The 2015 F-Word Conference

Every year, UMM students put on the F-Word Conference — workshops and conversations about feminism. They’ve been very good the last two years, and it’s coming up again this Saturday. You can register online (it’s free! They just want to know who’s coming).

Unfortunately, I can’t make it this year. We’re in the midst of a big project: I spend every Saturday in St Cloud, giving my oldest son driving lessons. He’s managed to put off the American infatuation with the automobile until now — he’s 31 — but work pressures are making it necessary. Also, mass transit sucks in this country.


  1. August Berkshire says

    Why doesn’t your son drive out to Morris so you can give him lessons there? Oh, wait…

  2. shadow says

    Shadow-ling is 24~25 and hasn’t even opened the driving manual for the written test. Since xe can get almost anywhere via bus or “Dadmobile” xe hasn’t felt the need to drive.

  3. numerobis says

    Because she needed a piece of ID that wasn’t as precious as her passport, my sister got a drivers license in [developing country] — she flashed her long-expired learner’s permit and they gave it to her.

    I rather doubt she’ll ever bother actually learning to drive. Now she’s in Montreal, which has plenty adequate bike and public transit for most places… if you’re able-bodied. If you have trouble with stairs, the subways are hell, so you’re stuck on the buses.

  4. says

    31? Sheesh, maybe I can put off learning for longer then, too. At least long enough for robot cars. Or maybe I can get a bike, since apparently this city wants to be known as bike-friendly? Or maybe I can just become a hermit.

  5. Anri says

    Duth Olec @ 6:

    Or maybe I can get a bike, since apparently this city wants to be known as bike-friendly?

    Unfortunately, in the States, “bike friendly” means that only the general public drivers run your bike off of the road, not the police as well.