendly though.

  4. says

    The reenactment is town folks taking their places in court and reciting their parts based on the original trial transcripts. I live 30 minutes North on Watt Bar Lake. Let me know if your serious about visiting. I’ll make my spare bedroom suite available. :)