Hither and yon


Here’s an interview I did with Arturo Elosegi in Durango, Spain a few weeks ago — it’s in English with Basque subtitles, so we’ll all be able to understand it.

I’m still not entirely recovered from travel-induced chrono-sickness, but I’ve got a few more journeys to make in June. I’m going to Michigan!

I’ll be speaking at a meeting of the Grand Traverse Humanists on 8 June. Head north, Michiganites!

The week after that I’m going off to Eugene, Oregon to participate in a private event honoring my graduate advisor, Chuck Kimmel (look, I’m in the lab rogue’s gallery…at the very bottom of the list. I guess I did leave the place a long, long time ago. No one there will remember me.)

See? I’m slowing down. Only two engagements in June.


  1. Jeff K says

    Too bad it’s not July 8, since Joan Jett will be playing a concert at the Traverse City Cherry Festival on July 9.

  2. toska says

    I read it the same way, and I didn’t even realize it until I read your comment. It’s just that kind of day/week.

  3. randay says

    PZ, you’re amazing at getting invited and interviewed on non-English-speaking TV. I only saw Christopher Hitchens once interviewed on French TV.