How Republicans ought to be greeted everywhere they go

Governor Rick Scott of Florida mingled briefly among the common people at a Starbucks until he was recognized by Cara Jennings, who told him exactly what she thought of him.

My favorite part is the way he had that robotic grin plastered on his face as he and his sullen entourage fled the coffeeshop without any coffee.


  1. redwood says

    Hmm, let’s see, what will Scott learn from this encounter? That he should listen to the people and take their opinions and views under consideration when he make decisions? Nah, he’ll learn to send flunkies to get his coffee for him. What a turd. At least he could have let her have her say and then explained why he did what he did. No, it’s so much easier to cut and run from an uncomfortable situation. Some leader.

  2. cmotdibbler says

    Counter: “Latte for Governor Scott”
    Barista: “You don’t say, Let me make it special”.

    Counter: “Here’s you latte gov, can we watch you drink it?”

    /not condoning fiddling with people’s drink.

  3. Pierce R. Butler says

    cervantes @ # 1: The problem is that people keep voting for them.

    The problem behind that involves people (Floridians, in this case) not having the basic information necessary for a competent vote.

    Our papers, tv, etc, here seem to have a rule against mentioning Scott’s murderous criminal background, except in the vaguest of terms (“his controversial tenure as a healthcare CEO…”, etc) – particularly during election seasons. If they did, Republicans would certainly accuse them of “liberal bias”, apparently the worst imaginable prospect for any putative journalist anywhere ever.

  4. wzrd1 says

    @redwood, lesson learned: “I need to bring more security next time, to shut the *#^&@! up”.

  5. says

    To no surprise, Scott’s thugs prepared to become violent with an unarmed person sitting in a chair. Good thing someone had a camera to make them hesitate.

    Too bad she didn’t mention the “test welfare recipients for drugs” scam. Scott owns Solantic, the company that did the testing, and profited regardless of whether people used drugs or not. Now that is welfare fraud.

  6. dick says

    Where was the applause? Did the recording cut off too soon?

    I’m Canadian, but if I’d been there, I would have applauded.

  7. wzrd1 says

    @dick, the sound of two third digits clapping is a form of applause that is difficult to notice.. :)

  8. says

    Yeah, I saw that. The reason they’re naming the school after Nino is because the Koch brothers are paying them $50 million bucks or something like that to do it. He ought to have a sewage treatment plant named after him instead.

  9. says


    He ought to have a sewage treatment plant named after him instead.

    Definitively not. Sewage treatment plants serve the beneficial function to contain and reduce pollution and thus are designed to make the world a cleaner and better place. Such things do not deserve to be named after Scalia, not even when they are icky.

    Maybe an illegal and unsafe garbage dump poisoning its surroundings with leaking toxic waste could be named after him.

  10. What a Maroon, living up to the 'nym says


    Maybe an illegal and unsafe garbage dump poisoning its surroundings with leaking toxic waste could be named after him.

    The Antonin Scalia Sewage Waste Infested Petroleum Emporium?

  11. NitricAcid says

    He has that grin because he honestly thinks he’s doing a great job. His profits are up, and cares about the other people?

  12. says

    Speaking as a funny-looking, homely dude myself, could we all restrain the temptation to make fun of Scott’s appearance? It’s what he’s done that is horrible.

  13. wzrd1 says

    PZ, I’m not too sure about that. I always win the funny face making contests with kids, I have a naturally funnier face.
    Albeit with more of late of a funny Skelator look, secondary to Exophthalmos.
    Regardless, still funnier. :P

  14. robro says

    My mother loathes him. She wouldn’t call him an “asshole” because she doesn’t use language like that. She might call him a jerk to his face. She would certainly call him a crook because of the practices of one of his companies, probably Columbia/HCA.

  15. Hairhead, whose head is entirely filled with Too Much Stuff says

    My Dad, a Yorkshireman, wouldn’t have given him an earful — he’d have given him a thick ear!

  16. congaboy says

    PZ is right; it’s the person’s actions, not looks that are in question. I just find it interesting how awful people in politics often resemble evil fictional characters. It seems apropos, but I can be immature at times.

  17. laurian says

    Gov. Scott is a despicable person who should be hounded from office, not Starbucks. Did the shouty Lady achieve any progress towards her goal of accessing sane and secular health care for all in Florida? No. The answer is no, absolutely not. In truth she hurt her cause. Random venting spleen at the boot-licks of Ruling Class makes them nervous and you one more Usual Suspect.

  18. wzrd1 says

    Quite true, he should have been ridden out of Starbucks on a rail.
    As rails are lacking there, a few stirrers.
    Or perhaps, at stirrer point.

    After all, raising merry hell never worked at all. Making someone feel unwelcome anywhere they go never worked either. Ignoring them worked, which is why MLK kept quiet and simply accepted inequity.
    Or something.
    Or perhaps, when one more “Usual Suspect” turns into a veritable telephone directory, the bastards start getting *really* nervous. :)