Where it counts, at Liberty University

Liberty had a star-studded commencement, featuring…

  • A guy who sells duck calls!

  • A football player!

  • A movie star who gets drunk and rants about Jews!

  • Another movie star who made some crude comedies that students are prohibited from watching!

Because, if you’re Liberty University, these are the kinds of people who represent academic excellence or significant cultural influence.

Sadly missing from the gala was any acknowledgment of the quality of LU’s education. Here, let me help you out: as far as the employment prospects of its law school graduates, Liberty University ranks among the worst ten in the nation, with a quarter of LU graduates currently unemployed.

Of course, a lot of lawyers from reputable schools are also unemployed, but it’s still worth noting the special effort it takes to be the fourth worst in the country.


  1. Jeff K says

    Not that I had a lot of respect for Vince Vaughn in the first place, but really, Vince? You didn’t have anything more important or interesting that day than to hang out with a bunch of bigots?

  2. screechymonkey says

    Ah, but all of those Liberty U Law graduates will be fully employed in a Trump Administration.

    (I’m not joking. The Bush administration hired a bunch of hacks from Liberty.)

  3. zibble says

    I always hated Vince Vaughn and was never sure why. Glad to have a good reason.

    Also, for every worthless, shitheaded “libertarian” who thinks their opposition to minor annoyances like paying taxes or gun control justifies allying with the qhite supremacist American taliban who literally would like to send me and my husband to jail, if not lynch us outright; I wish there was a hell for you to burn in, you selfish, brainless fucking pigs.

  4. dal33t says

    Though, to be fair, Cal Berkeley also made the error of having a smug, Islamophobic vaccine denier for their commencement speaker two years ago.

  5. Artor says

    “I always hated Vince Vaughn and was never sure why.”
    Because in all the douchebag roles he plays, he’s not actually acting. That’s just the real him.

  6. rietpluim says

    Why is it that so many organizations with “Liberty” in their names, are so hostile to liberty?

  7. frankniddy says

    The article says this like it’s a good thing. “Liberty has never pretended to be an academic powerhouse.” Gods I hate anti-intellectualism.